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F-PC 3.5xx Forth tools. Tool 3 of 8. Hercules graphics routines.
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F-PC 3.5xx Forth tools. Tool 3 of 8. Hercules graphics routines.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
8X8.FON 2048 1057 deflated
HERCVID.SEQ 3793 1509 deflated
HGDEMO.DOC 404 224 deflated
HGDEMO.SEQ 1058 472 deflated
HGFRACT.DOC 750 358 deflated
HGFRACT.SEQ 8651 3049 deflated
HGTEXT.DOC 4023 1512 deflated
HGTEXT.SEQ 8903 2820 deflated
README 965 514 deflated

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Contents of the README file

This is the README file for HGTEXT which is an application to enable
mixing text and graphics using a Hercules Graphics card. HGTEXT was
written in F-PC.

The files included in the F-PC application are:
HERCVID.SEQ Low level stuff to plot a pixel, fetch a pixel, draw lines, etc.
HGDEMO.SEQ Demonstration of HGTEXT in action.
HGDEMO.DOC Documentation for the above file.
HGTEXT.DOC Explanation of words in HGTEXT and their usage.
HGTEXT.SEQ Source file containing most of the functionality of the package.
README This file
8X8.FON A text font defining the character shapes output to graphics
screen when in graphics text mode.

A good starting place is to consult HGDEMO.DOC for instructions on how to
view the demo.

Please send feedback to:
Paul Snyder
5520 Spinnaker Dr #4
San Jose, Ca 95123

P.SNYDER1 on Genie.

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