Dec 172017
MicroProse's F15 Strike Eagle III installation fix.
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MicroProse’s F15 Strike Eagle III installation fix.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

F15 Strike Eagle III

Version 4108.01

Install Update for F-15 Strike Eagle III.

This INSTALL Update will correct the problem some players are
having when the Install Program aborts before complete
installation of the game. If you have trouble during the
Install, copy the included INSTALL File to a BACKUP of DISKETTE 1
and begin the procedure again. Please make sure you have the
EMM386.EXE is installed in your Config.Sys.

Last Minute Additions & Corrections:

* The DECLINE MISSION option is not available in modem play.

* Joysticks with analog throttle wheels are not supported when in
Front Seat-Back Seat modem play.

* Users of Back Seat-Front Seat modem mode should make sure that they
have selected the same level of ROLL RATE (standard or authentic),
if using the authentic flight model. They should also be certain
to have the same level of detail set for MTN DETAIL.

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