Dec 092017
Tom Zimmer's new FORTH implementation for Windows [32-bit].
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Tom Zimmer’s new FORTH implementation for Windows [32-bit].
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Contents of the READ.ME file

READ.ME for Win32forth

Type a:install to install Win32forth into the C:\WIN32FOR directory.

Create two Win32 program manager icons, one for WIN32FOR.EXE in the
\WIN32FOR directory, and one for FKERNEL.EXE in the \WIN32FOR directory, with
the following command line arguments:

fkernel.exe fload extend.f bye

This will allow you to rebuild WIN32FOR.IMG, the extended version of Win32

To rebuild the FKERNEL.EXE program you will need Visual C++ 32bit for
Windows NT.

To rebuild FKERNEL.IMG you need Borland TASM32.EXE for DOS.

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