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Martin Tracy's Zen Forth Target Compiler.
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Martin Tracy’s Zen Forth Target Compiler.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
APP.ASM 2170 987 deflated
APP.SRC 74 70 deflated
FINALE3.SRC 2505 892 deflated
HELLO.COM 1458 607 deflated
HELLOINC.BAT 55 35 deflated
HELLOTBL.INC 1091 288 deflated
HELLOVAR.INC 1047 299 deflated
INTERNL3.SRC 3700 1023 deflated
MAKEAPP.BAT 282 156 deflated
MAKECOM.BAT 180 107 deflated
MAPP.BAT 175 137 deflated
MAPP.CMD 30 30 stored
PRELINK.COM 37164 2717 deflated
READ.ME 1384 751 deflated
XLATE3.SRC 17728 6104 deflated
ZEN2COM.AWK 216 83 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

By following the following instructions you will be able to produce a
"compiled" ZEN Forth application.

The following utilities must be accessible within the PATH
AWK to do the EXE to COM translation
ZEN and its SRC files in the current directory

Unpack the ZEN2APP archive into your ZEN directory.
Execute the following commands:

You have now produced a "compiled" ZEN Forth application.


Labels unreferanced in TBL.INC ( and its associate data) may be masked out.

Data following the last referanced data in VAR.INC may be masked out.
(I find execution problems if I mask out ALL "unreferanced" data in VAR.INC)

You are responsible for determining the parameter and return stack
requirements. (set in APP.ASM)

Also, If you dynamically add to the VAR or TBL data, you must also equate
the additional space required.

Redefinition is not supported.

I will call back to the EAST COAST FORTH board from time to time
to see if there are any questions or suggestions.
Otherwise, I can be reached via the following FAX number: 612 292 1493

Thank you, again, Mr. Tracy.

Mark A. Washburn

BTW: PRELINK.COM is also an example of a "compiled" ZEN Forth application.

03-17-90 fixed PRELINK.COM, needed dictionary space.
fixed MAPP.BAT, renamed AWK program.

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