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F-PC 3.5xx Forth tools. Tool 5 of 8. Tiny Pascal compiler written in F-PC.
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F-PC 3.5xx Forth tools. Tool 5 of 8. Tiny Pascal compiler written in F-PC.
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Contents of the PASCAL.TXT file

PASCAL.TXT Tiny Pascal from Tom Zimmer


This is an upgraded and enhanced version of the Tiny Pascal
compiler I wrote several years ago. It is still copyrighted,
but provided an example of at least one way to write an infix
parser in Forth. Portions of this file up to 25 lines may be
used in your own programs without conscern for copyright


An example pascal source file.

Here are a couple of utilities that are not Pascal related.


Here is a utility to allow you to save the screen into a file
at the press of a key (Ctrl-F2). You can load this file, then
start whatever Forth program you want, and then press Ctrl-F2
to make a disk copy of the current screen. Attributes are
removed, and carraige returns and line feeds are inserted at
the end of each line. Very handy for making screen dumps of
menus or messages you may want to put in documentation files.


A utility to display the depth distribution for the 64 way
hash threads in F-PC. The current hash mechanism results in
an average thread depth of 17 words. If an average search
scans through 1/2 of a thread before finding the desired word
in the thread, then the average number of word comparisons is
less than 9 in the FORTH vocabulary of 1115 words.

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