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An excellent PD Forth enviroment.
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An excellent PD Forth enviroment.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BASIC.BLK 18434 2264 deflated
CLOCK.BLK 12288 1640 deflated
CPU8086.BLK 53248 8019 deflated
EXPAND86.BLK 5120 1203 deflated
EXTEND86.BLK 30720 4776 deflated
F83-FIXS.TXT 5120 2461 deflated
F83.COM 26368 17932 deflated
HUFFMAN.BLK 43008 6352 deflated
KERNEL86.BLK 190592 30940 deflated
META86.BLK 49280 6641 deflated
README.1ST 3012 1285 deflated
README.PC 18048 6964 deflated
UTILITY.BLK 112640 20406 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

This disk contains F83.COM, a public domain implementation of FORTH-83 that
is ready to run. It also contains source files in squeezed format. I have
squeezed them using the public domain utility NSQ and you can unsqueeze them
with the NUSQ utility. Squeezed files have a Q in the file type.

The original Laxen-Perry distribution had these files squeezed with a program
that took hours (!) to run to unsqueeze. AUSQ will run in minutes and the
squeezed files take up less space than the original distribution disk. Make B:
(or C:) your default drive. Have plenty of room on your default drive and then
type A:AUSQ A:filename.BQK to make filename.BLK on your default drive.

CRCK4 or CRCK is a hash checksum program to help you tell if you have good
copies of the files. Type CRCK4 *.* (or CRCK *.*) and see if what you have
agrees with the values listed below. This should assure you that you have a
good copy of the disk.

F83.COM is the ready to run FORTH system.

The MS-DOS version is set up to use the IBM-PC cursor positioning codes.
This won't work on other MS-DOS machines such as the TI Professional.
To fix this, start F83, then type EDITOR DUMB and you can use the editor
commands as though you have a dumb terminal.

The VIEW word expects certain source blocks to be on drive A: and certain
source files to be on drive B:. If you have a hard disk system, you can
follow the directions in README.PC to recompile your system with all of the
source blocks on your hard disk and the VIEW file numbers will be set up

CRCK ver 4.2B (MS DOS VERSION ) Here are the files on the MS-DOS disk:
CTL-S pauses, CTL-C aborts

--> FILE: F83 .COM CRC = D3 3E FORTH system compiled.
--> FILE: README .1ST CRC = This file
--> FILE: NUSQ .COM CRC = DD 00 The unsqueeze program
--> FILE: NSQ .EXE CRC = 23 CA The squeeze program
--> FILE: README .PQ CRC = 2D F6 Original F83 instructions
--> FILE: F83-FIXS.TQT CRC = 24 CD Changes from F83 v.1.0
These "blocks" are the F83 sources squeezed
--> FILE: KERNEL86.BQK CRC = 2B 60 Kernel source
--> FILE: META86 .BQK CRC = 5B BE Metacompiler source
--> FILE: CPU8086 .BQK CRC = 4D 6E 8086 dependent code
--> FILE: EXTEND86.BQK CRC = F5 C0 Extensions source
These blocks are applications
--> FILE: HUFFMAN .BQK CRC = 7C B7 A VERY slow compression program
--> FILE: CLOCK .BQK CRC = 47 A2 Source for a calendar example
--> FILE: EXPAND86.BQK CRC = 3F F6 Original source to expand .HUF
--> FILE: BASIC .BQK CRC = 37 E6 A BASIC compiler in FORTH-83

Ted Shapin. July 31, 1984.

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