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Information about The Internet Adapter (TIA), a program which emulates an Internet SLIP account from a standard Unix Shell account.
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Information about The Internet Adapter (TIA), a program which emulates an Internet SLIP account from a standard Unix Shell account.
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The Internet Adapter (TIA) is a new Internet access utility that lets
you use popular graphical software such as Mosaic, Cello, and Eudora
with a standard UNIX shell account. In essence it converts a shell
account into a "pseudo-SLIP" account the same way an electrical
adapter converts a two-prong outlet into a three-prong outlet.

This document provides basic information about TIA and explains how to
order it over the net or by phone. For more detailed information,
please see the TIA FAQ files and other documents listed at the end.


TIA was created by Cyberspace Development, Inc. (CSD) to solve a
growing problem: while the vast majority of Internet users currently
have access via shell accounts, the vast majority of exciting new
Internet tools -- such as NCSA's Mosaic -- require a full TCP/IP (i.e.
SLIP or PPP) connection to work.

The software engineers at CSD, who specialize in developing Internet
and TCP/IP applications, realized they could solve this problem by
creating a program that ran directly on a user's shell account -- with
no special privileges required -- and used the IP address of the host
computer to provide the same services as standard SLIP (Serial Line
Internet Protocol).

After overcoming several key technical challenges, they completed the
core code in early 1994 and continued to optimize it until it equaled
or exceeded the speed of standard SLIP. TIA was successfully beta
tested at Colorado Supernet, one of the largest regional access
providers, in June of 1994 and is now in daily use throughout the net.


TIA solves the problem of SLIP access for three distinct groups:

* Individual shell account users who would like to use graphical
Internet access software but for whom SLIP is either not available
or too expensive.

* UNIX system administrators who are looking for an easier, faster
way of offering SLIP that doesn't require new hardware or the
setup and administrative overhead of static or dynamic SLIP.

* Corporations, universities, and other organizations with large
numbers of shell account users who could benefit from graphical
TPC/IP access.


To meet the needs of each of these groups, Cyberspace is licensing TIA
in 3 ways: Single User, for use on a single shell account; Host, for
use by up to 250 users on a UNIX host; and Site, which can be used on
multiple hosts within a single Internet domain.

CSD feels so strongly about TIA's potential to open up graphical
access to the Internet to thousands more users that it is pricing
Single User licenses at only US$25, and Host licenses at US$495. Site
license pricing depends on the number of hosts and users, but our goal
is to make TIA by far the most cost-effective SLIP solution available.

What's also unique about TIA is the way you can buy it. Specialists in
Internet commerce, Cyberspace Development and InterMind Corp. have
created a state-of-the-art online information, ordering, and delivery
system based at, Cyberspace's Internet Information
Mall (tm). This system even includes a special Interactive Voice
Response system for secure credit card transmission.


The actual TIA binary file you need (which depends on the platform of
your Internet host machine) is freely available via anonymous FTP from and other mirror sites around the net. Platforms
currently supported include Sparc/SunOS, Sparc/Solaris, and
386/486/BSDI. Additional ports will be added as quickly as they can be
developed (a full list of the current ports is always included in the
two order forms below).

To use the binary, all you need is a TIA License Code -- a digital
"key" specific to the TIA license type and machine where it is
installed. Cyberspace is offering free Evaluation license codes which
allow fully operational use of TIA for 14 days (Single User) or 21
days (Host). Evaluation codes are available using a special e-mail
ordering form. To get one, simply send a blank message to:

[email protected] (Single User Version)
[email protected] (Host Version)

The moment we receive your filled-out form, our mailbot will send back
your Evaluation license code and instructions for obtaining and
installing the correct TIA binary file via FTP. You can be up and
testing TIA within minutes!


Fully Registered license codes are available both online and by phone.
Your online ordering options include:

* Using the same e-mail ordering forms as above (which we recommend -
just save your Evaluation order form and resubmit it with your
credit card information once you decide to purchase TIA).

* Connecting directly via telnet or gopher to "" and
following the menus.

* Pointing your World Wide Web browser to "".

In all cases, full instructions for obtaining and installing the
correct TIA binary will be sent with your license code.


Single Users have a special reason to order by phone: TIA is only half
of the SLIP solution. The other half is a TCP/IP "stack", SLIP
software, and your choice of TCP/IP application programs (like Mosaic,
Eudora, Telnet, and WinNews) installed on your PC or Mac in order to
take advantage of your new TIA-based SLIP connection.

Because acquiring and configuring your TCP/IP and SLIP software can be
a daunting task, SoftAware Co. of Los Angeles has developed a complete
product line of Internet access solutions based on TIA, including:

1) TIA Single User License Code ordering by telephone ($25)
2) Installation and Certification of TIA on your shell account ($35)
3) A self-installing package of Windows TCP/IP client software so
you can take immediate advantage of your TIA account ($60)
4) TIA technical support and consulting services ($75/hour)

To order TIA directly from SoftAware, or for more information on any
of their packages, just call them at 310-314-1466. You can also
receive a complete brochure on their packages by sending e-mail to:

[email protected]

To order a TIA Host or Site license by telephone, just contact
InterMind Corporation in Seattle at 206-545-7803 (9-5 PST M-F).


TIA is one piece of a highly complex puzzle: how to get dial-up TCP/IP
connectivity. To help make this puzzle much less challenging, we offer
the following documents:

The TIA Single User FAQ ([email protected])
Answers to the most common questions about the Single User version of
TIA, including how you access TIA on your shell account, what are the
differences compared to conventional SLIP, etc.

The TIA Host FAQ ([email protected])
A more technical document that discusses TIA and TIA-based SLIP access
from a system administrator's standpoint.

TIA Single User Installation ([email protected])
Full instructions on how to obtain and install the correct TIA binary
and your License Code (included with every Single User License Code).

TIA Host Installation ([email protected])
Sysadmin instructions for installing the TIA binary and License Code
and optimizing your host for TIA access (included with every Host
License Code.)

The Dial-up TCP/IP Help File ([email protected])
A listing of where both on and off the net you can get more
information about dial-up IP connectivity, SLIP and PPP, TCP/IP client
applications, and other subjects closely related to TIA.

To obtain any of these documents, just send blank e-mail to the
address listed in parentheses. Or you may also access them directly
using the following addresses:

Anonymous FTP
World Wide Web

(Please note that many of these are "living" documents and will be
evolving constantly as we receive new information.)

Finally, if you want to stay abreast of news about TIA, including
ports and new releases, you can join our TIA Mailing List. Full
instructions are available by mailing:

[email protected]

Thank you for your interest in The Internet Adapter -- order your
Evaluation Code right now!

(c) Cyberspace Development, Inc. and InterMind Corp. 1.01 (8/15/94)

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