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The latest version of FPC Forth (FPC 3600).
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The latest version of FPC Forth (FPC 3600).
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Contents of the README file

12/18/94 Release Notes FPC version 3.6000

What is F-PC you may ask. F-PC is a Forth system optimized for the
IBM-PC, XT & AT machines. F-PC can use all of your machines memory for
programs and data. F-PC uses stream (text) files for its source, and
includes a built-in WordStar-like text editor with pull down menus. Many
tools are provided to make writing programs with F-PC fun and efficient.
A very good Laser printed users manual is available for a small
additional cost from OFFETTE ENTERPRISES. F-PC is a public domain

FPC 3.6000 is the final update to fpc 3.50. The only significant
changes are a minor bug fix in the software floating point package, and
the removal of the one year version old check. This final version
performs no out of date check.

type the following command and follow the instructions:

A:INSTALL be sure to put disk #1 in drive A:

INSTALL will ask you where to install F-PC. A directory will then be
created to hold the F-PC files. If this bothers you, read INSTALL.TXT.

Comments to: Tom Zimmer (408) 263-8859 home
292 Falcato Drive (408) 432-4643 work
Milpitas, Ca. 95035

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