Dec 092017
Excellent set of routines that access BTRIEVE with JPL Modula II.
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Excellent set of routines that access BTRIEVE with JPL Modula II.
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MOD2BTRV.DEF 247 121 deflated
MOD2BTRV.MOD 5679 1749 deflated
MOD2BTRV.OBJ 1008 568 deflated
READ.ME 859 532 deflated
TEST2.EXE 4882 3188 deflated
TEST2.MOD 2524 672 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

MOD2BTRV is a test version of an interface to JPI's TopSpeed Modula-2.
I make ABSOLUTELY no guarantees regarding it, however it does APPEAR to
be working OK. The other file included, TEST2.MOD, is used to test the
interface. First, it creates a file TEST.DBF, fills it with 10 records
with a key ranging from 10 to 100 and a string value of 'TEST' and then
prints out the records.

I should note that I am using BTRIEVE version 4.11B for DOS 3.1
Networks. I have not tried anything fancy yet, but I think everything
should work, since most of the work is done in the memory resident
portion of BTRIEVE. If you run into any problems or bugs, please let me
know as soon as you can; my Compuserve ID is 74226.3045 and please use
E-Mail, since Novell charges for accessing their sig, and I am not going
to check for mail there.

Mike Roberts

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