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Information on using the USENET facility on INTERNET.
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Information on using the USENET facility on INTERNET.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

This package describes how to use the Usenet<->Fidonet gateway, and
contains a number of other files with information of interest.

Things to remember:

The Black Cat's Shack at 1:109/401 is the gateway for nets 109, 261, 265,
and 276. This system is also the National Echomail Hub for a large chunk
of the Maryland suburbs of DC, and is the Local echomail hub for northern
Montgomery County.

The gateway system, 1:109/401, is a mail hub only. You cannot log onto
the system as a user.

Mail gateway services for personal messages are available free of charge
to users of Fidonet systems in the listed nets. Echomail/Newsgroup gateway
services are provided on a cost sharing basis. The gateway cannot be used
fpr mailing lists or email file request without prior arrangement with the
gateway operator. All systems availing themselves of gated newsgroups
pay a pro-rated amount monthly for the service. The charges are currently
in the range of $5 to $15 per month, depending on the number of newsgroups

The current list of newsgroups available from the uplink is in the file
NEWSGRPS.ZIP, and is updated weekly. This fle can only be obtained by
File Request.

Please send questions to Joe Keenan at 1:109/401, or [email protected]

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