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Play DOOM via the Internet.
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Play DOOM via the Internet.
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Contents of the README file

[ Frag Server User's Guide v0.20 ]

Useful Server Commands:
/help - The most useful command
/status - Prints the number of Players/Guests connected to the Server
/who - Displays the names and IP's of Players/Guests
/ping - Test connection to player
/set - Displays all the parameters for the game
/help set - List all parameter names and their descriptions

Setting Parameter Values:
The syntax for setting parameter values is:
This sets the value of to . To see all the
the configurable parameters, type "/help set".

Typing "/set mission 2" will instruct the Server to change the
value of mission to 2. "/set wadfiles first.wad second.wad"
will set "wadfiles" to "first.wad second.wad". Simply typing
"/set wadfiles" will clear the parameter "wadfiles". To verify
that your command was accepted by the Server, type "/set".

Q: How do I change the number of players from an n-player
game to a 2-player game?
A: "/set numplayers 2"

Q: What is the "delay" parameter for?
A: The Server starts a delay timer once it sees that the
number of players for the game is satisfied. Once the
delay timer expires (hopefully, the players have finished
negotiating the parameters for the game), the Server will
will start the game. This delay timer can be controlled
by typing "/set delay ".

Q: What if I don't want to join the current game but I
don't want to logoff the server?
A: If you don't want to get in the way of the other
players, type "/guest". Take note that you cannot
do a "/set " while you are a guest.
If you want to rejoin the game, use "/player".

Q: What if I only want to know how many Players/Guests
are connected to a Server but I don't want to login
to that Server?
A: Type "client -status" from the DOS prompt.

Q: How do I change my alias?
A: "/set alias "

Q: How will I know what TCP/IP network driver the other
players are using?
A: Typing "/who" will display the node number, alias, email,
IP address, and the command for starting DOOM for all
the players.

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