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WORDP Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
#1_QTIPS.ZIP9647Jul 24 1992QEdit tips from SemWare Technical Support Staff.
#2_QTIPS.ZIP8129Aug 22 1992Tips for QEDIT from the Semware Support BBS.
20-20.ZIP93375Mar 2 1991Large-Text Word Processer for laptop users and the visually impaired.
2COL.ZIP37159Oct 11 1988Convert 2 Column ASCII files to 1 longer column. For OCR applications.
2UP.ZIP11849Jul 27 19892UP - Format text into one or more columns. C source included.
60K-WORD.ZIP239848Apr 17 1989A collection of 60,000 correctly spelled words that can be used with any spell checker that will use external files.
A2C205.ZIP238126Nov 25 1992Asc2Com is a ASCII text file compiler that takes ASCII format text and produces 1 of 6 different COM format programs.
A2R103.ZIP17374Jun 22 1993A2R v1.03 - Ansi to Rip conversion utility. Converts ANSI screens to RIP format for use with new RIP standard terminals.
A3E_100.ZIP112755Oct 1 1992Nice ansi, ascii and avatar screen editor/converter.
ACRLF.ZIP8599Jan 23 1990Break a database file into indicated record size and appends a CR/LF to the end of each record.
ADDCL101.ZIP11065Dec 20 1993A utility to add asingle column of numbers in a text file. TP source included.
ADDCOL.ZIP7600Nov 9 1986Allows you to add two text files side by side.
ADDCR.ZIP8111May 5 1988Add Carriage returns to lone linefeeds in text files.
ADSPL100.ZIP30904Nov 29 1987ADSPELL is a spelling-checker and a spelling-corrector. ADSPELL provides an easy facility for adding words to its dictionary and gives editing support for keying corrections.
AE170.ZIP91724Sep 8 1993Another Editor v1.70 - text (ASCII) editor with Turbo Pascal source.
AGREP32B.ZIP59295Nov 30 1992Agrep is a "fuzzy" grep text search tool for MS-DOS 32bit machines, it will allow and/or searches, close but not exact searches, etc.
AHED07.ZIP33547Oct 18 1986A very good text editor.
ALLMAC21.ZIP98926Aug 27 1990A very large collection of handy Qedit macros.
ALPHA.ZIP11013Feb 6 1991Alphabetizing routine that stores the finished list in an ASCII file for printing or further editing. The program is not case sensitive, and it ignores non-alpha chars, so it truly alphabetizes.
ALSILTR3.ZIP4154Oct 23 1988Great ANSI Fonts for THE DRAW ANSI screen creator.
ALTPGE.ZIP15020Jul 22 1990Divide ASCII text files into odd and even page files to print both sides.
AMAC-PRG.ZIP152047Apr 25 1991Programs to be Used with AMAC Macros for Qedit.
AMAC43A.ZIP91237May 27 1992From Tom Hogshead, a huge collection of QEDIT macros. Part 1 of 4.
AMAC43B.ZIP118247May 27 1992From Tom Hogshead, a huge collection of QEDIT macros. Part 2 of 4.
AMAC43C.ZIP96132May 27 1992From Tom Hogshead, a huge collection of QEDIT macros. Part 3 of 4.
AMAC43D.ZIP100472May 27 1992From Tom Hogshead, a huge collection of QEDIT macros. Part 4 of 4.
AMACNEW.ZIP7659May 29 1992Description of the Latest Version of Macros for Qedit.
AMEDIT20.ZIP52236Sep 9 1992AM-EDIT v2.0 - A true programmers text editor. Full-featured. Powerful, yet extremely easy to use. Provides extensive on-screen help. Extremely fast file load, file save, and forward/backward text searches.
ANIMATE.ZIP54228Mar 21 1987A neat ansi animater.
ANIMTECH.ZIP17814Sep 28 1986Animation Techniques.
ANSI-RIP.ZIP2087Jan 22 1987Remove ANSI control codes from text files.
ANSIED.ZIP66936Jun 3 1990Simple Ansi Editor with full C source code.
ANSILTR2.ZIP4154Oct 23 1988New Font's for TheDraw 3.10 and up.
ANSILTRS.ZIP4154Oct 23 1988Different types of ANSI lettering fonts for use with The Draw.
ANSIOUT.ZIP9187Sep 5 1990Strip Ansi Control Code from Text.
ANSIREM2.ZIP8414Apr 18 1991Remove Ansi Control Codes from files.
ANSISTRP.ZIP3199Aug 31 1992Strip ANSI codes from files. Nice for log files from BBS's.
ANSIVIEW.ZIP36503May 17 1992Ansi and Text file viewer. Supports mouse.
ANSR110.ZIP22129Nov 27 1992ANSR is an ANSI file viewer that can play ANSI music, has wildcard support, has adjustable speed, can do slideshow presentations, and more, all without the need of an ANSI driver.
APNDIT10.ZIP34719Sep 11 1992Append text files to each other. Nice utility.
ARTFNT.ZIP1909Jun 11 1988More fonts for PFS: First Publisher.
ASCIFONT.ZIP55903Oct 27 1990Utility to create/display large ASCII text fonts on screen and save the output in ASCII format.
ASCIIPRN.ZIP18493Aug 20 1987Print ASCII files in page format.
ASCWS.ZIP17199Jun 11 1989Smart ASCII to Wordstar file format conversion -Shareware.
ASKIT.ZIP201304Aug 21 1988ASK-IT - a Free-Text Retrieval System is a research tool used to search for text contained in large text files. Indexed, and very fast.
AUROR120.ZIP414027Feb 10 1994AURORA v1.20! - text editor with windowing, mouse support, virtual memory using XMS/EMS/disk, OO macro language, multi instance file manager, undo/redo, user definable menus, keyboard, and toolbar, text folding, binary edi
AUTHOR.ZIP28969Sep 6 1987A set of writing tools for a writer.
AVS41.ZIP75430May 15 1992Program to turn ascii files into Video-Audio script type files.
A_OUT101.ZIP11537Jul 19 1990Remove Ansi codes from text files.
BAAB.ZIP4071Feb 23 1987Convert binary files to/from text for ascii transmission.
BABBL200.ZIP147749Feb 8 1991Babble! - A toy for people who love words. This program babbles endlessly in an unlimited number of writing styles. It comes with neat text samples like Sha kespeare, Dick and Jane, etc.
BB739.ZIP137133May 11 1988The "ultimate" programmer's editor!.
BBE14.ZIP19015Jun 28 1990BBE is a screen-oriented editor intended for editing batch files and other text files that require no special formatting.
BC.ZIP16780Sep 18 1987Text File comparision program, excellent.
BDEXX200.ZIP298022Jul 21 1992Hyper Text creator, and reader program.
BE400.ZIP340089Oct 23 1994The Bingo Text Editor v4.00 - Bingo is a complete text editing system, featuring XMS/EMS/Disk virtual memory for files larger than memory, a C-like extension language (CHESS), up to 2048-level undo, multi-file, multi
BEDIT.ZIP50149Sep 24 1986Simply, but handy text editor. Many features.
BEDIT2.ZIP57687Oct 9 1989Text editor which optionally uses large characters.
BESIDES.ZIP27480Jun 1 1989Concats 2 files side by side, w/source.
BGREP.ZIP16990Mar 19 1986A direct port of UNIX grep to MS-DOS. It's fast but not fancy.
BIB105.ZIP106838Feb 21 1987Bibliography management database with Turabian IV output.
BINEDIT.ZIP24582May 15 1991A Brief macro for editing binary files in hex mode.
BKILL4TH.ZIP17180Jul 30 1988Removes blanks from a text file,.
BLED22.ZIP76815May 16 1989Batch file text editor. Allows text files to be updated by several different people at a time.
BM111.ZIP124710Aug 22 1990BatMaster v1.11. A text editor that has special features to quickly edit small text files. Mouse + VGA/EGA support.
BOOKE105.ZIP147056Jul 16 1993The Book-E v1.05 from Relative Software. Make stand alone EXE's from plain text files to distribute newsletters, manuals, electronic books, and any desktop publishing material.
BOOKL.ZIP19430Jan 7 1986Two-sided printing for booklets.
BOX.ZIP13445Nov 10 1988TSR box making program for most wp prgms.
BOXDRAW.ZIP1389Jul 5 1986Simple, but very useful TSR box drawing utility.
BOXER700.ZIP357339Mar 24 1995BOXER/DOS Text Editor v7 - Top Rated! "Best Major Application" winner at the 1994 Shareware Industry Awards! Version 7.0 adds 85+ features to what was already a feature packed program. BOXER gets consistently strong
BOXIT010.ZIP23855Jun 24 1993BoxIt! v0.10 - Macro For The Semware Editor.
BPERL2X.ZIP451900Feb 11 1994PERL 4.038 ported to DOS for 386/486 machines or 286 machines with extended memory. PERL is Practical Extraction and Report Language.
BREAKF.ZIP6638Apr 17 1991BREAKFile will break a DOS text files into x number of n line output files. Turbo-C v1.0 source included.
BREAKFIL.ZIP9774Jul 6 1991BREAKFILe will break a text file into multiple files without disk thrashing. QuickC v1.01b source code is included.
BREEZE50.ZIP319387Mar 18 1993Breeze 5.0 - Word Processor/Text Editor. Fully configurable. Menu-driven. Easy to use with multi-menu and window design. Has column and drawing modes. Edit huge files. Spell checker, etc.
BRIEFSLT.ZIP1108Jul 6 1988Tutorial on how to set up Brief to work with Telix SALT scripts.
BROWSE31.ZIP28938Apr 5 1993List and modify files. Also includes a modified version of EDLIN.
BSEDIT10.ZIP53224Nov 10 1992Edit both AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files at once in two separate windows.
BX220.ZIP12432May 16 1990Line and box drawing utility.
CAL11.ZIP4236Apr 9 1993CAL11.ZIP -- Calendar Macro for The SemWare Editor -- Version 1.1 -- Move between Days, Months and Years; 3 calendar sizes/types; and allows for the insertion of a calendar into your current buffer.
CANSI.ZIP32066Feb 12 1991ANSI drawing file - use to make signs, graphs, and display graphics. Easy to use and hassle free.
CASCII.ZIP16985Nov 9 1989General text file converterand manipulator. Move columns, change delimiters, split files, etc.
CASE.ZIP1839Oct 29 1986Converts an ASCII file to all UPPER or lower case.
CASE2.ZIP5270Jun 8 1989Change ASM files from lower case to upper case prior to the semi-colon.
CASEIT10.ZIP11182Oct 3 1990Convert text to all upper or lower case.
CASER.ZIP28159May 15 1991Case Conversion program (upper, lower or mixed) for ASCII text files.
CAWF.ZIP128095Oct 1 1991C Amazing Workable Formatter. An intermediate nroff clone program that run on PCs and has sufficient power to deal with "man" pages. Comes with complete C source code (UNIX and MS DOS compilable) and a MS DOS executable.
CC.ZIP6305Jun 1 1990Convert Case V1.3 will change text files to all upper or lower case, ignoring punctuation.
CC410.ZIP34608Feb 18 1990CopyCon V4.10 - Full screen editor, use instead of 'copy con'. Will not overwrite existing file. Has on-line Batch file HELP feature that gives syntax of Batch Language.
CDIFF.ZIP39862Apr 6 1987Cdiff file comparison utilities.
CHANG301.ZIP56224Jan 8 1993Search and replace for ASCII text files.
CHIWRITR.ZIP90256Jun 4 1986CHIWRITER is a multifont word processor supporting up to 10 fonts and 250 super/subscript levels per line.
CHOP123.ZIP35126Dec 19 1992Chop v1.23: Splits and reassembles large files.
CLEANS12.ZIP6023Jul 15 1990Cleanse 'dirty' text files to make clean ASCII files, new options.
CLEAR2.ZIP17996Jan 1 1980Identifies "bad" words and phrases in your writing and suggests changes.
CMEDIT31.ZIP19432Feb 23 1992Large text file editor and viewer.
COLORIT2.ZIP11594Jul 16 1988Add color to text files...
COLS.ZIP12502Dec 4 1988Creates columns out of single column text file. Very good!.
COMPARE1.ZIP37532May 24 1989Compare BBS File Lists, or any other ASCII files. Has several very nice features to make things easy for you.
COMPF101.ZIP6196Jan 8 1993Very fast (hundreds kB/Sec.) file compare utility. Compares byte-by-byte, in decimal or/and hexadecimal format, has a progress indicator.
COMPTXT.ZIP11994Jul 9 1987Compare two text files line by line.
COMT010D.ZIP35029Jun 18 1992This program is used for turning an .COM format executable into a text file suitable for trasmission over text-only networks such as BITNET or UseNet.
COPYR77.ZIP23577May 24 1991Very good conversion utility. Performs multiple global replacements on multiple input files. With documentation.
COUNTLTR.ZIP4980Dec 12 1988Three files to use to count the number of letters in a given phrase.
CR.ZIP10554Jul 10 1992Puts a carriage return into a text file after every x number of characters. Good for looking at files with no carriage returns in them.
CRITIC.ZIP34890Nov 15 1989Grammar and Style checker for ASCII files. Checks for redundancy, grammar errors, wordiness, and compares against other popular writing styles.
CRLF.ZIP7335May 12 1988Converts text files between format and format.
CROP2.ZIP9945Jun 21 1990CROP will format any text file with page headers, page numbers, and page breaks.
CSE310.ZIP14991Jan 8 1991Colorado State Editor version 3.10. A small full-screen editor replacement for DOS's EDLIN. Not a word processor but handy.
CSMP.ZIP157270Oct 15 1988SEE is a simple text oriented word processor, designed to be easy to learn. It simply prints EXACTLY what you type.
CTDESK73.ZIP81014Mar 12 1989Newest ver Desktop publisher, works with dot matrix printers, multi-col.
CUTZIT.ZIP88413Mar 31 1989File Utility that can cut a file up to what size pieces you want in bits or lines. You can reassemble them together side by side.
D2TEXT.ZIP7996Jun 29 1989Change numbers to written text in Word Perfect 5.0.
DART2A.ZIP161061Mar 1 1993Hypertext file viewer, supports networks.
DEDIT131.ZIP74975Aug 28 1992DEDIT: Great text editor. Supports multiple file windows w/cut and paste between files. Has mouse support.
DELLINE.ZIP5001Apr 8 1991Small program with C source to delete a specific number of lines from the begining of a file and write the rest out to "output.dat".
DEM120E1.ZIP289967Dec 13 1991Real GNU Emacs for DOS. Requires 386/486 machine. The original distribution has been broken up. This file contains Texinfo files. None of these 3 has the sources. This is file 1 of 3.
DEM120E2.ZIP400650Dec 12 1991GNU Emacs for DOS. This file contains the binaries. Part 2 of 3.
DEM120E3.ZIP302140Mar 16 1993GNU Emacs for DOS. This file contains LISP and Misc. Part 3 of 3.
DETAB.ZIP4180Jan 23 1987Replace tabs with spaces in any file.
DETAB1.ZIP8671Apr 7 1991Replace tabs in text files with spaces. With ANSI C source code.
DIRTY.ZIP10633Feb 23 1987Converts ASCII files to wordstar format.
DO33.ZIP30133Aug 27 1990Utility for modifying ASCII text files. Similiar to AWK.
DOCCON.ZIP123391Feb 5 1989Document Control is designed create a simple yet effective environment for keeping large quantities of paper documents in an organized manner.
DOCLEN.ZIP6078Feb 23 1987Lets you know how many lines and pages are in a file. Great for printing.
DRC20.ZIP92209Aug 16 1992David's Readme Compiler. Create menu'd EXE files from ascii text source. Nice for online help system.
DROFF101.ZIP20453Jan 3 1991De-roff formatted text files (roff) v1.01. Very easy to use.
DRS11.ZIP31615Oct 15 1990Document Review System - Index documents, view them and cut/paste text.
DUALLIST.ZIP14716Jun 28 1988This program displays two files simultaneously on the screen.
DUBLTK16.ZIP80018May 15 1991DoubleTake is an extremely powerful, side by side file-compare program to locate differences in any files, particularly in source code programs.
DUMP2.ZIP17387Mar 31 1990Dump 2 files at the same time, one above the other. C source included.
E14-EDIT.ZIP40623Dec 15 1991A fast,small, free editor written in assembly. Includes source (TASM).
E4DV200.ZIP104785Jun 16 1993E4 is a powerful multi-file text editor with outlining, macros, SVGA support, and in-editor compilation and error tracking.
E88-422.ZIP55964Feb 20 1988An excellent programmer's editor.
EB2.ZIP63037Aug 8 1994EB, the Electronic Book, is a DOS based hypertext engine that allows you to write your own hypertext documents with any ascii editor.
EDED.ZIP20936Sep 17 1985Fast fully featured DOS text editor.
EDIBM.ZIP47243Apr 18 1986Excellent text editor. I use it every day.
EDIT.ZIP14652Apr 10 1987PC version of VAX edit.
EDIT50.ZIP84738Apr 2 1993Edit.EXE text editor v5.0 - only requires 256k.
EDWIN15C.ZIP82360Feb 10 1987Excellent Program Editor (Windows, WordStar Commands, Auto-Indent, etc.).
ED_IT3.ZIP8841Dec 31 1992A very small, fast public domain editor with good features.
EEDIT4.ZIP21968Aug 29 1989The Easiest EDITor is a general purpose full screen ASCII text editor.
EEV530.ZIP72342Nov 20 1990EE Version 5.3. A programmer's editor that has many handy features.
EF11.ZIP100685Jan 11 1993Easy Fold 1.1 Programmer's Folding Text Editor from England; shareware.
ELVIB184.ZIP228625Oct 22 1994MS-DOS binary of Elvis 1.8.4, the text editor. Steve Kirkendall's famous clone of the Unix vi/ex editors. FREEWARE.
EMACS16A.ZIP178736Mar 29 1990Emacs editor for DOS version 1.6.
EMACSCMD.ZIP20246Feb 18 1988MicroEMACS Command Files for the MicroEMACS Program Editor.
EMACSIBM.ZIP46750May 28 1988MicroEMACS Program Editor, Version 3.9n.
EMEDIT15.ZIP64446May 24 1988Programmers ASCII text editor. Uses WordStar-like commands..
ENVLOP21.ZIP17256Jun 8 1986Envelope addresser w/db.
EPLUS254.ZIP106625Sep 11 1993EPLUS v2.53 - from VBARNET Software. Full-Featured Editor PLUS, Mouse Settings, Clipboard, Calculator, Puzzle, Ascii Table, and Calendar.
EW101.ZIP153200Jan 27 1990A full featured WYSIWYG ASCII word processor from EagleWare. Printer support, multiple files/windows, formatting, etc. This version corrects minor printing problem.
EXER10.ZIP2122Apr 18 1987WP 4.2 macros for lawyers.
EXPRESS.ZIP138563Mar 16 1989A Critique Utility for Grammar, Punctuation, and Style Checking.
EXT2.ZIP12779Aug 16 1993DOS textfile string search utility. Version 2.0 new features, bug fix.
EZEDIT12.ZIP9004Feb 2 1991EZEDIT 1.2 is a line-oriented full-screen text editor designed for editing program source code, batch files, e-mail notes, etc.
EZREAD23.ZIP32537Dec 22 1992Powerful text file read/search/print utility for DOS & UNIX text files. Works like TYPE + adjustable speed, PgUp, PgDn, pause. Searches for text. Prints on printer. Lets you create a bookmark, or shell to DOS. EGA/VGA col
EZSPEL14.ZIP49718Apr 25 1989EZSpell - An easy to use spelling checker. Can add to dictionary.
FARVIEW.ZIP222176Dec 3 1991Hypertext package for DOS machines. Supports MDA, Herc, CGA, EGA, VGA. Requires harddrive. Mouse strongly recommended. Includes browser and editor. Supports flexible links, can link to your ascii files without harm.
FC22.ZIP66392Jun 5 1990FC compares two text files and lists the differences between them line by line.
FCOMP12.ZIP18884May 9 1988Compare two files at the hex/ASCII level.
FE.ZIP62892May 31 1991Fred's Editor -- Excellent windowing text editor. Works almost identically to new Borland products (Borland C++, Turbo Pascal, etc.). Includes ASCII table, calculator, etc.
FFU10.ZIP83788Jun 26 1994FILE FORMAT UTILITIES v1.0 - Seven programs which prepare text files for "word wrap" programs. FixEOLs converts lines to end in CR/LF. Untab expands TAB characters to spaces. Others insert blank lines or replace text. Reg.
FGRAB10.ZIP16895Feb 17 1990FGRAB is a text file viewer program with a hook into it. It will let you browse through a file and gather individual lines of text into a second text file.
FILELIST.ZIP1693Dec 10 1988Great Sprint script that displays information about all your open files.
FINDAND.ZIP7011May 28 1991Utility which searches text files for strings (also using logical AND). Works from command line. Fast. Great for searching through ALLFILES.LST off-line (works just like WhereIs).
FINDPLUS.ZIP8531Apr 19 1991A better FIND filter than DOS's. Allows column searches, AND's, OR's, XOR's.
FINDWRAP.ZIP35907Feb 15 1994Finds a line in a text file containing 1 or 2 strings and writes the line to the output file in a wrapped to 77 chacter form, for use with Programer's Corner file list and LIST.EXE reader, with .bas source code and .bat ex
FIXFORM.ZIP6150May 26 1992FIXFORM takes a comma-delimited input file and produces a fixed-format ascii file.
FLEX102D.ZIP131222Aug 6 1992Flex is a fast, powerful editor. Handles up to 10 files in 10 windows. EGA/VGA support, configurable colors, macros. Tutorial included.
FLIPLINE.ZIP6129Jun 7 1988Flips left to right lines of Hebrew.
FMAC16AS.ZIP95376Mar 29 1990FREEMACS - File 2 of 6.
FMACS16A.ZIP178736Mar 29 1990FREEMACS - PC version of UNIX EMACS, with complete ASM Source File 1 of 6.
FMACSEGA.ZIP5092Mar 8 1990FREEMACS - File 3 of 6.
FMACSFIX.ZIP13813Apr 15 1990FREEMACS - File 6 of 6.
FMACSPEL.ZIP51426Mar 8 1990FREEMACS - File 4 of 6.
FMACSTAG.ZIP27093Mar 8 1990FREEMACS - File 5 of 6.
FOGFIND2.ZIP28558Jan 16 1990Fog Find determines the reading level of any text file. This will allow you to tailor a paper to the audience intended.
FONTASTK.ZIP123161Mar 2 1989Great program to create, edit, and print fonts on a dot matrix printer.
FONTMAN.ZIP79866Dec 4 1987Soft font manager/wp.
FORM.ZIP58082Aug 17 2006Forms drawing program.
FRED.ZIP27855Oct 15 1984Simple, but FREE, full-screen text editor. Has most of the basic features needed in a simple text editor.
FREPRESS.ZIP332855Jun 13 1988Desk top publishing program.
FRK12.ZIP7891Jul 6 1992Text Freaker transforms ordinary text into Ÿrˆàky çˆxç. It can change letters to wˆ‹rë characters, reverse lines, or do both.
FSTRM311.ZIP116531Feb 24 1988Full Scrn Edit Comm Prog. W/Mouse support.
FXND13.ZIP68455Jan 5 1991Repair files with non-standard line terminations - CR/LF, CR only, or LF only.
GAL2TO3.ZIP6815Jun 1 1990Convert Galaxy Version 2 files to Version 3.
GALFOLDR.ZIP51546Feb 22 1990A front-end descriptive filing system for Galaxy Word Processor.
GALXY3.ZIP305231Jun 1 1990Galaxy Word Processor V3.0. Very easy to learn and use, yet has full power features like multi-window, mouse support, style sheets, proportional spacing, microjustification, headers, footers, virtual memory, etc.
GBROWS11.ZIP106018Nov 13 1993Graphical Browser 1.1 - GUI text file browser.
GE15.ZIP171770Apr 30 1991Gedit v1.50. GEdit contains four special purpose editors - a text file editor, a stream editor, a hex editor, and a dBASE file editor.
GFR100.ZIP14492Feb 26 1992GFR v1.00: global find & replace utility for programmers, designed to help you rename variables after a coding session - so you can either use short names during coding & expand them later, or so you can standardize the ca
GLITE17.ZIP266661Jul 4 1991Galaxy "Lite" from the folks who bring you Galaxy 3. Extremely simple and simplistic WordStar Clone for the occassional user or young student. Registration gives you a larger dictionary for spell checking.
GMK3.ZIP445489Sep 29 1993Grammatik - Shareware version of the famous Grammatical Checking Program which checks almost any format word processor file for grammatical errors.
GPS.ZIP27815Oct 11 1987Generic Multi-Document Law Practice System.
GREP15.ZIP143033May 7 1990DOS and OS/2 GREP and EGREP utilities with full C source code.
GSR154.ZIP142133Jan 29 1992(G)lobal (S)earch and (R)eplace utility for text files. Works with single words or phrases and with blocks of texts. Good for maintaining code.
GTU15.ZIP26531Sep 3 1991GTU (GMUtant Text Utilities) offers 20 different filter operations for ASCII files. Sort lines, add soundex codes, trim margins (with word wrap), count words, character frequency, reverse order of lines, and more.
GUDLUK41.ZIP55182Mar 23 1987File comparison via windows.
H-KEY.ZIP28781Apr 30 1986Word processor for the handicapped.
HEBED.ZIP138985Jan 5 1993Hebrew Edit v1.0 - Hebrew text editor that supports Hebrew vowels (Nikud), script and block letters. Prints beautiful large characters on LaserJet and Dot Matrix printers.
HEBKOVL.ZIP36242Jan 5 1993Hebrew keyboard overlay for HEBED.ZIP.
HHV20.ZIP113679Nov 23 1990Interesting HyperText system. Plenty of examples, and allows you to create your own Hypertext systems.
HM31.ZIP53390Jun 25 1992Help Master 3.1. Hypertext help package.
HP22D1.ZIP295398May 22 1991HyperPAD is _the_ hypermedia platform for character mode DOS. HyperPAD is a fast and flexible object-oriented development tool featuring visual programming and a full-featured, English-like object script language -- PadTal
HP22D2.ZIP297993May 20 1991HyperPAD hypermedia platform for character mode DOS. Part 2 of 5.
HP22D3.ZIP328247Mar 16 1993HyperPAD hypermedia platform for character mode DOS. Part 3 of 5.
HP22D4.ZIP299515Mar 16 1993HyperPAD hypermedia platform for character mode DOS. Part 4 of 5.
HP22D5.ZIP195353Mar 16 1993HyperPAD hypermedia platform for character mode DOS. Part 5 of 5.
HSHELL1.ZIP350069May 2 1991Hypershell Version Number 4 - File 1 of 3.
HSHELL2.ZIP355570May 2 1991Hypershell Version Number 4 - File 2 - 3.
HSHELL3.ZIP194584May 5 1991Hypershell Version Number 4 - File 3 of 3.
HSPEC201.ZIP29425Apr 22 1992Easy way to insert extended ASCII characters into your text. Use as a TSR.
HTEX071.ZIP215796Dec 22 1992HyperTEX is designed to allow you to create, edit, and read hypertext documents.
HYHLP30A.ZIP97200Aug 15 1991Hypertext help system, similar to that used by Borland, let's you make hypertext help screens for your programs. Royalty-free distribution if you register. Part 1 of 2.
HYHLP30B.ZIP114680Aug 7 1991Hypertext Help System that lets you make hypertext help screens for your programs. Part 2 of 2.
HYPE11.ZIP29047Jun 16 1988Simple hypertext for IBM, with PAS source from AI expert.
HYPE14.ZIP140920Mar 16 1990Hype is a program that allows you to create HyperText files on the PC without a lot of fuss and bother.
HYPELNK.ZIP54171Mar 22 1989An interesting HyperText program that creates semantic maps.
HYPERH.ZIP60030Feb 21 1989Hypertext compiler & browser, use ascii files to create hypertext apps.
HYPERINK.ZIP97376Oct 3 1989HyperText type program. Create your own Books, very interesting.
HYPERREZ.ZIP82684Jan 25 1989HyperText for PC by MaxThink's Larson.
HYPLUS.ZIP140447Feb 6 1991Newer HyperText Program for PC by MaxThink's Larson. Non-TSR.
IBMCSE.ZIP16192Feb 18 1988PC programmers' editor- pretty good - windows etc.
ICHI.ZIP68801Jan 18 1989Another decent text editor.
INAWORD.ZIP5050Dec 7 1987Convert ASCII text file to MS-WORD file.
INTEXT1.ZIP81960May 1 1990Various language fonts for use with Intext Word Processor.
INTEXT2.ZIP160085Jul 1 1990Word processor which prints in many foreign languages. Main Program.
INTXARAB.ZIP164342Jul 1 1990Arabic for INTEXT multilingual Word Processor.
INTXHBRW.ZIP6072Jul 1 1990Hebrew files to operate with the INTEXT multilingual Word Processor.
J414DOC.ZIP83570Oct 17 1989Docs for JOVE Version 4.14.
J414EXE.ZIP96459Nov 2 1989Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs Version 4.14.
JCOUNT.ZIP10271Jun 17 1993Count the number of lines in a file. Mostly aimed at programmers and source code.
JORJA11.ZIP708021May 31 1993The Phonetic "Pop-Up" easy to use Dictionary. 60000 words.
JSPELL10.ZIP177443May 28 1993A freeware Spell checker.
JTTMACS.ZIP31907Jul 24 1991Another Programmer's Text editor. Two highlight regions, file wildcards, 255 files open at once, etc. Beta release.
KAMAS25.ZIP115371Feb 23 1991KAMAS v2.5 text/outline processor.
KEDIT.ZIP80384Aug 15 1989Kepco Edit V2.0. Programmer's editor that provides multiple file editing, online help, macros, etc.
KLEE.ZIP19728Jan 8 1986Word Processing Utilities.
KNOWPRO1.ZIP85350Jan 20 1988Knowledge Professional Hypertext W.P. 1 of 3.
KNOWPRO2.ZIP78515Jan 20 1988Knowledge Professional Hypertext W.P. 2 of 3.
KNOWPRO3.ZIP55773Jan 22 1988Knowledge Professioanl Hypertext W.P. 3 of 3.
KOLOR20.ZIP4364Oct 13 1988Add pastel collors to THEDRAW31.
KT10.ZIP13850Sep 22 1988WP 5.0 Keyboard Trans. to file.
KWS144.ZIP29282Sep 1 1994Search for keywords within text & binary files. Grep, boolean, prefix, suffix, whole word, case-sensitive & fuzzy searches, onscreen highlighting, line numbers, totals, @filelists, subdirectory scans, more.
LABELS21.ZIP24809Sep 9 1986Create mailing labels quickly and interactively.
LETRHEAR.ZIP18814May 21 1986Design your own letter head.
LIST105.ZIP13174Apr 26 1993NOT Buerg's lister, another that replaces DOS TYPE.
LOG13.ZIP6393Aug 18 1987Date/time stamped notes V1.3 PC-Write format.
LOOK_V12.ZIP31893Dec 28 1991LOOK - A text file viewing utility - Version 1.2.
LOTOFNTS.ZIP48913Mar 12 1988Fonts for First Publisher.
LOWER.ZIP8396May 4 1990Converts all text in specified file to lower case.
LUMP.ZIP1832Jul 20 1987Lump files together. Unlump, too. Includes complete C source code.
LW20.ZIP37505Sep 19 1985Mailing program.
MACMEN.ZIP4863May 12 1988Word Perfect 5.0 Macros Menu.
MACRO22.ZIP13801Jul 19 1990MacroMaker Version 2.2 for QEdit.
MACRODOC.ZIP20309Sep 19 1988Good info re writing Word Perfect Macros.
MACROS50.ZIP29397Mar 2 1989WP 5.0 Macro tutorial.
MACTUT.ZIP23092Dec 19 1988WordPerfect macros tutorial.
MAGIC15A.ZIP133549Nov 2 1989Black Magic Hypertext authoring system v.15 [1/3].
MAGIC15B.ZIP180723Nov 2 1989Black Magic Hypertext authoring tool v.15 [2/3].
MAGIC15C.ZIP199287Nov 2 1989Black Magic Hypertext authroing tool v.15 [3/3].
MAKERE.ZIP2016May 1 1987Strip Hi Bits from Word Star files.
MANPREP2.ZIP10184Dec 14 1987Program takes doc files that are formatted for the printer and removes formfeeds and extraneous line feeds for easier on-line file viewing. C source included.
MARG28.ZIP18981Dec 20 1991Reset margins of ASCII files. This program offers a lot of flexibility.
MARGIN3.ZIP30986Jul 9 1989MarginText will reformat an ASCII text file to any width between 20 to 80 characters. All blank lines will be deleted and paragraphs will be indented three spaces automatically.
MATHTEXT.ZIP120336Jan 6 1987Word Procesor that allows for scientific math notations.
ME300B.ZIP161009Sep 1 1988Multiedit 3.00b-probably the best full bore editor.
ME310.ZIP139504Dec 22 1989MicroEmacs 3.10 for DOS. Unix style editor.
MED.ZIP18410Aug 17 1989Modified version of PC Mag's Tiny EDitor (TED).
MEDIT.ZIP36596Apr 28 1993Medit is a full-screen text editor. Includes full C source code.
MINDRD21.ZIP170259Mar 25 1988MindReader Word Processor Ver 2.01. This word processor tries to complete a word as you type it. This can speed typing greatly.
MLABEL24.ZIP49853Jan 29 1988Mailing label generator with multiple fonts and formats.
MLS130.ZIP19726Jul 13 1990Excellent BBS file/keyword Search Program.
MMERGE.ZIP11593Jun 18 1990Mail Merger is a simple utility to handle multiple file concatenation.
MOKE1.ZIP216283Apr 1 1990Part 1 of an excellent Japanese text processor.
MOKE2.ZIP264697Apr 1 1990Part 2 of an excellent Japanese text processor.
MOKE3.ZIP245497Mar 25 1990Part 3 of an excellent Japanese text processor.
MOKE_REV.ZIP38434Apr 9 1990Enhancement for Moke Japanese text processor.
MREV.ZIP67496Jan 31 1988MREV's main function is to compare two standard ASCII format text files, (one assumed to be the original text, the other a revision of that text) and output a third text file that is based on the revisions that were made.
MRFILT31.ZIP23800Apr 29 1991Text file filter - remove control characters, EOF marks, high order bits, etc.
MSWFOLDR.ZIP51539Feb 12 1990A front-end file system for Microsoft Word. Isolates office workers from DOS, allows for long filenames, and other file enhancements.
MULTI1.ZIP821641May 13 1992Multimedia authoring package that can be used for presentations or tutorials.
MUNICH.ZIP7683Jan 20 1988First Publisher Munich font. Very fancy capital letters, simpler lower c.
MUSE1.ZIP94667Mar 12 1987Get control over manuscript circulation pt1. vg.
MUSE2.ZIP114323Feb 1 1987Get control over manuscript circulation pt2 of 3.
MUSE3.ZIP54031Dec 8 1987Get control over manuscript circulation pt3 of 3.
MUTATE11.ZIP30050Apr 6 1991Excellent binary/text file search and replace utility.
MV_LINE.ZIP8164Jan 4 1986Move line(s) between ASCII files.
MYED.ZIP57521Oct 8 1987Pop-Up Text Editor. Uses EMS if you have it. Basic source included.
NANOED12.ZIP9082Jun 23 1991Nano Edit 1.2 is a down and dirty text editor.
NCU_EDIT.ZIP19755Dec 6 1992A very small multi-featured editor in ASM with source from Korea.
NE15.ZIP94492Mar 25 1993Freeware text editor based on the Borland IDE.
NENOSTOP.ZIP1058May 6 1988Remove 'press any key' from beginning of Norton Editor.
NGPERL10.ZIP163228Sep 13 1993This is a Norton Guides database for PERL 4.19.
NJJ1.ZIP288469May 10 1992NJStar(tm) - A Japanese Word Processor Version 2.1j. Part 1 of 2.
NJJ2.ZIP280118May 10 1992NJStar(tm) - A Japanese Word Processor Version 2.1j. Part 2 of 2.
NOTEPAD4.ZIP14406Dec 18 1985PopUp notepad for anytime use.
NYWORD23.ZIP188243Mar 2 1989NY Word Ver. 2.3 - Word Processor.
OEDLIN.ZIP38113Jul 18 1990Simple text editor, nice for BATch files, includes line drawing.
OUT22.ZIP81033Jan 24 1993This is a program that allows you to create and maipulate outlines.
OUTLIN20.ZIP110348Jan 29 1991Outline editor. Also can create stuctured text files.
P-NOTE.ZIP9052Sep 26 1988WP50 note pad macro (doc is the wp text file).
PAGE1-2.ZIP93643Jun 30 1986Simple desktop publisher [2/2].
PAGE21.ZIP2420Jul 7 1990QEdit Macros to paginate and number pages, Version 2.1.
PAGEBRK2.ZIP12452Sep 19 1987Adds page breaks and page numbers to ASCII files.
PAGEONE.ZIP109582Jun 30 1986Word/desktop Publishing Program.
PAGEONE1.ZIP16106Jun 30 1986Pageone, simple desktop publisher [1/2].
PAGINATE.ZIP6805Jan 20 1988Add form feed to DOC files every 60 lines.
PAR.ZIP70602Jun 1 1992Pars-O-Matic. Script-based parsing utility. Great for converting report data.
PAR233.ZIP117813Jan 25 1994Parse-o-matic 2.33. Text parsing utility. Convert among various user-specified file and report formats. Convert reports into files which you can import into spreadsheets or databases.
PBPICS2.ZIP23550Feb 25 1987More clipart for PC PaintBrush.
PC-INDEX.ZIP69584May 31 1989Create Indexes Like Those Found In Books, excellent!.
PC-STYLE.ZIP82361Mar 19 1987Button's test analyzer - grade level, complexity, etc.
PC-TYPE.ZIP26928Dec 26 1984Typing Tutor.
PCBRWSE1.ZIP126997Oct 11 1989PC-Browse (1 of 2). TSR file viewing with many extra features. Looks like another nice program from the authors of PC-Write..
PCBRWSE2.ZIP68639Sep 29 1989Part (2 of 2) PC-Browse (includes some hypertext capabilities).
PCFOLDED.ZIP59774Jun 3 1989A folding text editor.
PCO334.ZIP107499Sep 29 1988PC Outline.
PCODE153.ZIP172274Jun 14 1984PC-CODE will encode and decode text files for security.
PCOWP20.ZIP27080Sep 13 1988Convert PC-Outline to Word Perfect.
PCRNSRCH.ZIP10624Jul 19 1993Utility to search programmer's corner allfiles.txt list for a string.
PCSCRIPT.ZIP69429Aug 25 1986University of Waterloo Script implementation Main Frame compat.
PCWA401A.ZIP302656Nov 16 1992PC-Write Advanced Level 4.01a; new from QuickSoft. Adds pull-down menus, customizer program, mouse support, more to PC-Write 3.0; adds advanced document featur es to PC-Write Std Lvl 2.0. File 1 of 4.
PCWA401B.ZIP167311Nov 16 1992Pcwrite advanced word processor, v 4.01, disk 2.
PCWA401C.ZIP147716Nov 16 1992Pcwrite advanced word processor, v 4.01, disk 3.
PCWA401D.ZIP301199Nov 16 1992Pcwrite advanced word processor, v 4.01, disk 4.
PCWCARD.ZIP1427Nov 15 1986Help card for use with PcWrite Word Processor.
PCWFOLDR.ZIP64474Feb 5 1990A front-end descriptive filing system for PC-Write.
PCWL103A.ZIP128420Apr 16 1991PC-Write Lite Version 1.03. Part 1 of 2. This is PC-Write minus some bells & whistles (no proportional spacing, no mail merge, etc).
PCWL103B.ZIP200006Apr 15 1991PC-Write Lite Version 1.03. Part 2 of 2. This is PC-Write minus some bells & whistles (no proportional spacing, no mail merge, etc).
PCWMACRO.ZIP168722Jun 22 1989Over 1,000(!) macros to make PC-Write 3.0+ easier to use!.
PCWRITEX.ZIP217128Apr 6 1989PC-Write handy utilities, DCA conversion, Font Selector, Macros and the Pagemaker filter.
PCWRT202.ZIP845067Mar 15 1992PC-Write by Quicksoft, standard version 2.02. Newest version of this popular shareware word processing program. Complete reference manual provided only with registration but there is online help.
PDSRT321.ZIP40465Sep 7 1991File sorting utiltiy that handles files larger than available memory, full C source code included.
PE-28.ZIP29208Aug 26 1989Pic-Edit is a mouse only driven ANSI editor.
PED101.ZIP138085Jul 26 1989pEditor is a fast, easy to use, programmer's editor.
PED30.ZIP35293Jul 31 1990Small and fast personal editor - full screen, with many nice features. Useful for small programs, etc.
PEDIT210.ZIP130846Jul 1 1991PEDIT v2.10. A Full featured split-screen editor now handles up to 6 files at one time. Supports all the usual editing functions plus block indent.
PERL_FAQ.ZIP20167Jan 8 1992Frequently asked questions about the PERL programming language.
PHRASE24.ZIP30973Feb 14 1989Phrase Watcher finds all sentences in a document containing bad or wordy phrases.
PMAKE.ZIP10867Apr 19 1987Create printer definitions for Word Perfect.
POPPERF.ZIP74479Jan 30 1988Popup menu for Word Perfect 4.2.
POPSEDIT.ZIP19178Nov 2 1989Two column script editor for TV, Radio, Plays, etc.
PP_1.ZIP143666Jan 23 1989Pen Pal word processor. Ver 1.1.
PREFIX.ZIP3547Aug 6 1988Filter to add prefix to lines in file.
PREVIEW.ZIP14835Feb 10 1987Lets you preview the way documents will look before printing them. w/pas.
PRINTX-1.ZIP19760Jul 15 1988Document Formatting and Printing Tool.
PROCRIB.ZIP126821Mar 4 1989Professional Scribe, Your Writting Assistant from Pro Formance.
PROSCRIB.ZIP126821Mar 4 1989Grammar Analysis Package.
PSCRIB30.ZIP126820Oct 13 1988Analyze your writing style as you write. Computes a running difficulty level, and points out possible writing errors.
PT10.ZIP57770Apr 11 1990Phone Text 1.0. Makes all possible words from any phone number.
PT20PC.ZIP269384Feb 23 1991POINT, mouse required text editor, multiple windows, multiple files includes 'C' source code free.
PT20TXT.ZIP86611May 15 1991POINT, multiple window, multiple file text editor users documentation.
PTRHELP.ZIP58043Jun 9 1988Help file for ptr prog in WP50.
PTRREF.ZIP91233Mar 2 1989Word Perfect 5.0 utility. Use the PTR program to manipulate .ALL files.
PV-VI109.ZIP20634Feb 18 1989Small, fast UNIX like editor version 1.9a.
PVILE356.ZIP297935Jul 30 1993VILE is a vi clone built over the uemacs engine, split window editing, multiple buffers, etc. This MS-DOS version requires i386 or better processor.
Q204BOX.ZIP2730May 1 1988Boxes for QEDIT 2.04.
QASCII.ZIP8120Aug 28 1989ASCII chart from within Qedit V2.08.
QC20.ZIP13073Oct 13 1988ASCII to ANSI converter with editor.
QCOLOR20.ZIP38656Apr 7 1989Quick way to change QEDIT colors (V. 2.07+).
QCOMP101.ZIP9320Jul 9 1988Exec Compiles/ASMs from QEDIT 2.06+; v1.01.
QCP208.ZIP52760Nov 17 1989A program to ease invocation of compilers and other software tools from a function key in QEdit version 2.+.
QE-MEMO.ZIP1664Nov 9 1989QEDIT Macro that will create handy business memos.
QED100.ZIP10069Jan 24 1994Simple and small text editor. Has box drawing capabilities.
QED21WP.ZIP5824Mar 12 1990Key stroke definition file for Qedit that emulates WordPerfect.
QEDATER.ZIP1615Nov 12 1991Places dates on Qedit pages.
QEDIT-WP.ZIP4231Apr 18 1988Set up QEDIT to mimic Wordperfect command set.
QEDIT215.ZIP124257Sep 4 1991Latest version of the excellent shareware editor Qedit. This is in my humble opinion the BEST editor around. And for only $45, it is a bargain. Make sure you download it, and give it a try.
QEDITW.ZIP2965Aug 11 1989Qedit key & help files like WordPerfect.
QEDITWP.ZIP3029Sep 3 1990Very extensive key-mapping and help screen for Qedit to use WordPerfect-like commands. F3 for help, F12 for block, etc.
QEDMACS1.ZIP21460Sep 22 1988Nice Macro Package for Qedit v2.06.
QEXTRA.ZIP60463Sep 9 1988Enhancements for QEDIT, adds valuable features.
QHELP11.ZIP28823Mar 1 1991Version 1.1 of QQ.EXE shell for QEdit. New features include printer control. Hex and decimal color codes and an expanded help area.
QHELP135.ZIP8122Mar 26 1987Resident help for qedit.
QHELPNEW.ZIP989Jul 14 1988Enhanced Qedit help file sorted by function.
QHLPQ215.ZIP111512Jan 1 1992Hyper-text help for QEdit Version 2.15.
QM2.ZIP7981Nov 17 1989QM is an Expert Mouse Menu to be used with Sammy Mitchell's excellent programming editor called QEDIT.
QMAC215.ZIP38844Sep 4 1991A macro translator for Qedit Version 2.x from SemWare. It will convert a Macro binary file to text, and vice-versa.
QMAKE.ZIP7552Jul 2 1988MAKE utility for use from within QEDIT.
QNG21.ZIP43984Feb 28 1990This is a Norton Guides database file for QEdit version 2.x. It contains mostly information concerning QEdit's macro language, for use when working with keyboard definition files and macros in QEdit.
QPATCH.ZIP39418Oct 8 1992Modify QEdit parameters from a text file.
QQHELP.ZIP17414Jan 7 1990A simple TSR help file for Qedit. Pop-up ASCII chart included.
QREF.ZIP5561Oct 4 1992BRIEF 3.0 macro. Pop-up a menu of function calls.
QUICKQ.ZIP30981Mar 14 1990Useful front end for QEdit. Remembers the last file(s) that were edited.
QWCOMP.ZIP9218Jun 13 1988Works with Qedit 2.o6 and any compliler.
QWPHELP.ZIP13779Dec 10 1987Pop-up help for Word Perfect 4.2.
QWS1_01.ZIP4633Apr 6 1988Configure Qedit to be WordStar compatible.
RAP13.ZIP19000Jun 26 1994RAP v1.3 shareware "word wrap" utility program used to reformat text files of specific line widths without splitting up words across lines. Useful for removing line breaks within paragraphs for importing to word processor
READ.ZIP144351Jul 11 1990A very interesting Grammar checker. Includes some new and potentially radical features.
READER13.ZIP8804Oct 25 1992Add header to an ASCII text file to make it a scrollable self-displaying file.
READER21.ZIP61386Jul 4 1991Advantage Hypertext file reader.
READIT23.ZIP7854Jul 13 1991READIT is a general-purpose program for reading, browsing or searching ASCII text files.
REFORM10.ZIP12939Jul 23 1990Reformat line length of an ASCII text file.
REPL12.ZIP10123Aug 24 1990Exchanges a string with another string in any text file.
REVTAB2.ZIP9238Apr 10 1990A modification to be used to replace revtab file in Moke 1.
RGB215.ZIP126331Sep 10 1987RGB^TechWriter is a word processor specifically designed to make technical typing involving complex symbolic expressions fast, easy, and accurate.
RING11.ZIP18478Jul 2 1991Qedit macros that add a picklist to Qedit's ring file manager.
RMCOL.ZIP3053Aug 6 1988Filter Columns from ASCII Files.
RPSRT102.ZIP89420Dec 15 1992Fast Sort routine + ASM source.
RTFSPEC.ZIP36832Jul 30 1993RTF file describing the RTF specification, from the Internet.
RTRIM20.ZIP37710Jul 15 1990Remove blanks and nulls from right side of ASCII files.
RUSS.ZIP45397Oct 30 1988A Russian Word Processor. Takes advantage of EGA/VGA.
RW10.ZIP46032Apr 19 1989Random Word and Name Generator 1.0. Useful for fantasy/sci-fi writers.
SAMSORT.ZIP12387Jul 20 1990SSORT will sort any size text file no matter how much RAM your machine has. It will sort on custom alphabets and line length too. It is freeware.
SBREAK3.ZIP24864May 5 1988Split files by line #, byte count, or pattern marker.
SBW110.ZIP63402Sep 4 1989Soap Box Writer is a small and easy to use Word Processor, but has many of the features of a larger word processor.
SCREEN.ZIP43019Aug 20 1985Screen Editor.
SEARCHIN.ZIP29356Jan 26 1989SearchIn is a powerful utility that allows you to search through files for text you need to find. It is menu-driven and can use a mouse if you have one.
SED.ZIP23628Nov 26 1987Source for MS-DOS version of Unix utility, "Stream editor". Give commands to act on a text file processed as a stream.
SEDIT.ZIP31815Aug 23 1991Screen Animation Program. Create individual screens by drawing pictures and and text. Screens then appear in order you create using various special effects or "wipes".
SEDIT100.ZIP307116Mar 11 1993SEDIT v1.00 Text editor with spelling check. Perfect for use with an offline mail reader. Includes: 4 resizeable windows, online help, 50,000 word spelling dictionary, autoindent, redefineable keys, search & replace, macro
SEDT4DOS.ZIP210393Sep 6 1990SEDT is a screen editor written with the goal of providing a common editor across a wide range of operating systems. For ease-of-use Sedt is programmed with a keyboard layout similar to EDT.
SEE.ZIP6742Oct 20 1991DOS TYPE Alternative.
SEE130A.ZIP33328Mar 3 1992An excellent (and free) file viewer.
SEE301.ZIP27471Aug 8 1993SEE v3.01 -- SEE lists files of any size in hex or text format. Pull-down menus make SEE easy to use. Fully configurable.
SEEKEZ.ZIP55809Jan 23 1992Text file searching program that uses "fuzzy- matching" logic for searching.
SG3.ZIP40164May 13 1985Very Good ANSI Editor.
SHERL260.ZIP103469Jul 4 1991SherLock v2.60 2-window double file comparator and browser.
SHIFTTXT.ZIP11004Mar 29 1991Utility to shift text files n spaces within specified left and right bounds. C source code included. Excellent example of using pointers to traverse and manipulate string arrays.
SHOFKEYS.ZIP16375Dec 5 1987Shows function keys in WordPerfect 5.0.
SHOWPRDF.ZIP11973Dec 4 1991Reads a PC-Write printer definition file and outputs the font selection code information to StdOut in ASCII format. Mostly intended for working with LaserJet control codes. C source included. Uploaded by author.
SIGNWR42.ZIP287478Nov 17 1993Sign language word processor.
SIMDOC20.ZIP113378Jul 12 1993Simply Docs 2.0. Great utility to compile text files into an EXE format. Compiled files may be installed as a TSR and include a built in viewer with search functions.
SIMHLP10.ZIP306622May 30 1991A hypertext system for creating documents, on-line manuals, etc.
SIMHLP1B.ZIP297699Mar 10 1992Simply Help! 1.05 : Create text-based hypertext help systems. Stand-alone EXE or TSR files. Add help to any program. Includes hypertext editor, compiler and QuickBASIC library.
SKIM102.ZIP12532Aug 4 1989SKIM is a simple text-file searching program. Very fast.
SKIP11.ZIP11448Nov 23 1988Update version of SKIPPER. Add form feeds to text files. PD.
SLED1.ZIP32918Jan 17 1988Very nice, small ascii editor.
SLED11.ZIP32339Sep 9 1988Small, fast text editor.
SLEEK34.ZIP11607Jun 10 1993SLEEK V3.4. File reformatter/ward wrap. Sleek will remove EOLS within paragraphs (CR/LF). Also give you the option to word-wrap from the 10th to 60000th column.
SLICKPRO.ZIP20516Sep 14 1989Slick PRO is a basic ASCII text editor, ideal for those small, quick jobs, like autoexec and config mods, new batch files etc.
SLIDERT.ZIP14797Oct 17 1989Will move any text file over x number of columns. This will allow you to use a 3-hole puncher without losing text.
SLK23.ZIP10845May 5 1992Unwrap ASCII text files to user specified line length. For use with brain-dead Word Processors, etc.
SLOTYP04.ZIP12785Nov 15 1990Type text file on screen at readable speed. User selects 1 to 9 seconds per line, scrolling is continuous without need for repeated s.
SMILE13.ZIP69723Feb 3 1991Smile Quick - Version 1.3. An ANSI viewer that also plays the ansi music.
SNR40.ZIP24354Jul 20 1990SNR is a multi-string search-and-replace filter. Both text and binary files can be processed by the program.
SOFTAD.ZIP11565Sep 2 1987Download softfonts MS WORD.
SORTER.ZIP8107Mar 7 1989Text file sorting utility that can skip headers. In memory sort.
SORTF237.ZIP10048Sep 20 1991Vern Buerg's excellent SORTF program reads record data from a file, sorts the records, and writes the data to another file.
SOUNDEX.ZIP7727Oct 2 1992Convert names to Soundex Code (with C source).
SPELLF.ZIP21366Oct 28 1989Interesting spell checking program. Uses the idea of "spell filtering".
SPELLPER.ZIP11889Jan 17 1989Create and manage personal dictionary for Spellr20.
SPELLR20.ZIP71145Sep 11 1988Spelling checker for ASCII files - can be used with QEdit and Brief.
SPLIT60H.ZIP29571Mar 11 1994SPLIT version 6.00H -- Split a file into smaller parts of (x) bytes, into (x) number of parts, or parts of (x) number of lines.
SPLITF.ZIP9825Apr 14 1990SPLITF is a simple utility to split large text files into small parts for viewing or editing. By Norm P.
SPLTIT11.ZIP87093Dec 29 1994Splitit is a file utility built to process fixed length files in several specific ways.
SPRNTMAC.ZIP20400Mar 2 1989Macros for use with Borland's SPRINT.
SPRUTIL.ZIP7719May 27 1989Nice collection of macros for Borland's Sprint.
SPZAPER2.ZIP3680Nov 24 1994A simple program to clean excess spaces from macros.
SRCFILT.ZIP10682Oct 23 1991Takes marked articles of a literature search collects and alphabetized.
SRCH843.ZIP29901Oct 21 1987DOS ASCII search and replace program.
SRUV35.ZIP100567Nov 19 1989This file is very useful, you can search multiple files for strings and then replace them.
SS24.ZIP254863Apr 2 1992ShareSpell version 2.4 is a "stand-alone" spelling checker. With it you can check the spelling of text files that you have written.
SSORT14.ZIP13165Jul 21 1990SSORT 1.4 is an update to SAMSORT. This version allows you to sort any sized file on column areas. Freeware.
STEVIE.ZIP62031Jun 11 1988Great editor, works under OS/2, ATARI ST, Unix.
STF126.ZIP58149Aug 9 1992Show Two Files - Version 1.26 - allows viewing of two ASCII files side-by-side for comparison.
STRIKE.ZIP88953Apr 17 1987Spelling checker memory resident program.
STRIP.ZIP2312Jan 1 1985Strips the ASCII text out of any DOS file so that it may be viewed.
SW25.ZIP124249Feb 19 1991An ASCII editor that is very well done.
SWPRO.ZIP60405Aug 11 1986Screen writer's word processor.
T2C210.ZIP17762Jul 27 1993TXT2COM (Version 2.10). This is a simple program which makes an ASCII text file into a full screen display.
TAB.ZIP6344Nov 4 1990Removes tabs from text files, keeps backup. Includes ASM source code.
TABEDIT.ZIP16218Nov 11 1985Two C programs that will turn tabs into spaces, and vice-versa. Includes full C source code.
TABRMV10.ZIP6245Jan 26 1992Remove tabs from text file. Permits specification of tab width.
TABX.ZIP13385Aug 25 1989TABX is a filter program that reads from stdin and converts tabs to white spaces set at a specified value.
TANGLE30.ZIP33170May 9 1990Nice program that will encrypt and decrypt text files. Includes full C source code, and explanation of algorithmn used.
TART150.ZIP163185Aug 28 1993TOMBSTONE ARTIST 1.50, New RIP paint program. TA is a full featured paint program for creating Rip Script graphics for BBS use.
TCD10.ZIP3254Jun 3 1993TCD10.ZIP -- Change Directory/Drive macro for The SemWare Editor -- Version 1.0 -- Easily move between drives and paths (DOS 5 DIR switches used to create directory reference file).
TDCOMP40.ZIP17616Nov 1 1987Compare 2 text files, write diffs to newfile.
TDE32A.ZIP435843Nov 13 1993Thompson-Davis Editor, v3.2a. Phenomenal public domain multi-window, text editor. Includes source code.
TDRAW463.ZIP287899Oct 19 1993THEDRAW SCREEN EDITOR VERSION 4.63 - A text-oriented screen design tool. Similar in some regards to a graphics paint program. Offers multiple page SPRITE editing, powerful Ansi ANIMATION support, etc.
TDTUTOR.ZIP19028Jan 12 1990Tutor for The Draw ANSI animation program.
TE-23.ZIP33871Dec 22 1990Small, versatile text editor. Lots of features.
TE265DOS.ZIP69590Apr 6 1993Tech-Edit v2.65 for DOS and OS/2 - powerful multiwindow progammer's text editor.
TED11.ZIP15606Dec 9 1989Very small and fast text editor. Handy to have.
TEDIT112.ZIP117455Jan 11 1990Very nice small editor that includes some big-boy features. This editor is basically a Qedit clone.
TEDIT25.ZIP105724Jul 21 1990Technical Editor V2.0. Small, multi-window programmer's editor with many very nice features. Very fast, and has optional OS/2 and 286 versions.
TEMPLMAC.ZIP6272Mar 27 1991Qedit macro that will use a template file to complete the structure that you are starting.
TERSE12.ZIP20115Mar 12 1992The TERSE programmer's editor. Small but powerful editor. Text and Binary.
TEXE10.ZIP59137Jun 20 1991TEXE is a program which copies a text file and attaches a 15K program to it in order to be able to read it.
TEXT23.ZIP13048Aug 17 1986Strip white space, and reformat paragraphs - great conversion aid.
TEXTANAL.ZIP11155Oct 26 1985Anaylize your Text.
TEXTCHEK.ZIP31206Mar 22 1986Check WS files for "pairing" etc.
TEXTCN17.ZIP39294Jan 21 1990Pre-process ASCII files before loading then into a word processor.
TEXTCONV.ZIP29415Dec 8 1986Converts text from ASCII to other formats, etc.
THESPL30.ZIP308654Jul 15 1992Thesaur Plus v3.0: Memory resident (25k) thesaurus with 15,000 main words and a library of over 80,000 synonyms. Also included is a program that allows adding new words and synonyms to the database, and removing unwanted w
TINVIEW.ZIP2542Aug 20 1990World's smallest working text file viewer.
TINYED20.ZIP66195Aug 5 1992Tiny text editor with many features from IBM. DOS and OS/2 version.
TNYWRD15.ZIP26593Feb 15 1991Tiny Word text editor (6K) - limited, but fully functional v1.5.
TOKREP.ZIP10531Jun 16 1984Token Replacement text modifier, with full C code.
TP-ET.ZIP111241Jun 21 1991Thumb Print's Electric Typewriter bridges the gap between Word Processor and Printer.
TPCSE1-1.ZIP74250Jan 26 1988The PC Screen Editor is a powerful full featured screen editor for general use. Smal, and easy to use.
TRS141F.ZIP215367Aug 5 1992TERSE is a tiny (only 4096 bytes) but amazingly powerful full-screen editor for files of up to 64K in length. TERSE runs on all PC compatible machines. Its command keys are very similar to those of the famous BRIEF editor
TSETD2.ZIP398565Dec 14 1994Version 2.0 of the Semware editor.
TSE_ANN.ZIP2538Feb 25 1993Semware is offering a pre-release version of their new Text Editor called "The Semware Editor" (TSE). This file contains the announcement. If you LOVE QEdit then take a look at TSE.
TSFLTB11.ZIP53918Jul 5 1989Build your own filters to modify textfiles.
TSFLTB13.ZIP41962Aug 31 1989FILBIN is a configurable string translation facility for binary files. The translations are given in a separate translation table file, which you can customize.
TSREP.ZIP8626Mar 27 1989Wildcard filename text search & replace program.
TTC18.ZIP184821Dec 19 1993Thelma's Cliche checker. Checks for cliches, sentences too long/short and checks changes.
TTS11.ZIP339436Dec 19 1993Thema's spell check utility. Will handle text and wordprocessing files.
TURBO-ED.ZIP44477Oct 19 1988Borland-like editor. Windows. Configurable.
TXT24.ZIP10740Jun 10 1991Small, fast text file viewer - Version 2.4.
TXTOOL10.ZIP27775Aug 28 1991TexTools v1.0 text file filter and splitter.
TYPEMM12.ZIP21409Dec 19 1989TMM is a program to make it possible to view a MultiMate file from DOS without actually loading the MultiMate word processor. C source included.
TYPEWRIT.ZIP5139Feb 17 1986Use printer as if it were a typewriter.
TYPII1.ZIP333779Apr 6 1989PC-TYPE II Wordprocessor.
TYPII2.ZIP193539Apr 6 1989PC-TYPE II Wordprocessor.
TYPING.ZIP105747Mar 11 1987Great typing program it also tells your typing speed.
UE310.ZIP220281Mar 19 1989Micro Emacs v3.10 - clone of Emacs (UNIX) editor for PCs.
UED19D.ZIP48619Mar 2 1992Useful Editor (Ued) is a small (about 35K), fast, ASCII editor that is suitable for a wide variety of text manipulation tasks.
UNDERLN.ZIP1082Nov 9 1987Adds underlining to Word Perfect when using an EGA.
UNEK101.ZIP14414Jun 18 1990UNEEK is a program that is functionally quite similar to the "unique" command of Un*x, it reads through the input file and retains only the last of duplicate records. Includes full C source code.
USCONST.ZIP19004Jun 17 1991Hypertext file of the US Constitution. Needs Advantage HyperText Reader.
USEDI.ZIP72068Jan 20 1990U-SED-It - DOS implementation plus tutorial for SED (Stream EDitor), normally available on UNIX systems.
VAXEDT.ZIP16211Jun 5 1986VAX Type EDT editor for pc.
VC154.ZIP38054Mar 20 1994Visual Compare 1.54 lets you see the differences between two program source files in a full-screen, scrollable display. Recommended by Al Stevens in the May '91 issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal. Uploaded by author. ASP sharewar
VDE-ED2.ZIP10771Apr 18 1991Updated version of accessory program for VDE. Displays function key labels, other features. Works with versions 1.52 through 1.61.
VDE173.ZIP147070Aug 17 1994Ric Meyer's powerful Video display editor. Version 1.73.
VDEMC111.ZIP18399Aug 7 1991Macro compiler/decompiler for VDE. Converts text files to .VDK/F files and back. Very easy to use.
VDEQRF.ZIP2415Jun 20 1990Quick reference for use with VDE v1.53.
VED31.ZIP135894Jan 16 1992Visual EDitor v2.03 - An interesting text editor with mouse support.
VED321.ZIP134546Feb 3 1992Version 3.21 of Vision EDitor, text editor.
VEDIT-JR.ZIP147180Dec 22 1991Vedit Jr. V1.10. Shareware release of this commercial editor. Will handle files larger than memory (2 Gigs), mouse support, online help, programming functions, word processing features.
VEDIT.ZIP27047Jul 18 1990VEDIT is a full screen text file editing program.
VEDIT10.ZIP298611May 21 1993VEdit v1.0 - text editor with multiformat display.
VENTEX10.ZIP67558Jan 31 1988Converts ASCII files for import to VPub.
VI.ZIP19402May 2 1989VI is a screen text editor written for the IBM PC. Unix clone.
VIETV16.ZIP199197Oct 2 1991Vietnamese word processor, version 1.6.
VIEW97.ZIP71367Oct 9 1994VIEW 9.7 - the FILE VIEWER for WordPerfect 5.0-6.0, Word 4-5, WinWord 1-6, Win Write, Ami Pro, Wordstar, ASCII. Text search, print functions, etc. File selection menu. Direct link to JETCOL and 2COL. Fully customizable.
VIEWLIST.ZIP7699Jan 6 1992Quick and simple C program to view the allfiles.lst file in a more user friendly format. Source included.
VIEWWORD.ZIP3541Apr 20 1988High bit stripper for reading Word Star files. Supports file redirection, and includes TP 4.0 source code.
VIM20BIN.ZIP209458Feb 11 1994VI clone for dos. Executables only.
VISED35.ZIP368074Apr 5 1993Visual Editor, simutaneous/multiple documents, very nice interface, ascii.
WC.ZIP3469Nov 12 1988"word counter" very small & fast! w/soucre.
WE14B.ZIP66944Aug 16 1990The Whitney Editor is an easy to use, full-screen, full function programmer's text editor.
WE30.ZIP95183Dec 11 1993WE v3.0 Multi-Window Programmer's Editor.
WED411.ZIP104969Aug 30 1989Text editor, small and fast, supports multiple windows.
WEFGP112.ZIP78531Apr 12 1991WEF Grep is a text extracting program for ASCII files. It works well for those users who maintain a large collection of historical files and have a need to quickly pull together data based on a certain subject or piece of
WEMP10.ZIP49009Oct 6 1989This is a collection of Brief macros designed to emulate the WordStar command keys. Very nicely done.
WIDGET.ZIP12195Apr 13 1990Break any one large file into a number of smaller files or join the resulting smaller files back into one file. C source included.
WM.ZIP110698Aug 22 1990WordMaster Full Screen Text Editor/Word Processor from May'90 Compute!
WORDFREQ.ZIP15044Apr 24 1988Count word frequency in text.
WORDQWIK.ZIP34381Jul 1 1991WordQwik 1.0 tells you which of two or more similar words is correct. It can help you decide when to use "it's" or "its", "too" or "to", etc.
WP-KS.ZIP3371Feb 24 1988Undocumented Word Perfect Commands.
WP-LASER.ZIP6514May 6 1986Word Perfect macros used with HP laser.
WP5-KEY.ZIP16740Jul 28 1988WordPerfect 5.0 Function Key improvements.
WP50FIX.ZIP43137Feb 12 1989Word Perfect fixes, listed as WP50 files, from WordPerfect Corp.
WP50WPG1.ZIP158224Jul 7 1988Graphics files for WordPerfect 5.0.
WP5MACRO.ZIP57874Mar 2 1989Very Good sample WP 5.0 Macros.
WP5MENU.ZIP11993May 15 1988Menus for WordPerfect 5.0.
WP5MOUSL.ZIP4278Jan 1 1980Word Perfect 5.0 Mouse Driver for Logitech Mouse.
WPDRIVER.ZIP46481Sep 30 1988WordPerfect 5.0 Screen Drivers.
WPGRAB16.ZIP21469Feb 28 1988WPGRAB 1.6 lists the most recently updated files of a directory and allows you to select one for editing with your word processor. It is set up for the Word Perfect, but will also work for others.
WPKIDS.ZIP16110Jan 10 1986A word processor for kids. Pretty good.
WPMACR42.ZIP34405Aug 2 1986Word Perfect 4.2, Macros.
WPSG10.ZIP38905Jul 13 1988Misc printer definitions for WPerfect 5.0.
WPTYPE.ZIP697Jun 27 1986Type Word Perfect files from DOS command line.
WPWS.ZIP10416May 23 1988Use Word Star 4.0 commands in Word Perfect.
WRITEME.ZIP79740Nov 20 1991The WriteMe System 2.0 produces FULL COLOR text files.
WS43.ZIP645Oct 29 1985Edits Wordstar to show 43 lines on screen.
WS5BOX.ZIP13807Feb 12 1989This group of macros and support files provides automated single and double line boxing capability, among other features, to WordStar 5.
WS5MACRO.ZIP21896Mar 17 1989A Toolkit for Editing WordStar and NewWord Shorthand Macros.
WSDOCON.ZIP2524Oct 29 1986Convert ASCII files into WordStar document format.
WSHOMEND.ZIP2060Jun 28 1990Auto-patch file for WordStar 6.0, 5.5, 5.0, or 4.0 -- patches key to go to start of line instead of upper left of screen, patches key to go to end of line instead of lower right of screen -- from WordStar Inte
WSMACR.ZIP3465Oct 31 1989Wordstar emulation macro for BRIEF.
WSTAR40.ZIP12907Jun 30 1987Full slashbar menus for WordStar 4.0.
WSTYLE.ZIP90629Nov 30 -0001Wintertree Writing Style Analyzer - Helps you improve your writing style. Finds redundant words, wordy phrases, and awkward sentence structure. Determines your weak and strong points.
WSTYPE.ZIP389Nov 25 1986Word Star utility.
XANTIPPE.ZIP270136May 11 1993Hypertext information organizer; creates WinHelp, QuickHelp, and OS/2 IPFC help files.
XE110.ZIP22383Jun 3 1992XE is a file editing program that is specially designed for creation and modification of data files.
XE360.ZIP43461Feb 6 1993HeXEdit 3.60 - free ASCII & hexadecimal file editor.
XLATE.ZIP9445Sep 27 1989XLATE is a quick and dirty stream editor that supports text and binary files. It can be used to replace all occurrences a sequence of bytes to another sequence, or remove them altogether. Author: George Dinwiddie.
XSTRIP.ZIP4991Feb 17 1990This is a simple program to remove cr/lf from text and data files so they can be loaded in one long string without signaling EOF or EOLN. will work on any kind of file. TP source included.
XWORD.ZIP22246May 12 1986File Format Transfer program. Works with may WP formats (WordStar,etc).
ZKWIK15.ZIP28623Oct 15 1992Create KWIC (keyword in context) and/or KWOC (keyword out of context) indexes for ASCII files. Release 1.5.
ZKWOC30.ZIP64254Aug 20 1990ZKWOC creates KWIC or KWOC indexes from your text files. Version 3.0 is faster and otherwise much improved.