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Forth compiler C source code for unix and dos.
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Forth compiler C source code for unix and dos.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COMPILER.H 1242 561 deflated
CONFIG.H 3580 1541 deflated
DECLARE.H 714 380 deflated
DR0 7168 572 deflated
DR1 0 0 stored
HENCE4TH.C 6022 2454 deflated
MAKEFILE 648 317 deflated
MISC.H 346 234 deflated
PRIMS1.C 3933 1530 deflated
PRIMS1.H 267 153 deflated
PRIMS2.C 7827 2202 deflated
PRIMS2.H 267 152 deflated
README 15069 5954 deflated
STRUCT.H 648 388 deflated
WORDS.H 14369 3117 deflated
WORDS1.C 8028 1930 deflated
WORDS1.H 267 150 deflated
WORDS2.C 7650 2310 deflated
WORDS2.H 265 151 deflated
WORDS3.C 5470 1719 deflated
WORDS3.H 265 151 deflated
WORDS4.C 5123 1920 deflated
WORDS4.H 265 150 deflated
WORDS5.C 7899 2246 deflated
WORDS5.H 265 151 deflated

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Contents of the README file

H E N C E F O R T H in C

Version: 1 Release: 2

Copyright (c) 1990 Missing Link
All rights reserved

For technical/sales information contact:

Missing Link
975 East Ave. STE 112
Chico, CA 95926
(916) 343-8129 Voice
(916) 891-0114 FAX
(916) 342-4414 Modem (3-2400,N,8,1)

This file will introduce you to HenceFORTH in C and it's installation but
first let me introduce you to MISSING LINK, our products and services.

Here at MISSING LINK, our emphasis is on developing and applying advanced
technologies towards the goal of a healthier and more productive natural,
economic, and political environment.

Towards this aim we seek the utilization of these technologies to minimize
waste and expedite environmental cleanup vital to our very survival.

The advanced environmental technologies we have developed (air pollution
control, alternative energy production, internal combustion efficiency,
alternative building materials) and superior technologies such as FORTH
will be instrumental to those efforts due to their effectiveness and
timeliness in actual 'real life' applications.

Solutions, both environmental, and technological, come about from interaction
with the environment with a profit motive in mind, not from theorizing,
speculating, legislating, or popularizing them.

The more efficiently and frequently that interaction takes place, the more
rapidly an appropriate solution makes itself visible. Indeed, the current
state of all living systems is attributable to this interaction cycle.

It is in this vein that FORTH stands as a good example of alternative technology
that is unconventional, interactive, and effective. Also because of heavy
investment by proponents of top down, bulky, ineffective solutions and
the government backing that makes them thrive, FORTH is an example of
a technology that has been largely suppressed and overshadowed.

It is our sincerest hope that this package will act as a messenger of these
truths to some of our most influential and innovative thinkers, those
in computer software, hardware, and applications development, and those
still in school along that path. It is also our hope this will act as
a gateway between the C and Unix community, that is becoming so widespread,
and the exciting developments occurring in the FORTH community.

Additionaly it is hoped that this will be an opportunity for FORTH enthusiasts
to integrate into C environments in order to prove the viability of FORTH
and develop parallel applications.

A word about restrictions on use is in order. As you notice this software
and it's accompanying documentation is Copyrighted (with the exceptions
of those portions that were derived from public domain work mostly
by the FORTH Interest Group).

You may use this base version for your own personal use and are encouraged
to redistribute it freely in it's complete, unaltered form. You may not
sell it, however, you may charge a minimal copying fee of less than $10.

If you find that you derive value from it, either by making a profit
(using it on your job, etc..), learning enough from it so you can make
a profit using that knowledge, or from pure enjoyment then we request you
exchange some of that value with us.

A contribution of $30 or more will place you as a registered licensee of
HenceFORTH and entitle you to purchase a development system, upgrades,
and/or toolkits. In return for your contribution you will receive
the registered user version containing the Forth, Inc/Starting Forth
style editor, a glossary, and overlay/boot utility. This should
greatly enhance the ability of the system although it is currently
a complete workable/extensible system.

If you make significant improvements or port it to new, yet untapped,
environments, please contact us about including your upgrades, getting
acknowledgment, and adjusted prices on registration and other products.

If you desire to use any of the unique code in this package (including,
but not limited to, the inner interpreter, compiler directives,
and 64 bit double math words) then contact us about our reasonable license

MISSING LINK can provide you with a variety of technical services and
products. We can be of assistance in a number of areas from designing
your electronic consumer level widget to large real-time or data
processing/collection applications. We also offer engineering and
fabrication in the areas of air/exhaust gas handling, scrubbing, and
chemical resistant custom plastics manufacturing.

Below is an example of the breakdown of our services: (see price sheet below
for further information)


User level consulting, products research/availability, purchasing,
applications training.


Technical level consulting, programming assistance/instruction,
software package installation, hardware system/peripheral installation.


Data entry, operating application software, travel, internal component
level replacement, upgrading, OS installation, technical writing,
software specifications.


Applications programming, board level hardware diagnostics, operating
diagnostic/systems software, project management, system design.


Systems programming, chip level diagnostics w/schematics, datastructure
reconstruction w/documentation, chip level hardware design.


Chip level diagnostics w/o schematics, difficult crash recovery.


Reverse engineering, debugging existing software/hardware.

Please see price list below for current pricing. Call for estimates on
services not listed.


Model 760

One of nature's most delightful moments is the calm after a storm.
The air is fresh, scrubbed clean by the action of wind-driven water as it
pulls pollution from the air and rinses it to the ground. Now, thanks
to a revolutionary application of this natural principle, you can
recreate the purity of storm-fresh air in the lab, home or office with the
Genii Dynamic Air Washer(c).

The Genii 760 Airwashers, will remove most contaminants from the air stream
in a single pass using only ordinary water. No adding chemicals, no
changing filters, just water. Made of chemical resistant plastic, Genii
Airwashers are constructed for long life and ease of maintenance.
Energy requirements are the same as for a couple of common light bulbs.
Overall, Genii Airwashers are the most cost effective solution for fume
or contaminant removal problems. Patent Pending.


Description Quantity Unit

gas flow (open) 62 CFM
gas flow (.3" static) 60 CFM
in/outlet size 3 Inch PVC
Width 11 Inches
Height 16 Inches
Weight 15 lbs dry
Water usage (Max) 4 Gallons/day
Water usage (Avg) 1 Gallons/day
Electrical 110/220 VAC
1.4 or 0.8 AMPS
162 Watts
Reservoir (main) 3 liters
Reservoir (reserve) 2 liters

Genii Dynamic Air Washer (c) delivers air, free of pollution -- without
using perfumes or filters of any kind. Just electricity and tap water
cleans the fumes of chemistry, smoke, pollen, dust, odors and even
viruses from enclosed environments. Also operates efficiently using
salt water. The slight humidifying effect reduces static electricity
to minimal levels protecting sensitive electronics.

Made in the U.S.A. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
30 day money back guarantee. 1 Year limited parts
and labor warranty. CA residents add sales tax.


This same technology is available from the size mentioned above
up through several thousand CFM. Inquire about custom installations.
Also inquire about high temperature exhaust gas and zero gravity units.

July 1991 P R I C E L I S T

Description Available Price Unit S&H

Genii Dynamic Air Washer 760 NOW $549.00 Each $15.00
Hence4th registration NOW $30.00 Each
Hence4th Unix toolkit 4Q91 $50.00 Each
Hence4th Dos toolkit 1Q92 $50.00 Each
Hence4th Development System NOW $100.00 Each
Hence4th Btree toolkit 4Q91 $25.00 Each
Hence4th Curses toolkit NOW $25.00 Each
Level I consulting NOW $10.00 Hour *
Level II consulting NOW $20.00 Hour *
Level III consulting NOW $30.00 Hour *
Level IV consulting NOW $40.00 Hour *
Level V consulting NOW $50.00 Hour *
Level VI consulting NOW $60.00 Hour *
Level VII consulting NOW $70.00 Hour *

*Plus direct expenses.


HenceFORTH in C was written as an internal project to MISSING LINK.
It's purpose was to provide a powerful direct and cross development
environment that could keep up with advances in technology with a minimum
hassle. Unix, being the system of choice for most large programming and
interconnectivity projects in the marketplace, became a matter of
necessity. Similar logic was used with the choice for C as the source
language. It seems to be the one thing you can count on in these days
of more and more complex instruction set compilers and unique processor

Priority was given to traditional FORTH values: Simplicity, economy,
elegance, and flexibility to name a few. Also great effort went into
optimizing the 'heart of the FORTH engine'; the inner interpreter.
If you know FORTH, we think you will agree HenceFORTH has the most
advanced inner interpreter of any high level FORTH around. Our
philosophy is simple: great things can be built on a great foundation.

HenceFORTH is largely based on FIG model as found in the figFORTH Installation
Guide and Glossary as sold by Mountain View Press (see below).
The FIG (Forth Interest Group) model, although considered obsolete by many,
was chosen because it offered the greatest cross section of documentation
and source listings. Also, since some of our foundations are with
PolyFORTH whose roots go back to the FIG days, we found it the most familiar.
Through all the turmoil going on these days in the FORTH community about
standards, many still consider the lowly figFORTH (or it's close cousin
FORTH-79) to be their favorite and with good reason; It still offers
flexibility, simplicity, speed, and a relatively good software/documentation
base (just about everybody knows or remembers figFORTH).

FigFORTH internals were simple enough to be manipulated directly in a
semi-portable manner. Also upgrading figFORTH to FORTH-79, FORTH-83
and ANS-FORTH are usually no more difficult than loading a compatability
module (usually called a 'prelude').

The base HenceFORTH system consists of the following files:

Name Description

makefile controls construction of all the modules
words.h CPP directives for FORTH pseudocode, machine generated
prims[1-2].c C programs for FORTH primitive operations, machine generated
words[1-5].c C programs for FORTH secondary operations, machine generated
compiler.h Hand coded compiler ops. These override their counterparts
in words.h.
hence4th.c Initialize the system. Define the dictionary/memory map.
Default values for user variables. Some stuff in this file
may be system dependent especially in the initsys()/goodbye()
functions and the sysalign() function.
misc.h This file just contains macros/constants that might be
needed that can't be found anywhere else.
declare.h Declarations for global data/functions in misc.c
config.h Configuration information. Set this up for your system.
dr0 The source code/block/screen file. Currently contains
only error messages. Register your copy for more utilities.

HenceFORTH Ver 1.2 currently compiles under Xenix 3.2 68K (Unix V7), MIX Power
C (Small model, MS-DOS), and Desmet's Personal C Compiler (SHORTCELL, MS-DOS).
We are interested in modifications to other popular environments (OS2, SYS V,
BSD, MSDOS, WINDOWS 3.0, etc...). If you find yourself porting HenceFORTH
try to change the code so as not to break the currently running version by
making maximum use of conditional compiling and preprocessor directives.
Then contact us as directed above.

A few notes about the development system mentioned in the price sheet.
HenceFORTH in C is mostly generated from a FORTH pseudocode (as defined
in 'words.h' and 'compiler.h' and a series of macros programmed in the
M4 macro programming language popular on most Unix systems. Hand coding
the HenceFORTH dictionary structure is a tedious chore as well as building
the pseudocode in 'words.h'. You are welcome to try it if you like. However,
our development system, consisting of the M4 macro preludes and all the
source files that generate the 'words.h' and '*[1-5].c' files, make
extending the system a snap. You can a) do it the hard way yourself,
b) buy our development system, or c) hire us to customize your installation
for you. The choice is yours. If your custom installation will have a
broad enough appeal contact us for a possible software exchange or joint

For further information and documentation about Forth in general:

Mountain View Press
Box 429, Star Route 2
La Honda, CA 94020
(415) 747-0760

Ask about 'The Forth Encyclopedia' for a detailed description of
figFORTH internals. Check out 'All About Forth' for differences between
figFORTH and other FORTH standards. 'Starting Forth' and 'Thinking Forth'
are good texts for beginning programmers and experienced programmers
new to FORTH.

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