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Pygmy Forth version 1.4 (October, 1992) is a small, fast Forth for IBM PCs and clones. It comes complete with editor, assembler, metacompiler, manual, tutorial, and full source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BLURB.TXT 340 228 deflated
FILES.DOC 1372 597 deflated
FLIER.TXT 2322 1128 deflated
PYGMY.COM 16196 10892 deflated
PYGMY.SCR 196608 32300 deflated
PYGMY.TXT 71840 25705 deflated
READ.ME 1801 902 deflated
TUTORIAL.TXT 18898 7473 deflated
YOURFILE.SCR 8192 26 deflated

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