Information about the Internet from the early 1990's

INTERNET Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
ACTIVNWS.ZIP92262Jan 1 1995The latest list of active Internet newsgroups.
ARCHNGUU.ZIP80738Apr 14 1994Listing of uunet's archiving directory (and sub) in the ftp area.
AUTONT30.ZIP309313Dec 7 1994Auto-Net 3.0 -- The first automated Internet program. Perform ARCHIE, FTP, MAIL, get new files, download TERABYTES of great programs from the Internet. Command menu, enhanced Terminal mode, mail tons of letters, etc.
BGI13A.ZIP97052Mar 10 1994Beginners' Guide to the Internet.
BIGD-2_2.ZIP136492Mar 8 1994Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet, v2.2. From EFF Internet site.
BIGD-WIN.ZIP174548Jan 8 1994Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet in Windows Help file format.
CELFAQ.ZIP28767Apr 8 1994Frequently Asked Questions about Cello - the internet access program.
CELLO101.ZIP289150Mar 17 1994Cello WWW Browser Release 1.01a. Cello is a multipurpose Internet browser which permits you to access information from many sources in many formats.
CLIENT20.ZIP35198Oct 26 1994Play DOOM via the Internet.
DBPERL10.ZIP511384Nov 16 1994The Internet Pearls Database - HUGE database of valuable Internet information: hundreds of sites, hundreds of pointers to What's Best on the Internet. Full-fledged Database - Add, Delete, Sort, Query, Find, Import, Export,
EMCEE10.ZIP197245Nov 14 1994An interface that brings all of FTP's resources into one comfortable GUI package.
EXPLORER.ZIP222950Dec 6 1993A hypertext on-line guide to using the INTERNET.
FREEDB.ZIP19249Feb 19 1994List of free DBMSs available on the Internet.
FTP-0831.ZIP221736Sep 16 1994Listing of anonymous ftp sites.
FTP0894.ZIP177393Aug 3 1994Internet FTP site listing for August '94. Has detailed information of what is at each site, i.e. files, mirrors, news nets, etc.
GOPHERN.ZIP91366Mar 4 1994University level tutorial on use of internet gophers.
HGOPHER2.ZIP193927Aug 15 1994HGopher version 2.3.
HTML.ZIP355552Apr 28 1994HTMLAsst. An HTML editor for Windows (a Visual Basic app). Assists in creating WWW Servers.
IBYNET.ZIP16467Feb 26 1995Use the Internet without direct access. Must have E-mail access.
INETGLOS.ZIP31578Dec 30 1993INTERNET glossary for beginners.
INETQUES.ZIP28755Dec 30 1993INTERNET commonly asked questions by the beginner.
INETTRES.ZIP23645Dec 30 1993INTERNET treasures for the beginner.
INETTUT.ZIP91344Oct 6 1993Interactive Internet teaching tool.
INTERN.ZIP91318Oct 6 1993A beginner's guide to the INTERNET.
INTERNET.ZIP67851Nov 13 1992Zen and the art of Internet. Good document on internet workings.
INTERPRO.ZIP40407Sep 20 1994Latest PDIAL (12/9/93) and InterNIC (9/20/94) list of local and national Internet Providers.
INTGOV2.ZIP58464Jun 3 1994All about the government on the INTERNET.
INTR0194.ZIP36793Jan 13 1994Report on developments in the INTERNET -- January 1994.
IPWIN123.ZIP533753May 19 1994Windows 3.1 guide to Internet, CompuServe, BBS systems & more. InfoPop/Windows, Release 1.11. Uses Winhelp engine to provide hypertext guide. IPWIN is both a tutorial and a guide to interesting destinations.
IWORKS.ZIP2446961Mar 6 1995Beta copy of new InternetWorks Internet browser reviewed in new Windows magazine (p206). This file FTP'ed from untested although review was favorable.
I_PHONE.ZIP608620Feb 14 1995Internet Phone: Realtime VOICE chat over the Internet. Uses your MPC sound card for Windows 3.1 (MCI device). Very easy to setup - ready in minutes. Uses IRC Servers. Requires Winsock like Trumpet/Netmanage/etc. Compres
MOS20A8.ZIP941067Dec 20 1994NCSA Mosaic 2.0 alpha 8.
MSDN0394.ZIP158354Jan 17 1994List of files in the MSDN directory of, circa 3/94. Same contents as Microsoft Developers Network CD.
NETSCAPE.ZIP702043Jan 4 1995Netscape is an Internet WWW Browser, rated Number 1 by PC Magazine.
NNEWS.ZIP7675Sep 29 1994Network News #14, and update to libraries and information resources on the Internet. 9/94 issue.
NS16-094.ZIP688320Nov 22 1994NETSCAPE 0.9 Beta. Follow on to MOSAIC for connecting to World Wide Web sites Free for personal use. Windows Version.
NS16-096.ZIP691014Dec 7 1994Netscape Beta ver 0.96. World Wide Web Browser.
NS16-100.ZIP693868Dec 16 1994NesScape WWW browser v 1.0 (official release).
PDIAL015.ZIP22443Feb 21 1994Public access providers to the INTERNET across the U.S.
QVTWS398.ZIP365242Oct 31 1994WinQVT Winsock version. All-in one Telnet (multi session), FTP, E-mail, newsreader for internet users. Note: you must have Winsock installed to use this program. Fully functioning shareware ($40 registration fee).
RFC.ZIP84762Jan 1 1994INTERNET request for comments.
ROADMAP3.ZIP100645Aug 4 1994A Window's application providing a guide to the Internet.
ROT13.ZIP7627Aug 30 1994Rot13 message shrouding encryption/decryption with C source code, Usenet standard for not offending sensitive individuals with strongly worded or off-color messages.
SBI0295.ZIP47614Feb 7 1995A comprehensive guide to BBS's accessible via TELNET or RLOGIN on the Internet.
SIMTL894.ZIP417508Aug 16 1994SimTel ( file directory, in comma-delimited ASCII.
SLIP_DOS.ZIP423708Aug 24 1994This is a dos-based package that will enable one with a SLIP Internet account to call in to the Internet by modem.
SLNOT100.ZIP1193704Nov 21 1994SlipKnot is a graphical World-Wide-Web browser for PC users running Windows 3.1+ or a higher level of Windows.
SURA-DIR.ZIP44845Apr 12 1994An extensive downloadabe (FTP) file listing at SURA (University of Maryland).
TALK-12.ZIP46417Jan 11 1994Wattcp talk client/server for MS-DOS. Works with Unix talk and others.
TCPIPTUT.ZIP30843Jan 26 1993TCP/IP tutorial text describing communication protocols used on the Internet.
TIA.ZIP3965Oct 26 1994Information about The Internet Adapter (TIA), a program which emulates an Internet SLIP account from a standard Unix Shell account.
TWSK20A.ZIP178813Oct 27 1994Trumpet WinSock v 2.0a.
TWSK20B.ZIP178933Nov 3 1994Trumpet Winsock ver 2.0b. Windows TCP/IP sockets program.
USEGATE.ZIP39482Oct 22 1992Information on using the USENET facility on INTERNET.
USENETUU.ZIP190730Apr 14 1994Listing of uunet's usenet directory and sub with exception of control and rec(reation) in the ftp area.
USGOVT.ZIP47629Jun 3 1994US Government sources and resources on the Internet. A comprehensive list of how to get government info over the info highway. Captured from the Internet.
WEIRD2_1.ZIP71500Feb 27 1994Strange places to visit on the Internet.
WINWEBA2.ZIP386078Jul 26 1994Windows www client like mosaic.
WMOSA6R1.ZIP291542Jul 28 1994NCSA Mosaic WWW client alpha6r1 (requires WIN32S).
WSARCHIE.ZIP158136Mar 15 1994TCP/IP Archie client for WinSock.
WSIRC14.ZIP482892Jul 15 1994WinSock IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client.
WSK10A.ZIP121154Feb 2 1994Windows Sockets needed to run SLIP, etc. for MOSAIC or NETSCAPE.
XFERP100.ZIP133765Jul 31 1994Windows program for En/Decoding binary files (UU, XX, MIME).
ZENNET.ZIP76336Sep 17 1993Zen and Art of the Internet in Windows help format.