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F-PC Forth Compiler Version 3.5615 Part 5 of 6.
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F-PC Forth Compiler Version 3.5615 Part 5 of 6.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
–END–5 2 2 stored
ASM86.SEQ 100382 15054 deflated
INSTALL.COM 7252 6565 deflated
READTCOM.TXT 1358 753 deflated
TCOM16.ZIP 31798 30081 deflated
TCOM6805.ZIP 17907 17351 deflated
TCOM86A.ZIP 33463 32903 deflated
TCOMGEN.ZIP 16403 15668 deflated
TCOMI86.ZIP 50705 49678 deflated

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Contents of the READTCOM.TXT file

****************** GET EXCITED !!! TCOM is HERE !!! **********************
TCOM is a Target COMpiler written by Tom Zimmer that is GREAT for creating
small .COM applications in Forth. TCOM is Public Domain.

INSTALL.COM will walk you through installation of TCOM onto your hard-
-disk. You get to pick the drive and directory, but you need at least
1.5meg of disk space. The install program will by default make a directory
called TCOM, with additional SRC and SAMPLES directories under it. More
than 30 example source files are included, look through the SAMPLES
directory after installation. Some of the example programs included are:
SZ, a small text editor, CARD, a cardfile database, SHELL, a mini DOS
shell, CLOCK, a bar graph/Roman numeral clock, DRAW, a simple VGA
drawing program and others. Read the *.DOC files for a full description of
how to use TCOM.

TRY IT !! See how easy it is to make stand alone program written in FORTH!!

TCOM even has Floating Point, plus Graphics support for Color and Hercules!!

TCOM now also includes a source level debugger for debugging compiled TCOM
programs called BUG.COM. Just type "BUG " and press F1 for

TCOM also includes a file called TCOMUSER.PRN that is ready to print on
any printer and will produce a reasonable indexed 100+ page users manual.

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