Modula II Source Code

MODULA Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
BLOCKIO.ZIP3623Dec 19 1986Great set of Modula II routines that provide for Block disk file I/O.
CONSOLE.ZIP5900Apr 18 1988Console IO routines for Modula-2 with full source code.
CRC-M2.ZIP7304Jul 12 1989CRC-M2 - Cyclic Redundancy Checker, Version 1.00. Includes complete JPI Modula II source code.
DBFTOOLS.ZIP133516Feb 8 1993DBase DBF and NDX access for Topspeed M2.
FASTR.ZIP6545Apr 8 1990Fast Strings Module for Modula II from March/April JPAM.
FILESUPP.ZIP2047Apr 21 1987A group of Modula II routines that support disk file I/O.
FILETOO2.ZIP71606Jan 7 1988File manager program with full Modula II source. (Logitech).
FIOASM.ZIP14939May 17 1989An extended set of routines for FIO included with JPL Topspeed Modula II.
FLXCPY10.ZIP37856Nov 26 1989Flexible Copy program for DOS, copy or move multiple files with only one command, includes full FTL Modula-2 source code. Very nice.
FM2CMP31.ZIP133486Oct 26 1992FST Modula-2 compiler version 3.1 (now includes OOP and other extensions).
FM2DOC31.ZIP56402Oct 26 1992FST Modula-II - New release - Documentation - 2 of 5.
FM2EXA.ZIP18402Oct 24 1988FST Modula-II - New release - Examples - 5 of 5.
FM2LIB31.ZIP76219Oct 25 1992FST Modula-II - New release - Libraries - 3 of 5.
FM2UTL31.ZIP46794Oct 25 1992FST Modula-II - New release - Utilities - 4 of 5.
HISTRPT.ZIP8522Apr 17 1989Simple stock market analysis written in Modula II with full source.
HUFFMAN.ZIP6998Sep 2 1989Routines to perform Huffman compression encoding. Modula II source.
JPIBTRV.ZIP8153Aug 26 1988Excellent set of routines that access BTRIEVE with JPL Modula II.
JULY90.ZIP126471Jun 26 1990Modules & Definitions, July 1990 issue. Shareware Modula-2 newsletter.
LINEDRAW.ZIP6964May 10 1989EGA graphics & line drawing module for FST's Modula-2 compiler.
M2-LIB2.ZIP39612Mar 8 1990M2-lib2 is a library of routines for JPI Modula II.
M2CMP20.ZIP152227Nov 30 1988Modula Compiler 1 of 5.
M2DOC20.ZIP133933Nov 22 1988Modula Docs 2 of 5.
M2EXA20.ZIP19189Nov 7 1988Modula Examples 3 of 5.
M2GRAPH.ZIP28206Jan 21 1989Graphics routines for Modula-2. FST, Logitech, JPI.
M2LIB20.ZIP39948Nov 26 1988Modula Libraries 4 of 5.
M2MUSIC.ZIP3864Jan 21 1989Music routines and demo for Modula-2. FST, Logitech, JPI.
M2PROT.ZIP78394Feb 9 1991Nice set of Modula-2 implementations of many file transfer protocals including ZMODEM. All source code included. Written for JPI's M2 compiler.
M2TUTOR.ZIP206189Feb 7 1990Very good Modula-2 tutorial with sample programs, exercises, and answers.
M2UTL20.ZIP82625Nov 21 1988Modula Utilities 5 of 5.
MAND0890.ZIP120172Aug 15 1990Modules & Definitions Electronic Magazine. Information on Modula II.
MLIFE.ZIP61851Nov 26 1988Conway's LIFE with Modula-II source.
MOD3FAQ.ZIP3183Feb 11 1993Modula-3 Frequently Asked Questions.
MODDEF_3.ZIP73034Dec 5 1990Modules & Definitions Electronic Magazine. Information on Modula II.
MODULA-2.ZIP24079Apr 4 1986Collection of Modula 2 source code for the Logitech compiler.
MODULA2.ZIP66670Jul 15 1987A great set of Modula II routines. Includes just about everything!.
NETWORK.ZIP7445Apr 21 1987Great set of routines for network file I/O in Modula II.
OTHELLO.ZIP20036May 5 1988The game of Othello written in Modula II. Full source code.
PATTERN.ZIP68171Apr 30 1988A lexical analyzer written in Modula II for use as a pattern matcher. Includes full Modula II source code.
PCKERM.ZIP39350Sep 11 1991PC Kermit in Modula-2 source.
PPRNMOD3.ZIP11941Oct 25 1988Printer handling module (source) for FST's Modula-2.
SAMPTERM.ZIP47377Aug 1 1989Sample Terminal program in Modula II demoing Solid Link's libraries.
SCROLL.ZIP18607Dec 6 1988Very good window scrolling module for JPI TopSpeed Modula-2.
STDLIB.ZIP49442Mar 3 1988Excellent set of Modula II routines that provide a PrintF like function.
STRINGS.ZIP5168Apr 17 1989Extended set of routines for STR library for JPL Modula II.
TALK3.ZIP83090Jan 15 1990An improved version of FST's TALK, includes full Modula-2 source.
TASKING.ZIP15468Jul 22 1986Collection of Modula II source for use in Multi-tasking programs. (Logi).
TWOTREES.ZIP2492Jan 16 1990Multitasking demonstration in Modula-2. Search through two trees at once using Modula II's built-in PROCESS library.
VWINDOW2.ZIP15410May 14 1988A complete virtual windows module for Modula-2.
ZELLER.ZIP5195Oct 13 1990A TopSpeed Modula-2 implementation of Zeller's Congruence.