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Doom visual basic editor.
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Doom visual basic editor.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CMDIALOG.VBX 18688 8719 deflated
COMMDLG.DLL 89248 41122 deflated
DOOM.LEV 35106 849 deflated
DOOMVB.EXE 26915 9806 deflated
DOOMVB.HLP 934 523 deflated
DOOMVB.LST 1974 877 deflated
MHAS200.VBX 30080 8624 deflated
README.1ST 2150 1181 deflated
THREED.VBX 64544 26072 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

Download File DOOMVB10.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file

DoomVB: Edit DOOM "thing" data using the power of the Windows Drag and
Drop interface!

Installation instructions: Put all .VBX files in your
\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. Put all other files in your \DOOM
directory. Make sure you have VBRUNN300.DLL (available on every BBS
on the planet) in your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

Disclaimer: This software falls under the "Permitted Derivative
Works" category for Doom Add-on Products. Therefore, it is not for
sale. Don't send any money to me or id Software (yeah, right).

Support Disclaimer: Don't call id Software for support. Furthermore,
don't call me for support. If it works for you like it does for me,
then you've just picked up one hell of a free Doom editor. If it
doesn't work or nukes your .WAD file, just reload your backup .WAD
file and try again. If you don't have a backup .WAD file, well, what
am I supposed to do about it, anyway? I just wrote the thing.

(In actuality, I'm not as cocky as the above disclaimer comes across.
I'm really a nice guy!) If you DO have any suggestions for
improvements, let me know via either PCOHIO or the Software Creations
BBS. My user id on both boards is MATT TAGLIAFERRI. Coming soon (I
hope): adding and deleting objects, moving walls, changing wall
graphics, etc. In short, I plan on writing a fully blown editor, as
soon as someone figures out these damn specs!

Color Codes for objects:

Red: Monster
Dark Gray: Player Start Positions
Cyan: Weapons/Ammo
Light Gray: "Scenery" (torches, pools of blood, bodies, etc.)
Green: Barrels
Magenta: Goodies (RadSuits, Armor, Light Goggles, etc.)
Dark Yellow: KeyCards and Skull Keys

Files Included:

DOOMVB.EXE the program
DOOMVB.LST list of objects (should be complete, let me know
if you find any more)
DOOMVB.HLP Help file that appears in Help Window
DOOM.LEV A Set of Levels with only the first level of game one (E1M1)
changed (look out the Window!)

CMDIALOG.VBX Windows stuff
MHAS200.VBX ditto

not included: VBRUN300.DLL

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