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From Tom Hogshead, a huge collection of QEDIT macros. Part 2 of 4.
File AMAC43B.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Word Processors
From Tom Hogshead, a huge collection of QEDIT macros. Part 2 of 4.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
$DATE 326 166 deflated
$DATE.FR 262 177 deflated
$TIME 220 108 deflated
-MAC.LST 268 134 deflated
-QM.LST 246 133 deflated
ALLMAC.INF 448 306 deflated
ALLMACRO.INF 8013 3158 deflated
AMAC-PRG.INF 3767 1005 deflated
DAT001.MAC 805 260 deflated
DAT001.QM 10048 1800 deflated
DAT002.MAC 999 447 deflated
DAT002.QM 11391 3010 deflated
DAT003.MAC 1522 536 deflated
DAT003.QM 20391 3848 deflated
DATE.INF 579 261 deflated
DATE.QL 120 78 deflated
DATE16.MAC 1805 449 deflated
DATE16.QM 30103 4587 deflated
DELSP.INF 146 120 deflated
DELSP.QL 33 28 deflated
DELSP11.MAC 118 97 deflated
DELSP11.QM 11273 2693 deflated
DOS.LST 60 54 deflated
DX-READ.ME 1418 693 deflated
FIL001.MAC 751 450 deflated
FIL001.QM 26247 5649 deflated
FIL002.MAC 783 305 deflated
FIL002.QM 23161 3252 deflated
FIL003.MAC 245 198 deflated
FIL003.QM 9143 2634 deflated
FIL004.MAC 5 5 stored
FIL004.QM 606 251 deflated
FIL005.MAC 5 5 stored
FIL005.QM 606 251 deflated
FILE-DX.BAT 150 126 deflated
FILE.DOC 1760 817 deflated
FILE.INF 476 278 deflated
FILE.QL 216 120 deflated
FILE.SRT 485 202 deflated
FILE28.MAC 47 46 deflated
FILE28.QM 6827 2344 deflated
JMPPOS.INF 272 179 deflated
JMPPOS.QL 108 78 deflated
JMPPOS13.MAC 651 378 deflated
JMPPOS13.QM 33899 6731 deflated
MACR.DOC 4117 1562 deflated
MACR.INF 84 75 deflated
MACR.QL 199 109 deflated
MACR33.MAC 1645 718 deflated
MACR33.QM 34842 7526 deflated
MENU.BAT 132 112 deflated
MENU.INF 278 195 deflated
MENU.QL 98 73 deflated
MENU12.MAC 58 58 stored
MENU12.QM 2301 834 deflated
MENUL.QL 224 105 deflated
MSG.INF 797 399 deflated
MSG.QL 152 89 deflated
MSG001.MAC 696 428 deflated
MSG001.QM 10214 3047 deflated
MSG002.MAC 250 209 deflated
MSG002.QM 14351 3633 deflated
MSG003.MAC 311 169 deflated
MSG003.QM 9231 1881 deflated
MSG004.MAC 229 188 deflated
MSG004.QM 5345 1816 deflated
MSG005.MAC 5 5 stored
MSG005.QM 553 235 deflated
MSG15.MAC 55 55 stored
MSG15.QM 6615 2102 deflated
PAGE-QM.TST 1031 89 deflated
PAGE.INF 139 115 deflated
PAGE.QL 110 76 deflated
PAGE.TST 710 99 deflated
PAGE24.MAC 1452 476 deflated
PAGE24.QM 19905 4434 deflated
PAUSE.INF 275 177 deflated
PAUSE.QL 68 62 deflated
PAUSE14.MAC 390 272 deflated
PAUSE14.QM 15302 3770 deflated
PICK.BAT 140 111 deflated
QLST.INF 78 72 deflated
QLST.MAC 77 77 stored
QLST.QL 165 88 deflated
QLST.QM 3329 1031 deflated
QLST15.MAC 223 129 deflated
QLST15.QM 14859 3983 deflated
[email protected] 19 19 stored
[email protected] 987 424 deflated
[email protected] 50 50 stored
[email protected] 2841 909 deflated
[email protected] 77 77 stored
[email protected] 3327 1031 deflated
[email protected] 54 54 stored
[email protected] 2758 841 deflated
[email protected] 25 25 stored
[email protected] 1635 546 deflated
[email protected] 81 81 stored
[email protected] 3144 952 deflated
QMAC.INF 3316 1447 deflated
QMACB.BAT 301 172 deflated
QMACBJ.BAT 350 199 deflated
QMACM.BAT 348 164 deflated
QMACT-N.BAT 318 194 deflated
QMACT.BAT 301 178 deflated
QMACTA.DOC 868 331 deflated
QMACTA2.BAT 1071 409 deflated
READ.ME 10221 3746 deflated
START.BAT 621 350 deflated
WHAT’S.NEW 12997 3360 deflated
ZERO.MAC 42 39 deflated
ZERO.QM 33 33 stored

Download File AMAC43B.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file
Latest Versions of Amac Macros
Written By Tom Hogshead
With Macro Contributions By John Goodman, et al

Summary Macro File Descriptions

book24.qm Jump To Positions and Load Macros Across Files
buff13.qm Access Scratch Buffers Retaining Buffer Name
cent11.qm Center Text
comt20.qm Comment and Uncomment Lines and Blocks
date16.qm Variable Date and Time Formats
delsp11.qm Delete Leading Spaces From Lines
dsiz.qm List Directories On Drive By Descending Size
file28.qm Manage Files
indx11.qm Index of Amac Macros By Category
jmppos13.qM Jump To Positions Within and Across Files
macr33.qm Make, Convert and Read Macros
menu12.qm Load Amac Files From List
misc11.qm Line, Block and File Macros
msg15.qm Index and Reformat Offline Message Reader Messages
page24.qm Paginate Files, Qmac Files and SLMR Messages
pause14.qm Single Step Macros
qlst15.qm Load Files From a File List
rfrm37.qm Sort, Reformat and Right and Left Justify
ring13.qm Save List of and Reload Files In Ring From Picklists
size19.qm Measure Byte Size of Macros
srch31.qm Search and Replace Within Text and Zip Files
timer14.qm Measure Macro Execution Times
togl14.qm Toggle QEdit States
vdat10.qm View Large Data Table Descriptions Scrolled Off Screem

See Allmacro.inf for macro description summary of each macro file.

File Location on SemWare
------------------------- - indx11.qm book24.qm buff13.qm
cent11.qm comt20.qm misc11.qm - date16.qm delsp11.qm dsiz.qm
file28.qm jmppos13.qm macr33.qm
menu12.qm msg15.qm page24.qm
pause14.qm qlst15.qm - rfrm37.qm ring13.qm - size19.qm srch31.qm timer14.qm
togl14.qm vdat10.qm

AMAC DESCRIPTION: Amac contain approximately 450 QEdit macros., uploaded to SemWare, is split into four files as
Amac43(a+b+c+d).zip. Amac can also be found on CompuServe Ibmapp
Lib 0 as and later as Amac3(e+f...).zip, Exec-PC
(414-789-4210) and New-Ware (619-450-3257 or 455-5226).

The latest Amac files and macros can be obtained by downloading
either or Amac43(a+b+c+d). Any files changed and new
macros added since is issued will be found later in
the modification files Amac43(e+f...).zip.

Macros are grouped into files, wherever possible, by relative
functionality. A description and running instructions for each
group of macros is in a txtfile with subscript '.qm'. Qmac
compiled macros are in files with subscript '.mac'. At the top
of macro txtfile is an index of macros from which topics which
can be jumped to within the current file using @h, or @4 in
BOOKxx.QM. Macros located in subfiles are enclosed with braces
in the index and can quickly be jumped to using @f bok001.qm. A
list of macro txtfiles is in INDXxx.QM.

The user is advised to read BOOK24.QM first since
requires many files be configured with the user's directory
containing the Amac files. After configuring, the simplest way
to load a macro for execution, for example BOOK24.MAC, is to type
"START BOOK" . All pertinent files will be loaded in the
"Ring" for viewing, and BOOK24.MAC is read. A brief description
of all macros is in ALLMACRO.INF. The other new techniques for
loading and executing macros are described in BOOK24.QM.

For running and conversion of these macros, "QEdit and Qmac v2.1,
Feb. 1990" or later are required. Some macros require "QEdit and
Qmac v2.15.

- Version # -
ZIP/QM New Replaces Info File Status
====== ===== ======== ============= =======
Amac-prg (2) 1.0 - Amac-prg.inf
[ Program files required for AMAC ]

-------------------------- (1) ----------------------
[ Amac43(a+b+c+d) is uploaded to SemWare only ]
indx11 1.1 1.0 indx.inf
book24 2.4 2.3 book.inf Changed macros
buff13 1.3 1.2 buff.inf
cent11 1.1 1.0 cent.inf
comt20 2.0 1.9 comt.inf New macros
misc11 1.1 1.0 misc.inf New macros
date16 1.6 1.5 date.inf Changed macros
delsp11 1.1 1.0 delsp.inf
dsiz 1.1 1.0 dsiz.inf
file28 2.8 2.7a file.inf New macros
jmppos13 1.3 1.2 jmppos.inf New macros
macr33 3.3 3.2 macr.inf Changed macros
menu12 1.2 1.1 menu.inf
msg15 1.5 1.4 msg.inf Changed macros
page24 2.4 2.3 page.inf
pause14 1.4 1.3 pause.inf
qlst15 1.5 1.4 qlst.inf New macros
rfrm37 3.6 3.5 rfrm.inf New macros
ring13 1.3 1.2 ring.inf Changed macros
size19 1.9 1.8 size.inf Changed macros
srch31 3.1a 3.1 srch.inf Changed macros
timer14 1.4 1.2 timer.inf
togl14 1.4 1.3 togl.inf
vdat10 1.0 - vdat.inf NEW files and macros
(1) See Allmacro.inf for macro description summary.
(2) is a separate file not part of See
Amac-prg.inf for contents.

PROBLEMS or SUGGESTIONS: Any problems or suggestion, I would like
to hear from you. I can be reached daily on SemWare.

contain macro ideas and contributions of others, I claim no
Copyrights. These macros are intended solely to help users of
QEdit(R) from SemWare(R). Permission is hereby granted to use,
copy, and/or modify these macros with or without reference to
this source. I am not affiliated with SemWare.

DECRYPTING MACRO @f: The Amac macros are FREE. However, if you
find them useful and would like to send me a gift of any amount,
I will be glad to accept it. Macro @f in bok001.qm I feel is by
far the most useful of all the Amac macros and, although it's
really not very complicated, it represents some new ideas and is
the culmination of a lot of work. You will find @f an extremely
useful and a powerful tool to help navigate through the Amac
files. This is the only encrypted macro in Amac, and there are
no encrypted files, as in earlier versions of Amac, in order to
accommodate some Sysop's requests.

I'll be happy to send you the Password to decrypt @f if you
will send me $15.00 (or any amount) in a self addressed stamped
envelope. If you don't have $15.00 or don't think these macros
are worth it, I'll still be glad to send you the Password. Just
send me a self addressed stamped envelope anyhow! If you would
rather not lick two stamps, use and enjoy the other 400+
non-encrypted macros in My address is:

T & T Enterprises
PO Box 10786
Greensboro, NC 27404

I hope you find some of these macros useful. If you are a
serious QEdit user, I think you will. Thanks for using Amac.

PASSWORD FOR AMAC43.ZIP: Users having the password for
should change "2" to "3" for the password to decrypt macro @f in
bok001.qm. See bok001.qm for instructions how to decrypt @f.

QCONFIG.DAT Should Be Configured As Follows
Advanced Options
Test for presence of enhanced keyboard (Y/N)? [Y]
Do you want the return command to split lines in insert mode (Y/N)? [Y]
Should Cut and Copy use current line if no block marked (Y/N)? [Y]
Do you want the ESCAPE command to invoke the menus (Y/N)? [Y]
Should [TabRt]/[TabLt] be allowed to shift an entire block (Y/N)? [Y]

General Options
Do you want the del_ch command to join lines if at EOL (Y/N)? [N]
Should PQuit, Exit and File return to the edit file prompt (Y/N)? [N]
Do you want the editor to start in wordwrap mode (Y/N)? [Y]
Default right margin for wordwrap [1..500] [80]
Do you want the editor to start in insertmode (Y/N)? [Y]
Do you want the editor to start in autoindent mode (Y/N)? [Y]
Do you want the editor to use sticky autoindent (Y/N)? [N]
Load wildcarded filespecs from the command line (Y/N)? [Y]
Load wildcarded filespecs from inside the editor (Y/N)? [Y]
Do you want the editor to start in enter matching mode (Y/N)? [N]
Default number of deleted lines to keep per file [0..300] [300]
Remove trailing blanks from edited lines (Y/N)? [Y]
Delete white space after words with del_rt_word command (Y/N)? [Y]
Terminate files with a Control Z (Y/N)? [N]
Do you want backups of saved files (Y/N)? [Y]
Prompt for filename on open window (Y/N)? [N]
Close window when a file is quit (Y/N)? [Y]
Insert line blocks ABOVE the cursor line (Y/N)? [Y]
Do you want a beep on warning messages and missed searches (Y/N)? [N]
Default Find options [IWBG] [I]
Default Find_Replace options [IWBNG] [I]

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