Forth Source Code

FORTH Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
4THFQ394.ZIP36333Jul 12 1994FAQ on Forth (3/94) from Internet. Includes a list of books on Forth, Forth compilers (PD and commercial), uses of Forth, description of Forth, etc.
ANSISEQ.ZIP5905Mar 12 1994Ulrich Hoffman's ANSForth compatibility suite for FPC forth.
BRAITHWT.ZIP42477Jun 13 1989F-PC 3.5xx Forth tools. Tool 7 of 8. A variety of tools from Braithwaite, including a string package, and bit manipulations.
DIARY.ZIP91544Sep 8 1989Diary of a beginning FORTH programmer.
EFORTH.ZIP53179Jul 29 1990Excellent Forth kernel. Written in assembly and based upon latest ANSI basis.
F8321.ZIP126139Aug 14 1985An excellent PD Forth enviroment.
FC35615A.ZIP317146Jun 2 1993F-PC Forth Compiler Version 3.5615 Part 1 of 6. The excellent Forth compiler/interpreter that includes a nice IDE, complete with debugger.
FC35615B.ZIP346228Jun 2 1993F-PC Forth Compiler Version 3.5615 Part 2 of 6.
FC35615C.ZIP379492May 2 1993F-PC Forth Compiler Version 3.5615 Part 3 of 5.
FC35615D.ZIP21359Apr 30 1991F-PC Forth Compiler Version 3.5615 Part 4 of 6.
FC35615E.ZIP170402Jun 19 1993F-PC Forth Compiler Version 3.5615 Part 5 of 6.
FC35615F.ZIP1056947Jun 23 1993F-PC Forth Compiler Version 3.5615 Part 6 of 6. Tom Zimmer's TCOM target compiler for F-PC.
FIFTH.ZIP97143Mar 2 1986Fifth is an interactive program development environment. It supports FORTH as a base language. Multitasking and Software Virtual Memory is supported.
FLISP.ZIP23731Dec 23 1991Some list handling words for FPC forth.
FMATRIX.ZIP3066Jul 31 1990Floating point matrix operations for F-PC Forth. Includes Matrix inversion.
FORTH-83.ZIP51472Aug 11 1987Text of the Forth-83 standard.
FORTH.ZIP33124Jun 18 1985Pd version of forth language.
FORTHCOM.ZIP101052Jan 5 1992FORTHCOM is the Forth language compiler for computers running MS-DOS.
FPC36.ZIP1105841Dec 18 1994The latest version of FPC Forth (FPC 3600).
FPCHERC.ZIP14027Mar 4 1990F-PC 3.5xx Forth tools. Tool 3 of 8. Hercules graphics routines.
FPCSLICE.ZIP28814Sep 29 1989F-PC 3.5xx Forth tools. Tool 6 of 8. Time-slicing routines.
FPCTUTOR.ZIP82188Aug 1 1990Tutor for learning FPC FORTH. Includes .SEQ files.
FSV46L.ZIP138449May 10 1994Executable F-PC Forth compiler/interpreter version 3.5615, with floating point and Graphics (version 4.6L) loaded. Complements SMILY46L.ZIP.
GUNTON.ZIP129169Jun 26 1989F-PC 3.5xx Forth tools. Tool 8 of 8. Another graphics package for F-PC. This one is from Australia. See SMILEYxx.ZIP for the standard F-PC graphics package.
HASKELL.ZIP78085Jun 11 1990F-PC Forth Tools (for F-PC 3.5xx) Tools 1 of 9.
HAYESOOP.ZIP3263Mar 4 1992Forth oops code; goes with Embededed Systems magazine article.
HENCE4TH.ZIP36509Jan 1 1980Forth compiler C source code for unix and dos.
HLINT.ZIP9100Sep 1 1990F-PC Forth Tools for F-PC 3.5xx. Tool 1 of 8.
HLINTR.ZIP9100Sep 1 1990High level interrupt handler for FPC Forth.
JBTUT.ZIP347801Jul 19 1990Jack Brown's F-PC Forth tutorial. This is an excellent way to learn basic Forth programming using the marvelous F-PC Forth system (to be found elsewhere on the board). Includes source code for numerous examples.
KWIC.ZIP29633Aug 13 1992Key word in context. Forth source code.
MEKS.ZIP29586Nov 20 1991Expert systems source code for FPC Forth.
NEWMOUSE.ZIP6442Aug 31 1990New mouse driver for F-PC Forth. Uses the graphic arrow, rather than a blockcursor. Allows separate mouse and text cursors. Works in graphics mode, too.
PASCAL.ZIP9931Nov 4 1989F-PC 3.5xx Forth tools. Tool 5 of 8. Tiny Pascal compiler written in F-PC.
PPRINT.ZIP5507Dec 4 1991Pretty print for FPC Forth.
PYGMY14.ZIP83042Oct 10 1992Pygmy Forth version 1.4 (October, 1992) is a small, fast Forth for IBM PCs and clones. It comes complete with editor, assembler, metacompiler, manual, tutorial, and full source code.
RNDMRECS.ZIP9108Mar 10 1992For FPC Forth; Code to handle random access records.
SMILY46B.ZIP341075Nov 17 1992Graphics Package for F-PC 3.5609. Graphics version 4.5j by Mark Smiley. This version includes support for tons of SVGA modes, as well as a VGA sprite editor, circular arcs of arbitrary thickness, 3D transformations, etc.
SMILY46H.ZIP306933Apr 24 1993Graphics Package for F-PC, Graphics version 4.6h. By Mark Smiley.
SONZEN.ZIP30419Jul 28 1988"Son of Zen" FORTH. Unusual small FORTH.
STREAMIO.ZIP24835Dec 1 1989F-PC 3.5xx Forth tools. Tool 4 of 8. Streaming I/O for F-PC.
TING.ZIP25817Dec 10 1989F-PC 3.5xx Forth tools. Tool 2 of 8. Includes Bach sound, abacus calculator, and others by Dr. Ting.
UNI4TH80.ZIP82258Dec 24 1987PF Forth implimentation.
VPSFP102.ZIP53794Apr 21 1990VP Planner Software Floating Point v. 1.02 by Jack Brown, for F-PC Forth compiler. Includes bug fix over version 1.01.
WINFOR32.ZIP531379Nov 18 1994Tom Zimmer's new FORTH implementation for Windows [32-bit].
ZEN15A.ZIP71537Apr 4 1991Martin Tracy's Zen Forth 1.15. Contains sample source code.
ZEN2AP.ZIP17809Mar 17 1990Martin Tracy's Zen Forth Target Compiler.