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WinSock IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client.
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WinSock IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client.
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Contents of the README.TXT file completely replaces WSIRC13a.ZIP.


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SIN: use CICA mirror directory


A problem with Trumpet Winsock has been corrected. A stack fault would
previously happen when a QMSG command was issued from a channel window, the
WSIRC stack size has been increased.

After days of debugging a GPF problem with certain configurations was finally
tracked down to a problem with the DLL interface that was used with a custom
control DLL. The interface has been rewritten to correct the bug.

Logging has returned to normal again, it was previously disabled due to an
incorrect flag setting.

A PING timeout problem using WSIRC 1.13b (released to registered users only)
has been corrected, PING was previously being ignored in WSIRC 1.13b.


There is now a Channel mode panel on channel windows. The personal mode is
now displayed on the status bar.

An OP command has been added as an alias to /mode +o .
A DEOP command has been added as an alias to /mode -o .
A MOP command has been added to perform a mass OP.
A MDEOP command has been added to perform a mass DEOP.
A ADEOP toggle has been added to automatically DEOP any server OPs except for
nicknames in the protect and operator lists.
A DKICK command has been added as an alias to Deop, Ban and Kick
a nickname from a channel.
An ATIME command has been added to the channel,
this command will cause the text to be output at the specified interval to
the channel. Embedd $T in the text to insert a Date and Time display.
A WMODE toggle has been added to the channel. It toggles WarMode, when on,
any nickname will be deopped, banned and kicked from the channel if the
users on the PROTECT or OPERATOR list are harmed.

To facilitate channel maintenance, a set of auto-lists have been added.

BAD LIST. Adding a user to the BAD list causes the user to be kicked out whenever
they enter a channel. The command is BAD username@pcname to add or remove
a username from the BAD list. Toggle it on or off by BAD -OFF, BAD -ON

PROTECT LIST. Adding a user to the PROTECT list allows the user to be
protected by WSIRC. The command is PROTECT username@pcname to add or remove
a username from the PROTECT list. When WarMode is on, any nickname will be
deopped, banned and kicked from the channel if the users on the PROTECT list
are harmed.

OPERATOR LIST. Adding a user to the OPERATOR list allows the user to be
auto-opped by WSIRC when they enter a channel.
The command is OPERATOR username@pcname to add or remove a username from the
OPERATOR list. When WarMode is on, any nickname will be deopped, banned and
kicked from the channel if the users on the OPERATOR list are harmed.

CTCP can now be completely turned off, DCC and VERSION would previously still

DCC can now be completely turned off, this is to prevent pranks that flood
the client with DCC requests causing multiple request window to pop up. To
enable DCC CHAT and SEND, *both* DCC and CTCP must be toggled to ON.

DCC SEND and CHAT has been improved.

DCC SEND was previously somewhat problematic when packetsize was set at 512
bytes. DCC SEND will now survive net splits and disconnects. It would
previously disconnect if a net split or server disconnect occurred while a
transfer was in progress.

DCC CHAT was previously being dropped when left idle for a long period of
time, it is now set to send KEEPALIVE signals to maintain the connection even
when idle for long period of time.

BAN, UNBAN, DESC, IGNORE buttons have been added.

New toggles have been added as follows.

ATIME toggle can be used to periodically display time to the channel. Use
ATIME . To turn it
off, type ATIME 0.

AWAY text message can be broadcast (default setting) when AWAY is set. Use
the ACAST command to toggle AWAY broadcasts. When broadcast, an ACTION
command is sent to open public and private channels. When you set an away
message, the away message will be broadcast to all joined and private
channels. On clearing the away message, a return message is also broadcast.

Private messages can be globally accepted or ignored (individuals can be
ignored by usage of the ignore list). (PACC)

Private messages can be logged or ignored by a global setting. This toggle is
useful when WSIRC is used to wait and accept private messages while
unattended. (PLOG)

Private messages can be displayed in a new window or in the current window
using different brackets ( "(*nickname*)" instead of "[nickname]" ). (PDISP)

Private messages can be set to display whois info when a new private message
window is opened. (PWHOIS)

Date&Time stamps can be toggled on or off for server, channel and private
windows, this allows a quick check of when a message was received in a
private window and alsa allows a chronological view of the logs. (TSTAMP)

Activity flash can be set individually for each window. This allows you to
quickly visually see which channels are active with new text. (PFLASH)

WSIRC will respond to additional CTCP commands: PING, ECHO, TIME. A PING
command has been added to allow PING-ing a nickname (PING ).

To make channel hopping more convenient, a command has been added to
open a new channel and close the old channel. (HOP ).

To force a new Private Message window to open, a new command has been added
to force the window to open, it functions just like the MSG command but opens
the window immediately. (QMSG ) or use (QUERY ).

Notices are now displayed in the current window.

On startup, the server options dialog box is displayed automatically along
with the approporate help file entry.

A double click on a user in the user list-box will bring up a dialog with
the user's whois information. The dialog box allows a set of buttons to be
applied to the user.

The play file in the server window can now direct a command to a specific
window. Prefix the command with the channelname and "->". E.g. #bawel->wait *
will cause the #bawel channel to execute the wait * command.

A SITE LICENSE version is now available and can be registered on CompuServe.
The SITE LICENSE version allows running from a LAN with a private WSIRC.INI
for each user. For those using WSIRC on a network a DOS environment variable
(SET WSIRC) have been provided to allow the location of the WSIRC.INI file
to be specified by the DOS environment variable. Please note that usage of
WSIRC on a network requires a site license, the cost is US$ 449.- for
unlimited users per geo-site/geo-LAN (not per-company), documentation is
limited to 20 copies. The site-license version allows running of WSIRC from
the LAN with a private WSIRC.INI file for each user.


There was a problem with an old BWCC.DLL running with the new version of
PVPLUS.DLL and WINCTL.DLL. This has been resolved with the use of a new
BWCC.DLL and modification to the source code.


WSIRC is a Windows client for the Internet Relay Chat network. It allows
Internet users to chat electronically with each other using IRC servers.

The advantage is that users worldwide can access the IRC network and
converse with users worldwide.

WSIRC is a Windows Sockets 1.1 compliant application and has been tested
with NetManage's and Trumpet's WINSOCK.DLL tcp/ip protocol stack.

A WSIRC IRC server is currently under construction to provide video, audio,
raw data as well as the currently supported text data.


WINSOCK.DLL must be present. WINSOCK.DLL is provided as part of your
networking software. It is not part of WSIRC. A number of shareware versions
exist. Of note is Peter Tattam's $20 shareware WINSOCK.DLL available from a
number of ftp sites. A book called Windows Internet Tour Guide includes a
sampler version of Netmanage's Chameleon (version 3.11) for $25.- it's a very
good book for Internet beginners. Explains SLIP/PPP setup, mail, ping, news,
ftp, telnet, mailing lists, etc.


There are 4 versions available:


Only the Shareware and Freeware versions may be distributed, if you see a
Registered version being distributed please email me.

The SITE LICENSE version allows unlimited users on a LAN each with a private

Please note that I created WSIRC for my own personal enjoyment as a hobby.
It is not meant to be a money-making venture although I don't mind financial
recognition for it. In the spirit of cooperation within the Internet I have
included a FREEWARE version for use by anybody that simply won't or can't
purchase a licensed registered copy. Funds received from registration will
go towards further development of WSIRC. The future includes images, sound
and video in both client and server versions.

International users, please note that you can download an international
version of BWCCxxxx.DLL from FTP.BORLAND.COM if your Windows installation
displays a missing BWCCxxxx.DLL message box due to an International language
Windows intallation.


Copyright 1994 by Caesar M Samsi. Permission is granted to distribute the
complete FREEWARE and SHAREWARE versions only.


Please note that you are *free* to use the FREEWARE version, you can use
the FREEWARE version on your TCP/IP LAN if you wish. Try the program
out for a few weeks before registering it. Internet Service Providers may
be provided with a special discount if registrations are done in groups.

STUDENTS can register for less at the cost of US$ 24.95, please send me email
from a .edu account to qualify. Students can register a maximum of 3 copies
at this cost (one for you, one for mom&dad, one for the significant other
half). The student discount will be mailed free within USA, add $ 3.00 for
Canada, add $ 5.00 for other countries.

Student use: US$ 24.95 ( 1 Disk, 1 Manual )
Individual use: US$ 39.95 ( 1 Disk, 1 Manual )
Site license: US$ 449.95 ( 20 Disks, 20 Manuals )


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