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HyperPAD is _the_ hypermedia platform for character mode DOS. HyperPAD is a fast and flexible object-oriented development tool featuring visual programming and a full-featured, English-like object script language -- PadTal
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HyperPAD is _the_ hypermedia platform for character mode DOS. HyperPAD is a fast and flexible object-oriented development tool featuring visual programming and a full-featured, English-like object script language — PadTal
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Contents of the README.DOC file

H Y P E R P A D Version 2.2
FILE: README.DOC 20 May 1991

Last Minute Information
Copyright 1989-1991 by Brightbill-Roberts & Co. All rights reserved.

Association of
o Professionals


Brightbill-Roberts & Co. Phone: (315) 474-3400
421 University Building Fax: 4721732
120 East Washington Street BBS: 4721058
Syracuse, NY 13202-4000 Compuserve: 75300,363

This file does not contain installation instructions. Please see INSTALL.DOC
for those instructions.

HINTS =======================================================================

Use the Save a Copy... command on the File menu to save periodic copies of
your work. Doing so prevents the loss of data if you reboot your computer
or you inadvertantly hang the computer or lose power.

POSTSCRIPT SUPPORT ==========================================================

HyperPAD now supports Postscript printers for printing reports (rows, columns,
pages, and labels). Included with HyperPAD is a font (HPAD.PS) that gets
downloaded to the Postscript printer automatically when you print. This file
defines all 255 characters in the ASCII character set, borrowing from the
Courier and Symbol fonts whenever possible. HyperPAD's Postscript drivers
support portrait and landscape output in both compressed (9 pt) and normal
(12 pt) modes.

When printing Page reports, the Postscript driver translates the background
colors to shades of gray on the output. The background colors are translated
by converting brigtness to greyness. In other words, the higher the color
number, the darker it appears on the paper. For example, 0 (black) translates
to no ink on the paper and 1 (blue) translates to 6.25% grey. Color 15 (white)
is 100% black.

The hardware (i.e., the EGA or VGA card) translates colors to shades of
grey differently than described above. If you want to use the same grey
scaling performed by the EGA and VGA cards, copy the file called HPAD.SHD
from the utility disk to your HyperPAD directory. Additionally, you can modify
this file by providing your own color translation.

The "foreground" colors are translated to either black or white, depending on
what is readable on the corresponding background shade of gray.

< 26% grey -> use white foreground
> 25% grey -> use black foreground

BUGS ========================================================================

8514/A Adapter in PS/2 Computers

HyperPAD incorrectly uses the correct color set with an 8514/A video
card installed in a PS/2 computer with no monitor attached to the
built-in VGA card. In such a case, the BIOS returns incorrect
information about the installed video card and monitor causing
HyperPAD to use a weird color set (blue window shadows, etc...). To
remedy the problem, use the card and monitor switches:

hpad /card:8 /monitor:8

Another fix is to hook a monitor up to the built-in VGA card.

Critical Error Handling

Critical errors (i.e., disk write protected, disk drive door open) are
now handled in a more generic and safe way. The new method of
handling critical errors is more stable between DOS versions than the
previous method.

Cursor Position Saving within Fields

The cursor position within a field is now accurately saved in the pad
when leaving a page. This feature may cause a small amount of
additional overhead when browsing a pad because the cursor position
must now be written to the file. The cursor position used to be
considered a low priority item and usually did not get saved.

DesqView Support in HPAD.EXE

An additional check for the presence of DesqView has been implemented.
This fixes a crashing bug in the stub program HPAD.EXE that caused
HyperPAD to hang before the credits screen was displayed. (This is
actually a work-around fix for software that incorrectly implements
the DesqView API.)

EMM Memory Bug

HyperPAD's memory manager has been changed to fix a crashing problem
with EMS memory. This bug would crash the computer immediately after
loading if EMS memory is present in the computer. By default,
HyperPAD uses EMS memory if it is available. HyperPAD uses EMS memory
for holding a pad's index. If the entire index can be held in memory,
accessing pages is significantly faster.

Enhanced Keyboards

HyperPAD 2.2 has better detection of enhanced keyboards.

Highlighting Text in the Editor

The key combinations CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT and CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT now behave
correctly when marking text (consistent with the SAA-CUA guidelines).
This affects marking of text within fields, the message box, text box
controls in dialog boxes, and the script editor.


Critical errors (i.e., disk drive door open, disk write protected) are
now handled correctly when writing the options file: HPAD.INI.

Keyboard Driver

HyperPAD's keyboard driver has been change to allow for pressing
ALT+240 (on the numeric keypad) to generate ASCII character 240.
Prior to version 2.2, this key sequence would freeze the keyboard
(pressing CTRL+BREAK will unfreeze the keyboard).

Marking Lines in a Listboxes

Marking of blank lines in listbox fields using the right mouse button
is now done correctly. Prior to version 2.2, the highlight would

Paste Command

The Paste command has been changed to fix a bug that caused text to be
pasted in addition to an object. This bug occurred when an object was
copied, then some text was copied, then the Paste command was
selected -- both the object and the text would be pasted instead of
just the text.


The timer code has been updated fixing a crashing problem that
occurred on computers with no real time clock and a BIOS bug (they
can't cancel byte-post command using interrupt 15h).

VGA/EGA Display Combination

HyperPAD's card detection has been enhanced to support PS/2 computers
that have both the VGA and EGA display cards.

closePage/closePad Messages

You can now set the focus to an object from within closePage and
closePad handlers. Before, this would cause unpredictable results.
You can inadvertently do this with the following commands contained
within a closePage or closePad handler:

go to page 10;
set the focus to button id 4;
go to pad "params";

Convert Command

A bug in translating dateItems to actual dates has been corrected.
This bug occurred when attempting to compute the last day of November
by setting the day item to 0 in a December dateItem list.

Creating and Deleting Pages during a Query

The query command has been fixed such that pages cannot be added or
deleted while the query is active. If you do so, you will receive
error message 8: "Can't add or delete pages during a query.". This
occurs when you attempt to:

1. Create a new page
2. Delete a page
3. Paste a page
4. Cut a page

Do Command

The do command has been changed to fix a bug that crashed the computer
when a syntax error occurred within the statement being executed.

Find Whole Speed

The find command now works properly when used with the "whole"
keyword. This command used to take an exceeding long time with large

FXSHOW Command

The FXSHOW no longer crashes the computer when attempting to load a
file from a different directory, like in the following example:

fxshow "C:\TEST\SAMPLE.PRO";

Go command

The go command has been changed such that the and
expressions are evaluated before physically switching pads. For
example, in the following statement:

go to page (page field 1) of pad (page field 2);

the expressions (page field 1) and (page field 2) are evaluated within
the current pad, then the pad is switched.

Hilite Command

The hilite command has been fixed to highlight the correct line within
list boxes that contained marked lines.

Locating Runtime Errors

HyperPAD now correctly locates the cursor within the correct script
when a runtime error occurs within a built-in function.

Math Functions

The runtime error message that resulted from invalid function
arguments (such as giving a string value when a numeric value is
expected) has been changed from "Unknown runtime error" to "Parameter
is not a number". This affects the following functions:


Popup Item Length

The popup() function now allows the total length of the popup items to
exceed 255 characters.

Query Creating and Deleting Pages

Pages cannot be deleted or added during a query. Previously, these
actions were allowed and caused non-fatal error messages such as
"Cannot go to that page.".

Executing Queries from a Script

When executing a query from the scripting language (i.e., not from the
message box), there will be no error message if no pages match the
query criteria. (Before, there was a message.) You must use the
result() function to check the results of the query. Executing a
query from the Query dialog box or from the message box remains

Read command

The read command now works properly when reading words from a file,
such as the following statement: read 1 word from fileVar;

Run a Program Command

The run command has been changed to fix a bug that caused the computer
to crash when the command line parameters or the program name were
longer than 80 characters. The new allowable lengths are:

80 characters maximum for file names
127 characters maximum for command line parameters

Program names and command line parameters are truncated if longer than
their allowable lengths.

Note: A file name is broken up into its parts as follows:


where "C:\DIR1\DIR2\FILE.EXE" is the file name and "PARM1 PARM2 PARM3"
are the command line parameters.

Set Command

The set command no longer crashes the computer when setting the value
property of a field. HyperPAD now performs the same operations
internally for both the put command and the set the value... command.

BLINK Extension

The BLINK.EXE extension has been changed such that it no longer stops
script execution.

CSORT Extension

The CSORT.EXE extension has been changed to fix a bug that occurred
when sorting only one line. Also, an optional parameter is now
allowed that enables you to sort by items other than lines. The
following example sorts the comma delimited items (rather than
carriage-return delimited lines) of page field 1:

put csort(page field 1,",") into page field 1;

The second optional parameter is the character that determines a
sorted item. If this parameter is omitted, a carriage-return is
assumed (thus sorting by lines).

Invalid Extensions

An error message will now be displayed when HyperPAD attempts to load
in an invalid extension. This may happen if the pad contains
extensions that were compiled previously to version 2.0. If this
error occurs, you must use the MOVER program to remove the extensions
from your pad, recompile them, and then move them back into the pad.

SetGlobal() Extension Callback

The SetGlobal() callback function has been changed to fix a bug that
crashed the computer when the global variable being set was
previously used to set an integer property of an object.

Note: A bug in the PADtalk Reference Guide incorrectly freed the value
after setting the global variable. Use the following code instead:

HANDLE hName,hValue;
hName = stoh("gMyGlobalName"); /* grab the name */
hValue = itoh(10); /* get the content */
SetGlobal(hName,hValue); /* assign the value to my global */
FreeHandle(hName); /* free ONLY name (not value) */

CTRL+PGDN in the Browser

The Browser no longer displays an error in response to pressing

Runtime Error 27 in the Browser

An incorrect runtime error 27 ("true" or "false" expected) will no
longer be given during the evaluation of boolean expressions. This
occurred with the following types of statements:

if i = 10 then...
if page field 1 is not "Jim" then...

Capture Reliability

CAP.EXE is now more reliable. Before this bug fix, CAP.EXE used to get
stuck (i.e, unable to capture) in programs such as Lotus 1-2-3.

Compact Utility

The COMPACT.EXE utility has been changed to fix a bug that deleted all
of the pads within the current directory. This bug only occurred if
you compacted pads from a directory outside the current directory,
like in the following example:

compact c:\mypads\*.pad


The DAILY.PAD now correctly adds new pages (or days).


The Paste command now works properly in the "Notes for Day" field of
the Daily Planner. This command used to leave text in that field for
each day.


The Daily Planner has been changed to allow for fast typing.


The "Delete Old" button now correctly deletes the appropriate number
of pages


The HOME.HLP pad has been modified to include a description of the


The INFO.PAD now reports correct information about available EMS


The Label pad has been changed to fix a bug when printing blank pages
of information.


The "Export Text" button on in the Note pad has been fixed. This used
to display an error message when pressed.


The cantModify property of the PIF.PAD has been set to false allowing
new programs to be added by anyone.


A "New" command has been added to TEXTEDIT.PAD that creates a new file
for the user to edit.

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