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HTMLAsst. An HTML editor for Windows (a Visual Basic app). Assists in creating WWW Servers.
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HTMLAsst. An HTML editor for Windows (a Visual Basic app). Assists in creating WWW Servers.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

6:11PM 3/26/94
Note: This is Version 1.0 of HTML Assistant for Windows.

HTML Assistant is Copyright 1993,1994 by Howard Harawitz, All rights reserved.

This version of HTML Assistant may be freely distributed, but must include this notice and all other files and documents associated with the original distribution package without alteration.

Please use this software
at your own risk. The author, Howard Harawitz, disclaims any liability for direct, special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages believed to have been caused by the use of HTML Assistant or any files derived from its use.


11:38PM 3/26/94
Version 1.0
Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

HTML Assistant for Windows

HTML Assistant is a Windows text editor with extensions to assist in the creation of HTML hypertext documents. HTML documents are used to access a variety of information sources with a World Wide Web browser such as Mosaic or Cello.

HTML Assistant incorporates a user defined toolbox, and the ability to test your work with a WWW browser of your choice -- without leaving the editor.

It includes the ability to convert files containing URLs (i.e., Cello Bookmark files, Mosaic.ini files, and special HTML Assistant URL files) to HTML text for display by any WWW browser.

To install the program simply create a subdirectory, load the .zip file into it, unzip and execute the htmledit.exe file -- either by double clicking in file manager, or by installing it (it has an icon) in program manager. See the Windows Help file for instructions on how to use the program. Be sure you have a copy of VBRUN300.DLL installed in your Windows/ or Windows/system/ subdirectory.

At present the program is limited to editing files of length 32K or less.


Cello (a browser that HTML Assistant uses for viewing your files) is
available at:,

Mosaic (another browser that can now be used with HTML Assistant is available at: as /pc/mosaic/ (the file name may not be exactly as shown)

If you have any suggestions or comments please contact Howard Harawitz:
Email: [email protected]
FAX: (902) 835 - 2600 ________________________________________________________
Changes, fixes in 1.0


1) A problem with the display of Mosaic 2.0 when run from HTML Assistant has been fixed. (The spinning globe did not appear and the title text box was covered by the url text box.)
2)When Using DDE with Cello, HTML Assistant's Window would cover Cello thefirst time the 'Test' option was used. It was necessary to select 'Test' again to bring Cello back. This has been fixed.
3) Reducing the text windows to icons caused problems (crashes, lockups). This has been fixed.
4) If it was visible, the 'User Tools' palette covered the URL file editing screen. This doesn't happen anymore.
5) A few other minor bugs have been eliminated

New Features:

1) Improved, context sensitive Help has been added (Press F1 for help on the currently selected control or menu item)
2) Automatic creation of Cello Bookmark files has been added -- URLs from Mosaic.ini, HTML Assistant (.url) files and other Cello Bookmark files can now be combined and saved (using the URL editor) as Cello Bookmark files
2) The creation of 'Image' links has been improved
3) The 'Image' and 'Link' dialog boxes now have "Browse" buttons to simplify and speed up insertion of local file names
4) Text windows now have buttons for 'Test' and file 'Save'
5) A button to insert a horizontal line marking (
) has been added to the lower tool bar
6) The tool bar has been (slightly) reorganized
7) A new product, "HTML Assistant Pro", has been announced -- view the 'Help' file or contact [email protected] for more information.

Changes, fixes in Beta .6:


1) A problem loading Word Perfect 5.1 (and some other) text files has (hopefully) been fixed. Please let me know if there are problems loading these or any other files.
2) Saved files were not always marked as saved. This has been fixed.
3) The User Tools palette would sometimes not reappear after viewing a file. This now works properly.

New Features:

1) Automatic Paragraph mark ("

") insertion is now available (see the 'Command' menu)
2) Files, including Cello Bookmark files and Mosiac.ini files, can be automatically converted to HTML text. (See the URL menu)
3) In addition, the URLs from these files may be quickly extracted, combined and edited into new files (HTML Assistant URL files) which can be automatically converted to HTML text.
4) A 'Replace' command is now available in the 'Edit' menu
5) A few additional commands have been provided in the 'Command' menu
6) A print function has been provided.

Changes in Alpha .3:

1) Word wrap (not selectable) has been incorporated
2) 'Undo' (for last command only) is available
3) A default font setting (remembered between sessions) is available. Font selection is also provided for individual text windows.
4) A 'Hold' buffer permits quickly saving a version of your file, to which you can then make changes. If you don't like the changes you can instantly 'Recall' the saved version from the 'Hold' buffer.
5) An option is available to automatically save changes to your file before testing.
6) DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) with Cello is available, so Cello does not have to be unloaded and reloaded for each test.
7) The 'User Tools' window can be resized.

Changes, fixes etc. in version Alpha .25

New Features:
1) This version permits multiple documents (with tiled and cascaded windows, etc.)
2) A 'repeat command' feature has been added. To repeat the last command, click the right mouse button or press CTL-R.
3) An 'insert last URL' menu item and shortcut key is available (CTL-U)
4) A List box has been added to the URL text entry popup for URL Prefix selection
5) The program remembers the URLs you have entered and permits you to save them as disk files. You can reselect previously entered URLs from a list box on the URL text entry popup.
6) Font selection has been added (in 'Edit' menu)
7) An option (which has NOT been tested much) for DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) with Cello is now available -- so Cello need not be unloaded and reloaded for each test. (Go to the 'Options' menu and select the DDE option. If you have trouble with DDE, just deselect it from the 'Options' menu again. The default is DDE NOT selected.)

1) The 'Header' command has been fixed. It includes the header number designation in the end tag (as it should, but didn't).
2) Commands no longer require that text be selected before they will work.
3) Clicking on the Image command button no longer deletes selected text.
4) A bug that caused list tags (

  1. ,
,etc.) to appear when the 'Styles' menu was selected has been fixed.
5) The 'OK' and 'Cancel' buttons on the one line text entry popups now respond properly to the 'Enter' and 'Esc' keys
6) Some of the information messages that appear in the status bar at the bottom of the main screen have been revised in (what is hoped is) the interest of clarity.

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