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NCSA Mosaic WWW client alpha6r1 (requires WIN32S).
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NCSA Mosaic WWW client alpha6r1 (requires WIN32S).
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Contents of the README.WRI file

1NCSA Mosaic v2.0Alpha 6 User Information

Documentation for Mosaic DOES exist. You can find it online via the "Documentation" link on our home page, We have also made these html files available from our anonymous ftp server, You can find the file in the /PC/Mosaic directory. If you decide to download this file you can view the documentation locally using File, Open Local File.... function.

This document was written because we have added new features that are not documentated in our online documentation. We will add this information to or docs as soon as we can.

Face Lift You will notice that we have removed the Document Title from the old Document URL/Title area. We moved the Document Title into the Title bar of the window. This allowed us to increase the size of the Document View area and decrease the size of the animated icon.

Kiosk Mosaic

Kiosk Mosaic will allow the use of our Web browser without certain potentially hazardous functions. ie. Load to Disk, the Menu Editor, etc.. We primarily wrote this version for our user base that offers the use of this web browser in a public setting. The local public library is a good example of such a setting. Kiosk Mosaic is designed to remain on top at all times and it will not allow the user change or reconfigure the option settings. Thus, an administrator now has the ability to protect his machine and a set of desire configuration paramenters. To enter the kiosk mode you need to envoke the program from the command line using the -k option. From your Program Manager, select File, Run... and you will be given a dialog box that will allow you to enter the directory path and the executable name. i.e. c:\directory\path\mosaic -k (where there is a space between mosaic and -k)

The Menus include:


FileOpen URL....(Ctrl - O)Opens a Network URL
ExitExits Mosaic

EditFind...Allows word searches of the current document

NavigateHistoryOpens the History Window

HelpOnline DocumentationA link to our online documention
FAQ PageA link to our Frequently Asked Questions
Bug ListA link to our Current Bug List
Feature ListA link to our Current Feature List

User Configurable Menus
Starting Points (Totally configurable by the system administrator)

Other Information: Since the Mosaic's kiosk mode still reads the mosaic.ini file that resides in your windows menu, you will need to configure the desired environment before you use the -k option. For example, the size of your screen and the desired pull-down menus.


We've decided to add relevant URLs to the Help Menu. However, these links will only useful if you are online. Here's what they link to:

Online Documentation
FAQ Page
Bug List
Feature Page

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