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Printer handling module (source) for FST's Modula-2.
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Printer handling module (source) for FST’s Modula-2.
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Contents of the PANPRINT.DOC file

Panprint is program that I downloaded from one of the pay on-line
services. The program came with source code for Turbo Pascal
4.0. The original program worked very well but didn't have all
the features that I wanted. I translated it into F.S.T. Modula-2.
In the process I added the features that I wanted. This was
mainly the paper-end detector setting. The code is easily
modified to allow the use of other printers and the associated
control codes that they require, and it can also be changed to
implement other options. If you like this program feel free to
share it and have fun customizing it.


Description : A menu program that sends printer codes to a Panasonic
KX-P1xxx printer. Options may be serially chosen but not
all options will work correctly together. See the
Panasonic printer manual for these anomalies. Reset will
release all chosen print options and set the printer to
pica pitch, draft font, and reset the top of page.

Special Notes : The printer control panel MUST be in the DRAFT/Pgm
setting for this program to work correctly. It is also
assumed that the Panasonic is logically attached to LPT1.

Gregory E. Borter
1432 SE 10th Ave.
Ocala, Fl. 32671

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