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For FPC Forth; Code to handle random access records.
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For FPC Forth; Code to handle random access records.
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Contents of the CHANGES.DOC file

Changes to RNDMRECS.SEQ since July, 1991 03/10/92 17:27:25.03

-- The name RECORDS.SEQ was changed to RNDMRECS.SEQ to prevent conflict with
another similarly-named utility.

-- Behavior of ALLOW has changed to make things work a little easier.
Please review this, as the stack parameters will be quite different.

-- SIZE> has been added to return the size of your record without executing

-- DSK!, DSK2!, DSKC!, and +DSK behave the same, but are now defined
differently. UPDATE: is added to allow you to expand on these.

-- LABEL: and LABELING have been added to facilitate the creation of
specifically named individual records.

-- MAKE was changed to ESTABLISH to prevent conflict with the DOER/MAKE
utility words.

-- DEL-PATHS has been added to permit you to remove the pathnames from
your records, in case you want to change the directory you are accessing
without recompiling.

-- MONITOR now has an additional choice. If the value stored here is 1,
you will only be notified if your file is extended more than the value
stored in EXTENT. This means that if you append your files sequentially,
you won't see the dialog box requesting permission to append the file
unless something is really wrong.

Also, files are now extended the entire amount needed the first time.
Previously, if the value of extent was 8k and the file needed to enlarge
24k, it would extend 8k three times (asking permisson each time). Now
it does it all at once. The file size is always enlarged to a multiple
of the value stored in EXTENT, however.

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