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F-PC 3.5xx Forth tools. Tool 7 of 8. A variety of tools from Braithwaite, including a string package, and bit manipulations.
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F-PC 3.5xx Forth tools. Tool 7 of 8. A variety of tools from Braithwaite, including a string package, and bit manipulations.
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BITMAP.HLP 2014 521 deflated
BITMAP.SEQ 13676 2238 deflated
BUFFERL.HLP 827 404 deflated
BUFFERL.SEQ 2415 790 deflated
FSM.HLP 1911 816 deflated
FSM.SEQ 3802 1287 deflated
FSM.TST 1076 319 deflated
ISR.HLP 5040 1746 deflated
ISR.SEQ 9589 2376 deflated
MSGQ.HLP 3474 1284 deflated
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READ.ME 2990 1359 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Ron Braithwaite
Software Engineering
11501 N. Poema Pl. #101
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Dear Friends:

Enclosed on this disk are a number of files:


STRING.* is, of course, the string package that you requested.

BITMAP.* contains a number of words for manipulating bitmaps,
including comparing and scanning two bitmaps.

BUFFERL.* contains a word to define buffers that dynamically
allocate memory outside of your TPA on invokation. As you may
know, one of the fundamental limitations of F-PC is the fact
that there is only one segment for code and data. Even in those
systems where there are seperate segments for each, large data
manipulation products require more room. Ergo, this file.

FSM.* contains a finite state machine mechanism. FSMs can be
thought of as a very compact form of a heavily nested case
statement with memory. Not an exact description, but FSMs are
very useful for a wide variety of purposes. FSM.TST provides
a test suite and an example of usage.

ISR.* is for those of you who need to deal with interrupts.
This group of words is extremely useful in those situations
where the interrupts only come in every few seconds or so,
allowing the ISRs to be written in high level Forth.

MSGQ.* provides message oriented FIFOs. Very often passing data
between tasks or interrupts is a pain, since you can not process
the data until it is complete. And how do independent tasks
know when it is complete? A MSGQ doesn't give you the data
until the sendor marks it as complete.

And then there is STRING.*. A big file containing lots of stuff.
This is what you wanted and it is as fast as I can make it in
assembly. It is huge and I would suggest that you only load those
parts in your final application that you will need. If there is
something that is missing that you would like, please let me know.

The *.HLP files provide on-line help and documentation. Just
type HELP word and F-PC will find the appropriate description
and show it to you.

All of the words defined here have been tested and are being
used in some rather sophisticated applications. However, there
may be instances of obscure bugs. If you find any, please let
me know right away and I will correct them and send updates
to everyone on my mailing list.

This package took awhile to complete and send to you for several
reasons, including a death in the family and the turmoil
following it. I hope that you will find it useful, despite its


Ron Braithwaite

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