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VGA version of boggle that requires a mouse.
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VGA version of boggle that requires a mouse.
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Contents of the BOOG10A.DOC file

Boogle 1.0a Documentation

Written by Owen Emry
Compiled June 7, 1991


1. What is Boogle?
2. Boogle Installation
1. File Descriptions
2. Location of files
3. Required Hardware
3. Instructions
4. Version History
5. Disclaimer
6. Shareware Registration Information

1. What is Boogle?

Boogle is a jumbled word game. It can be played by one player, or
by a group of people all competing against the computer. The game
consists of a 4x4 grid of random letters, from which the players(s)
must construct words by connecting letters in the grid together.

2. Boogle Installation

1. File Descriptions

The following files should be included in the file SDIR3x.ZIP:

BOOGLE.EXE -- This is Boogle 1.x
HISCORES.BOG -- Used by program to maintain a high score record
DICESET.BOG -- Used by program to construct sets of dice
WORDLIST.BOG -- Used by program to maintain a dictionary
WORDTREE.BOG -- Used by program to maintain a high-speed dictionary
BOOG1x.DOC -- This documentation file
REGISTER.DOC -- Text file containing Shareware registration info

2. Location of Files

In order for the program to run properly, BOOGLE.EXE and all of the .BOG
files must be present in a common subdirectory;

3. Required Hardware

Boogle requires the following hardware:

VGA graphics adapter
Microsoft compatible mouse (driver installed)

3. Instructions

To start Boogle, type BOOGLE while in the Boogle subdirectory. After
a brief pause for software setup, you will be presented with the
Main Menu.

The Main Menu offers several choices, which are self-explanatory.
Choose "Play Boogle" to start the game;

Each "Game" consists of four "Rounds". At the beginning of each Round,
the board will be set up, and the timer will begin ticking. To "drag"
a word, position the mouse over the first letter of the word, and hold
it down. Then, slide the mouse cursor over the other letters to form your
word. When done, release the mouse button. Words must be at least three
letters. If you drag improperly, you may back your word up by moving back
to the previous letter. As you drag words, they will show up in your
display box on the right.

While the timer is running, you may also use the controls at the top of
the screen. The DELETE button removes the last word on the list, in case
of error. The arrows turn the entire board in their direction, giving
you a fresh perspective on the board. (This does not change the layout
of the board).

When the timer reaches zero, the computer searches its dictionary for
all words on your list. If a word is not in the dictionary, you are
presented with two options. You may SKIP the word (if it is NOT a word)
or you may ADD the word to the dictionary (if it IS a word).

Then the computer displays its list of words, and scoring begins. One
point is awarded for each three-letter word, and one additional point
is awarded for each additional letter.

At the end of all four rounds, you are returned to the Main Menu. If your
score is one of the best five, you are asked to enter your initials, which
are then added to the Hall of Fame list.

4. Version History

1.0 -- o First Release, May 18, 1991

1.0a -- o Released June 7, 1991
o Fixed that nasty bug that caused lock-ups whenever the computer
got more than one screenful of words

5. Disclaimer

Although Boogle contains no destructive code, and has been tested
thoroughly, the author assumes no responsibility for loss of data or
other damage to your computer system. Your use of Boogle is completely
at your own risk.

6. Shareware Registration Information

Boogle is Shareware, which means, if you use it often and find it
enjoyable, you are politely asked to send a small donation to the
author to register your copy. This donation is used to help provide
future quality programs such as this one.

Please support Shareware. By paying a small fee for a piece of
quality Shareware, you are helping to fight the high cost of
commercial software, and encouraging the production of future
enjoyable shareware games. Thank you.

The Shareware fee is $5 (suggested) or whatever you feel is apropriate.
If you would like to register your copy of Boogle, please send your name,
address, and shareware fee to:

Owen Emry
302 North Jefferson Street
Arlington, Virgina 22203

Please feel free to include comments and/or suggestions,
and thank you for supporting Shareware.

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