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Windows Sockets needed to run SLIP, etc. for MOSAIC or NETSCAPE.
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Category Information about the Internet from the early 1990’s
Windows Sockets needed to run SLIP, etc. for MOSAIC or NETSCAPE.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BUGS.LST 8387 3545 deflated
BYE.CMD 58 37 deflated
DISCLAIM.TXT 662 368 deflated
HOSTS 153 105 deflated
INSTALL.DOC 48117 17289 deflated
INSTALL.TXT 60278 16321 deflated
LOGIN.CMD 1172 512 deflated
PROTOCOL 441 261 deflated
README.MSG 364 195 deflated
SERVICES 2840 877 deflated
TCPMAN.EXE 93184 32055 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
WINPKT.COM 3516 1418 deflated
WINSOCK.DLL 105216 41625 deflated

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Contents of the DISCLAIM.TXT file

Disclaimer & Copyright

These programs are Copyright (C) 1991-1994 by Peter R. Tattam,
All Rights Reserved.

It is provided as shareware with the following limitations:

These programs are shareware and are not to be resold or distributed for sale
with other programs which are for sale. There is no warranty or claim of
fitness or reliability. The programs are distributed AS IS, and as such neither
the author nor Trumpet Software International nor the University of Tasmania
shall be held liable for any loss of data, down time, loss of revenue or any
other direct or indirect damage or claims caused by these programs.

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