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TUTOR Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
1001TIPS.ZIP722431Dec 28 1993Tips for various Windows/DOS applications from PC Computing.
144DI$K.ZIP4177May 10 1989Turn 720K disks to 1.44 mb.
144MODEM.ZIP3265Feb 27 1993Information on 14.4 (FAX) Modem vendors, brands, prices, and other data from March 1993 issue of Computer Shopper.
201DOM.ZIP292102Jun 17 1994Symantec ACT! for Windows patch for v 2.0 to v 2.01. No docs included but this is the official patch (obtained from Compuserve).
20A10.ZIP33427Nov 1 1992Updated .DEF for Norton AntiVirus. Fixes problem with false virus alert when scanning PK204C.ZIP. From PKWare BBS.
2496X.ZIP3833Aug 18 1991How not to convert your 2400 modem to 9600.
29.ZIP468615Nov 11 1993Nov. 1993 upgrade software for Intel Satisfaxtion Fax/model model 400.
30RULES.ZIP1699Feb 29 198830 rules for BBS users.
30VS72.ZIP2590Nov 5 1994Thread from Compuserve about 30 pin vs 72 Pin SIMM memory modules.
312.ZIP25977Dec 29 1993Trantor CDROM driver version 3.12. Downloaded from ProAudio Spectrum's BBS on 1/28/94.
318S-MV.ZIP26208Dec 6 1994Ver 3.18 Trantor driver for PAS-16 for CD roms.
331PATCH.ZIP2774Nov 29 1987Compaq Dos 3.31 fix.
386M7PAT.ZIP430309Jul 29 1994Self-extracting patch for 386Max 7.0 to 7.01 Maintenance Release. DL'ed from Qualitas BBS. Needed to address my problems with Gateway's Pentium 90 system. After extracting in your 386MAX directory, run 'PATCH'.
3FLOP_AT.ZIP5098May 15 1988A hardware approach to installing 3 floppy drives on an AT.
3MFM.ZIP3910Aug 18 1989Text files about how to install more than two MFM Hard disks in PC.
62STAC.ZIP4898Nov 4 1993Stac's tips for installing MS-DOS 6.2 over Stacker 3.1.
720TO14M.ZIP1402Nov 25 1988Convert 720K 3.5" disk to 1.44M high density disk by drilling a hole. It works and is a real money saver! Text file tells how.
80486.ZIP1432Jul 18 1988Info on the next generation Intel chip.
8251A.ZIP2122Dec 10 1986Text information on programming the 8251A UART.
8259.ZIP2434Jun 7 1986How to prog Intel 8259 controller chip.
90SCOMP.ZIP4250Nov 9 1989Two interesting articles from API on the use of computers in the 90's.
95PROD.ZIP36639Apr 4 1992List of third-party products and services for HP95LX.
9600-12B.ZIP10783Jan 11 1991Text file describing various 9600 Baud modems, V.32 and V.42 compression.
9600INFO.ZIP7565Jan 22 1988Describes V.29 V.32 PEP & HST protocols.
9600V12.ZIP4649Sep 5 1991Guide to Modem Communication Standards 1.2. Explains all those pesky terms like HST, V.32, V.42bis, MNP, DIS, etc. With recommendations on which modems to purchase.
A20LINE.ZIP2098Jan 31 1994Text file explains mystery and rational behind PC/AT architecture A20 address line.
ABACUS.ZIP24673Aug 11 1987Learn to use the abacus.
ABBRS.ZIP9905Mar 11 1990A comprehensive list of PC abbreviations, and their definitions.
ABBSA93A.ZIP8115Jan 23 1993Background on and Application for free BBS Membership in the the American BBS Association.
ABOMB.ZIP3206Jan 2 1980How to make a Atom Bomb [TXT].
ABOUTEMS.ZIP10853Sep 26 1989Article that answers every question there is on EMS.
ABOVEBD.ZIP321633Oct 29 1989Extensive information and programs that help configure your Above Board memory card for expanded or extended memory.
ACCUWTHR.ZIP1226Feb 20 1989Subscription information for Accu-Weather's instant weather access. Program lets you download national weather data by modem, then display it in easy-to-read maps, graphs, charts.
AI.ZIP70585Apr 9 1989AI messages from USENET AI conference.
AIMSG.ZIP70585Apr 9 1989Some messages from the USENET AI conference.
ALLETEQ.ZIP401457May 11 1992AMI's technical documentation on AMI BIOS and ETEQ 386/486 chipset.
ALLNOIS2.ZIP8053May 28 1989An excellent tutorial on line noise and why it happens.
AMI-POST.ZIP5871Jun 6 1992POST Checkpoint Codes for AMI BIOS.
AMIREL.ZIP21064Oct 18 1989Useful information on various AMI BIOS products.
AMITIPS.ZIP175274Oct 11 1991Useful facts about AMI motherboards.
AMI_BIOS.ZIP13858Oct 19 1991AMI BIOS checkpoints and BIOS info.
ANSICODE.ZIP973Nov 18 1991Text File: List of ANSI escape sequences.
ANSIINFO.ZIP2566Nov 3 1988Information about the ANSI Escape Controls.
ANSITUTR.ZIP5648Oct 18 1985Text tutorial on how to use the ANSI device driver.
ANSITXT.ZIP5646Jul 31 1986Text on ansi.sys usage.
ARCBENCH.ZIP37480Jan 15 1993Benchmarks for all dos archive programs. This is a text file.
ARCHIVES.ZIP11272Oct 31 1989Complete file formats of archivers ARC PAK LZH ZOO DWC GIF SIT BQY etc. An excellent reference for archive programmers.
ASMPRIMR.ZIP16313Apr 4 1986An ASM Tutor, looks pretty good.
ASP1001.ZIP28776Oct 1 1988Official Product Catalog for the Assoc. of Shareware Professionals.
ASP5601.ZIP374167Aug 1 1992Official Master Catalog of Shareware products published by members of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) and available on BBS's. Describes each product & in many cases identifies a BBS where you can D/L it.
AST-TECH.ZIP20830Aug 9 1992Switch settings for AST expansion boards.
AT-CMOS.ZIP2849Oct 10 1988Description of the CMOS data area and how to access it directly.
ATARIJOY.ZIP5092Mar 9 1988Hardware conversion of Atari joy stick to IBM.
ATATEXT.ZIP35562Aug 28 1991IDE (AT Attachment A) Specification.
AUTHOR22.ZIP23000Oct 29 1993A list of MsDos shareware and PD authors with email addresses reachable on and from InterNet.
AX25DOC.ZIP19721Jan 28 1993AX.25 Amateur Packet-Radio Link-Layer Protocol.
B144-MJ1.ZIP15491Nov 18 1992Text file with problem/solutions for BOCA Modem 14.4Kbps V.32bis.
BABEL95A.ZIP39606Jan 1 1995Text file that gives explanations for some computer abbreviations.
BANNED.ZIP5223Aug 2 1988List of books banned in US past 15 years. Very interesting.
BATTBACK.ZIP1273Mar 14 1988Info on how to add battery backup to VCR.
BEARCAT.ZIP3457May 22 1991Info on how to repair some common problems with Bearcat scanners.
BFAX2.ZIP19151Oct 12 1993Command line fax interface, dosfax supplement.
BFP103.ZIP351477Jan 19 1993Upgrade files for USR's Blastfax program - downloaded from USR BBS. Will not work unless you have the support files that came with version 1.00 or 1.01.
BIFF.ZIP28751Feb 18 1988Binary File Spec for MS EXCEL.
BIOS_VEN.ZIP1052Mar 22 1991A list of BIOS vendors including ones for Award, Phenoix, AMI, and others. It also gives return policies and phone numbers.
BITSBAUD.ZIP4075Jan 9 1989Excellent tutorial on bits-per-second,baud,and other communication info.
BMPFORM2.ZIP6156Oct 14 1992Description of BMP bitmap file formats.
BOOKS793.ZIP646509Jul 20 1993Catalog for README.DOC - an excellent source of computer books. Good discounts, great selection, excellent service.
BOY40NEW.ZIP3971Sep 21 1988Announcment of Boyan Communications program D4.
BSR.ZIP3907Oct 16 1988Article on home intelligent control using a computer and BSR.
BUILDIT.ZIP23075Jan 27 1991Directions, and advice on how to build your own PC clone.
CABLING.ZIP41415Aug 10 1989Very good help with serial RS232 and parallel cable connections.
CACHE.ZIP13399Jun 15 1987Discription of 7 disk caching programs.
CAI-BIB.ZIP125402May 11 1989Bibliography on computer-assisted instruction.
CCCIT389.ZIP3649Mar 31 1989Notes from CCCIT's early 89 meeting. Discuss's modem technology for the future, along with details on new standards.
CCIRCLE.ZIP6725Feb 26 1986Tells you what symbols are legal and stuff about copyrights of software.
CCITTV42.ZIP13000Jun 10 1988Details information from Hayes on the new V.42 error-control standard.
CD01MAY.ZIP14745Apr 28 1991Carrier Detect - a new publication for modem users.
CDDRIVR.ZIP16380Aug 17 1992Jul '92 updated drivers for Sound Blaster CD's. Drivers for CD Model 521A, 521B, and 521C included.
CDROM.ZIP4627Sep 16 1991CD ROM driver beta version for Always IN-2000 SCSI adaptor.
CDROMFAQ.ZIP13242Jul 18 1992Frequently asked questions about CDROM drives.
CD_DOS.ZIP62042May 23 1994Uupdate (4-30-94) for Creative Labs/Soundblaster CD-ROM drive - Panasonic CR-563. Driver ver 4.19 plus 4 utilities.
CD_WAIT.ZIP1731Jul 28 1992Info on buying (or not buying) CD-ROM drives.
CHALNGER.ZIP19012Feb 5 1987The very informative report on the Challenger tragedy. INTERESTING!.
CLASS.ZIP47936Jun 6 1989Notes from a class on data communications.
CLASS_2.ZIP16457Jun 24 1992Class 2 fax commands.
CLOCK401.ZIP1404Apr 17 1991AT&T's fix to their PCs' date problem.
CMPCRIME.ZIP3536Sep 27 1989Article on Computer Crime by William S. Sessions, FBI Director.
CMPRSN.ZIP5362Apr 2 1989Discussion of compresion used by LHARC.
CMS_NOTE.ZIP15200Oct 21 1994Tech notes for Colorado Memory Systems backup software.
COM-EXE.ZIP4572Apr 18 1988Explanation of .com and .exe files.
COMFAQ93.ZIP67236Mar 12 1993Compression software FAQ for March '93. What, how, where of most compression programs.
COMMTUTR.ZIP23908Jun 27 1987Commmunications tutorial.
COMPCOMP.ZIP1478Mar 6 1993Comparison of ZIP, ARJ, SQZ, LHA, HA compression performance.
COMPILER.ZIP3634Jan 6 1986How compilers work.
COMPWRK.ZIP3634Jan 6 1986This tells you how a compiler takes a text file and makes it an EXE file.
CONFIG.ZIP13215Nov 30 1986Good tutorial on using config.sys and autoexec.bat.
CONSTITU.ZIP20265Jul 5 1987Text file of the constitution w/thorough index (Always Timely).
CONSULT.ZIP14672Feb 4 1987Excellent primer on starting your own microcomputing consulting firm.
COPR.ZIP14421Nov 15 1990This text file is a programmer's guide to copyrighting software.
COPY2BRD.ZIP1546Nov 29 1987Notes on Central Point Software's Copy to PC Options Board.
COPYRITE.ZIP10412Sep 8 1987Discussion of copyright law, applications, benefits, etc.
COPYWRTE.ZIP14344Feb 4 1987Explains value & limit of software copyrights.
CPSWZIP2.ZIP96829Nov 11 1993Update to PC Tools for Windows to add PKZip 2.04 compatability.
CRIGHT.ZIP1794Nov 28 1985Tells you HOW to get your software copyrighted.
D70U40.ZIP291275May 31 1994Self-extracting module containing latest release from Novell for Novell DOS 7.0.
DATACART.ZIP1760Jan 4 1992Text file describing different media cartidge formats. Very indepth.
DBSTRA.ZIP13482Nov 18 1991Borland white paper on DBMS development strategy.
DCAANSI.ZIP43294Dec 22 1993Updated ANSI driver for Crosstalk for Windows V2.1 (fixes color problems).
DDCONFIG.ZIP4506May 30 1986Tips on how to set up your DDCONFIG.SYS file for DoubleDOS.
DEA5.ZIP115740Jul 5 1991A hypertext program showing the additions and deletions in MSDOS 5.0.
DEBUGTUT.ZIP13951Apr 30 1987Excellent tutorial on how to efficently use DEBUG. Great reference.
DEC_TOPS.ZIP10786Oct 24 1990Interesting text file containing historical information on DEC and TOPS.
DFX04.ZIP94380Jun 22 1993Maintenance update to DOSFax Pro 2.0 dated 06/22/93. Downloaded from Delrina's BBS.
DHLP12.ZIP65319Dec 12 1993Helps you with DOS up to version 5.0 - BD-Soft.
DIAG.ZIP5960Dec 21 1986IBM Diagnostic codes.
DIAGNOSE.ZIP9910Oct 9 1989SysInfo : Interpret the startup beeps and error messages.
DISK-ART.ZIP22041Jun 9 1989Articles by SPINRITE author, Steve Gibson, on technical aspects of hard disks. This is basically a commercial for Steve.
DISSQASH.ZIP1471Jan 16 1987Disable PKARC's squash function. Makes it compatable with ARCE.
DN002.ZIP297115Apr 18 1992DiskNews - Interactive CD-ROM/Communications Newsletter, No.2 - Requires EGA/VGA.
DOS-AID.ZIP51532Mar 23 1992Menu-driven DOS help program.
DOS33HLP.ZIP69780Dec 22 1987Help for dos 3.3.
DOS3X-P1.ZIP1236Aug 7 1985Expand your enviroment space with this undocumented addition 2 config.sy.
DOS5-MEM.ZIP6392Apr 19 1992A little text file that gives a very good explanation of using the upper memory area using DOS 5.0. If you don't know about it, get this file.
DOS5BUG.ZIP3968Jul 1 1991Documentation of a possible minor bug in MS-DOS 5.0.
DOS5ED.ZIP22219Jun 25 1991DOS 5.0 editor patch. Change EDIT's default extension of .TXT.
DOS5UMB.ZIP8536Dec 13 1990How to optimize memory using DOS 5.0 and Upper Memory Blocks.
DOS5_BOR.ZIP2911Jul 21 1991Borland tech note on use of their products under DOS 5.
DOS62U.ZIP45324Nov 9 1993Lots of text files on things you can do with DOS 6-- undocumented features, helps & hints, etc. Comes with menu-driven interface, and has option of buying a DOS 6.2 book from the author of the text files.
DOS6DATA.ZIP34297May 23 1993This is a group of text files, both technical and otherwise, from Microsoft Corporation, concerning the use of DOS 6. Some interesting ideas, and a few you do not need.
DOS6ERR.ZIP4256Aug 8 1993Comprehensive list of all DOS 6 documentation errors.
DOS6INFO.ZIP69492Mar 30 1993Information on Dos 6.
DOS6KB.ZIP69492Mar 30 1993Dos 6.0 tech notes from compuserve / microsoft.
DOS6MAN.ZIP62400Apr 2 1993MS-Dos Ver. 6.0 Manual on Disk.
DOS6SUPP.ZIP467306Mar 10 1993Archive of Microsoft's DOS 6.0 supplemental disk, with files excluded from DOS 6: *.CPI, *.BAS, FAKEMOUS, ASSIGN, COMP, CV, GRAFTABL, JOIN, DVORAK.SYS, MIRROR, MSHERC, PRINTER.SYS, PRINTFIX, SETNAME, EDLIN, etc.
DOS6TIP.ZIP19389Mar 5 1993Tips for DOS 6.0.
DOS6TIPS.ZIP47069Aug 5 1993Contains excerpts from the new book, LEARNING DOS FOR THE COMPLETE NOVICE, 2nd Edition, by Steven Woas, published by Celestial Press.
DOSDATES.ZIP3309Jun 6 19864 ways to change date/time of file.
DOSEA5.ZIP115740Jul 5 1991A DOS 5.0 handy help reference program, and tutorial.
DOSIMP10.ZIP259716Aug 12 1991Dos 5.0 help utility in hypertext format.
DOSREF30.ZIP289650May 25 1993Comprehensive manual on DOS, history, logic, reasoning, etc. Includes reference to DOS 6.0. Shareware, partial but still worth downloading.
DOSSWAP.ZIP14572Jul 7 1991Microsoft replacement for the DOS 5.0 file to correct a task swap bug.
DOSTIPS6.ZIP43350Apr 5 1987Last of a Series of Tips on Using DOS.
DOSTUT44.ZIP238098Jan 30 1988Very nice tutorial (Elementary) on DOS and basic PC operation.
DOSUDAT.ZIP67695Mar 3 1993Microsoft's Updates For Smart drive, Himem.sys Emm & Ramdisk.
DOS_PGMR.ZIP35131Jul 27 1992Text file: Frequently asked questions for use by DOS programmers.
DPMI.ZIP33231Jul 26 1990Description of DOS Protected Mode Interface from Intel BBS.
DR6WIN.ZIP117944Apr 7 1992Apr 92 update to DR DOS 6 to make it fully compatible with Windows 3.1. DL'd from Digital Research's BBS.
DRD5TIP.ZIP5789May 29 1991Various tips on using DR DOS 5.
DRDEBUG.ZIP1573Jul 24 1992Patches MSDOS's DEBUG.EXE to work under DR-DOS 6.0.
DSAPI.ZIP39310Jan 5 1993Double Space technical information.
DSZHLP.ZIP12325Mar 15 1992Text describing how to use features of DSZ protocol engine.
DSZHOWTO.ZIP2515Aug 21 1987How-to-use file for Chuck Forsberg's DSZ program.
DV-INFO.ZIP25877Mar 29 1986Helpful Information on Using DESQview.
DVINT43.ZIP106153Nov 6 1994QuarterDeck specific interrupt calls extracted from the comprehensive interrupt listing by Ralf Brown.
DVIRUS.ZIP3045Nov 4 1988Unix Patches to Eradicate "The Virus" - VAXen and SUN systems only - not.
DYPRO.ZIP2629Mar 19 1994Informative text file on the Hercules Dynamite PRO video card.
ECHOPA.ZIP785Jul 10 1991Make ECHO OFF the default for batch files in DOS 5.0. Debug script.
ED6PATCH.ZIP26467Apr 1 1993Patch edit program in DOS 6 to open *.* instead of *.txt.
EFF209.ZIP12366May 3 1992EFFector magazine (Electronic Freedom Foundation) Vol 2 Num 9.
EFF400.ZIP9099Dec 14 1992Effector Online Vol.4 #00.
EFFCT210.ZIP12152Jun 9 1992Electronic Frontier Foundation magazine issue #2.10.
EFFCTR.ZIP37845Sep 3 1991EFFector magazine (Electronic Freedom Foundation) Vol 1 Nos 8-11.
EFFN100.ZIP15598Dec 11 1990Electronic Frontier Foundation News issue #1.00.
EFF_403.ZIP11165Dec 23 1992EFFector Online Volume 4 Number 3. Official newsletter of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Recommended reading.
EFF_405.ZIP11766Jan 7 1993EFFector Online Volume 4 Number 5. Official newsletter of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Recommended reading.
EISA.ZIP7626Sep 14 1988Text file explaining the EISA bus standard.
EISACL.ZIP17407Jan 19 1993EISA setup language specs.
EMM386.ZIP24083Oct 16 1991EMM386 V2.02. Latest release of DR DOS V6.0's memory manager. Fixes incompatibilities with some applications. Downloaded from DRI Forum.
EMM4.ZIP20967Oct 12 1987Details of the LIM EMM 4.0 specification.
EMMXMS.ZIP8679Aug 8 1991ASCII text article which describes in a simplified manner how to program for both LIM EMS and XMS HIMEM.SYS specifications.
EMSSCOOP.ZIP8301Feb 9 1988Text info on using ems memory.
EMSSPEC.ZIP51178Jan 10 1989LIM EMS 4.0 Specification from Intel.
EPA86.ZIP32612Oct 8 1988This is the full text of the Electronic Privacy Act of 1986.
ERRCODES.ZIP9403Dec 4 1989Comprehensive collection of IBM PC and PS/2 errorcodes.
F15INS.ZIP61171Dec 22 1992MicroProse's F15 Strike Eagle III installation fix.
F3FIXD.ZIP594118May 11 1992Falcon 3.0 update. Will update to 3.0D.
FASTTIP.ZIP19389Mar 5 1993MS's tips for optimizing DOS 6.
FCC.ZIP17462Nov 10 1991Information on FCC regulations and PC's.
FELONY.ZIP1719Sep 22 1988First conviction of a computer virus case.
FILTER.ZIP1894Jan 1 1980Text file that explains how to make a very effective line noise filter.
FIPS.ZIP28082Feb 14 1988Federal Information Processing Standards Publications (FIPS Pubs). An interesting text file explaining FIPS purpose.
FIPSLABL.ZIP11294Oct 2 1992NIST Draft Document on Security Labels for Open Systems.
FIXCAL.ZIP25666Jan 6 1992Fix the problem in PCTools 7.x with the background on '92 calenders.
FIXDOS50.ZIP221706Aug 16 1991IBM DOS 5.0 Corrective Services Disk-Qbasic.Exe, Command.Com,Xcopy.Exe.
FIXLOAD.ZIP7849Jun 20 1991Fix for need to use loadfix with DOS 5. Fixes PKLite.
FJOL1217.ZIP31237Dec 17 1993Federal Job Listing effective 12/17/93. Contains a list of all federal jobs available in the Washington DC metropolitan area.
FMMMIC.ZIP1239Jan 27 1989Simple plans and part list to build a low power FM transmitter.
FONE2.ZIP2261Dec 6 1993A text file explaining hand telephone wiring circuitry and conventions.
FPRFPUP.ZIP183288Jan 20 1994Update to Front Page Sports Football Pro.
FREECOMP.ZIP83779Jan 19 1994Catalog of free compilers, languages, and tools.
FUSION1.ZIP8256Apr 12 1989Pre-print of Stanley Pons' Cold Fusion Paper.
FUSION2.ZIP11003Apr 6 1989What we've been waiting for -- Brigham Young cold fusion.
GAMB15.ZIP334965Jan 3 1994Tips and tutor on gambling.
GAMEPORT.ZIP1723Nov 2 1991Information about the gameport. Somewhat detailed information on how to program it, as well as hardware interface.
GAMESUM.ZIP68840Apr 22 1994Info about WinG graphics library for game development downloaded from ftp.microsoft.com. This is a Word for Windows 6.0 document.
GEOLOG.ZIP4604Jul 15 1991Log of a conversation with the makers of Geoworks Ensemble on AOL.
GHOST.ZIP2239Apr 3 1989Text information regarding ghosts. Very detailed.
GLB05.ZIP80790Mar 24 1993Flash BIOS upgrade for Gateway 2000 Local Bus machines (dated 3/93).
GOSIP.ZIP175083Jul 27 1991Tutorial and quiz concerning OSI model and GOSIP compliance. Excellent for anyone who develops software for the government.
GR-EXT.ZIP3349Nov 14 1989Text explaining graphics file extensions.
HACK9401.ZIP49364Jan 30 1994The Hack Report for December, 1994. A monthly list of potentially dangerous files including hacks, hoaxes, Trojan Horses, and pirated commercial files found posted for download on BBS systems worldwide.
HACKTHES.ZIP42169Aug 29 1989A thesis paper written about "Hackers", this deals with the NEW definition of hackers, not the orginal hacker. Still interesting.
HARDDISK.ZIP10887Aug 17 1988Ansi tutor on harddisks.
HAYES.ZIP2287Jan 6 1990Updated list of the complete Hayes AT command language.
HAYES288.ZIP16620Dec 21 1993Information on the new v.fast modems.
HAYESTEC.ZIP87848Nov 5 1990Everything there is to know about Hayes modems.
HAYS-AT.ZIP100720Jan 13 1994Technical reference for Hayes modem users (text).
HDINFO.ZIP32936Nov 30 1987Specifications of 245 hard disk drive types.
HD_REF32.ZIP17016Apr 1 1990A complete list of many popular HD's with information like; Number of heads, cylinders, size, etc.
HELPNORT.ZIP11230Jun 13 1986Explains Norton utilities.
HELPPC21.ZIP261240Apr 15 1991Excellent on-line hardware/programming help reference. Includes help on ASM, C, interrupts, as well as various hardware and DOS goodies.
HIDOS.ZIP11865Oct 16 1991HIDOS.SYS V2.01. DR DOS V6.0's memory manager for 286 based machines. New release fixes some compatibilty problems. Downloaded from DRI Forum.
HIMEM.ZIP60080Mar 1 1989Describes and documents the new XMS himem memory format. With source.
HOW2COMP.ZIP5745Nov 25 1991File describing which program under what operating system will compress/decompress a given file. Cross reference shows file name, program, operating system, and other useful info.
HST-SET.ZIP9761Feb 15 1991Text file on setting up HST and HST D/S modems.
HUSH.ZIP1107May 19 1986Silence those loud drives.
IBM-AMI.ZIP3271Feb 5 1988Tranfer files from IBM to an Amiga by cables. (Instructions).
IBMCODE.ZIP2328Mar 10 1986IBM AT error codes and what they mean.
IBMPAPER.ZIP24295Jun 9 1989Excellent white paper written at IBM regarding viruses, their impact on the corporate world, and techniques to minimize their effects.
IBM_TECH.ZIP101644Apr 29 1987IBM technical reference information.
INTEL87.ZIP48348Mar 2 1990Lots of information on the Intel 80x87 family of math co-processors. Includes information on bugs reported with some 8087 clone chips.
INTER43A.ZIP362813Nov 6 1994Ralf Brown's comprehensive MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls; both documented and undocumented. Part A. Parts A thru C comprise the master list. Part D contains hypertext formatting routines and a list viewer
INTER43B.ZIP364658Nov 6 1994Ralf Brown's comprehensive MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls; both documented and undocumentd. Part B. Parts A through C comprise the complete list. Part D containf hypertext formatting programs and a list vi
INTER43C.ZIP304920Feb 7 2006Ralf brown's comprehensive MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls; both documented and undocumented. Part C. Parts A through C comprise the complete list. Part D contains hypertext formatting programs and a list v
INTER43D.ZIP336829Nov 6 1994Hypertext formatting programs and interrupt list viewing program for use with Ralf Brown's comprehensive interrupt list contained in INTER43A-C.zip.
INTERZEN.ZIP67882Jul 14 1992Zen and the Art of the Internet: A Beginner's Guide.
INTPRO.ZIP7119Aug 6 1991Description of IBM's interrrupt sharing protocol.
INTVUE14.ZIP9628Jan 20 1993InterVue version 1.4 - Provides a great way to view Ralf Brown's Interrupt listing.
ISDNTXT.ZIP37141Apr 10 1993A collection of text files about ISDN.
JUMBO405.ZIP405257Jul 26 1994Version 4.05 of Colorado tape software.
LHA0812.ZIP8493Aug 20 1991Viewer for NDW to view LHA files.
LHAHDR.ZIP1302Feb 17 1991Text file describes the header of Level 0 (Lharc) and Level 1 and Level 2 (LHA) LZH files.
LIBRARIE.ZIP19565Mar 20 1991Library catalogs available via InterNet. Text File. Lists hundreds of catalogs around the world with telnet addresses and usage instructions. Date of report is March 20, 1991.
LIM40.ZIP12733Sep 17 1987LIM 4.0 Technical Description.
LINKS110.ZIP203041Mar 15 1993Links386 update/patch file.
LL-CABLE.ZIP900Aug 6 1990Description on how to make a LapLink cable, parallel/serial.
LOTUSTXT.ZIP64314Jul 3 1990The complete ruling in the Lotus VS Paperback Software court case.
LOWMEM.ZIP4549Jun 18 1988Low memory map.
LUC.ZIP3596May 19 1993Pseudocode for LUC public key data encryption.
LZEMEM.ZIP4012Mar 1 1990How to reduce the memory requirement for loading an EXE file compressed with LZEXE.
LZHBENCH.ZIP17795Apr 30 1989LARC/LHUF/LARI archivers ( Daddy of LHARC ).
MAPISPEC.ZIP357979Mar 15 1993Microsoft documentation/specifications for the MAPI message handling protocol/API.
MARS.ZIP10163Oct 22 1989An interesting and informative text file on the planet Mars.
MB640K.ZIP2114Jan 1 1980Detailed instr on installing 640k on XT Motherboard.
MCIMAIL.ZIP5914Apr 30 1989Info on NEW MCI MAIL advanced features, lower costs.
MEMHINTS.ZIP6635Dec 25 1991Text file describing how to squeeze the most memory out of memory managers such as Qemm and DOS 5.0.
MENUEXP.ZIP6455Aug 27 1991Fix for the NORTON desktop to expand memory address to 16K in .DLL.
METAPHOR.ZIP74614Jun 23 1988Tutorial and historical development of hypertext.
MGTIP.ZIP2356Aug 4 1989List of tips for using Lotus Magellan.
MIDITUTR.ZIP11339Apr 19 1988A detailed text description of what MIDI is all about.
MNP-10.ZIP5569Jan 31 1990Text file discussing MNP Protocol, including the lastest MNP 10.
MOBYTRBO.ZIP1541Jan 29 1990Questions and Answers about MobyTurbo from CAF.
MODEM11.ZIP4313May 15 1991Guide to modem communcation standards V1.1. Explains all about those confusing terms such as V.32 V.29 V.42bis MNP HST...etc. Must read!.
MODEMFIL.ZIP11649Feb 23 1992Shows how to reduce line noise from within your fax/modem - includes schematics.
MODEMPRM.ZIP29011Aug 24 1991Primer on modems. Contains information on modems, UARTs, IRQ's, etc. Definitely worth reading.
MODNOISE.ZIP16013May 1 1988Find out what line Noise is and does.
MOMV12.ZIP1426241Nov 21 1994Master of Magic v1.2 Update (patch).
MOS386.ZIP4036Jun 18 1987How to turn your PC into a 80386 machine cheap.
MOUNTECH.ZIP84656Nov 6 1992Technical Bulletins for Mountain Tape Drives.
MOUSE_NG.ZIP9897May 28 1988Norton Guide for mice. O.K.
MRDOS231.ZIP151500Jan 7 1990Mr DOS Tutorial. This is a useful tutorial for DOS novices.
MSAPPLE.ZIP5383Mar 26 1988Text of apple lawsuit against MS windows.
MSCDX223.ZIP14277Jun 15 1994Microsoft CD-ROM extensions version 2.23 release 5/94.
MSCDXSPC.ZIP41336May 29 1992MSCDEX interface spec from Microsoft.
MSCMINFO.ZIP1302Sep 3 1991Technical information detailing data received from a Microsoft compatible mouse through the serial port.
MSDOS622.ZIP2531346May 31 1994MSDOS V6.22 stepup file downloaded directly from Microsoft's FTP site. Use the 'View' command to break into smaller files if you need to.
MSSUPP22.ZIP16287Feb 18 1994Microsoft Support Services Windows Help File. Ver 2.2 Update.
MUF_16.ZIP20561Oct 27 1993Microsoft Undocumented Features list Vol 1 No. 6. Some fascinating tips on using little known and undocumented features of DOS.
MULTDISK.ZIP32310Aug 30 1988Allows 4 HD's on a single PC.
MULTITSK.ZIP3454Jan 17 1988Text info on multitasking.
MUX.ZIP9656Apr 23 1993Document describing use of 0x2F multiplex interrupt.
MX600P.ZIP442435Jul 2 1992386MAX (Qualitas) upgrade 6.00 to 6.01d.
MX60DP.ZIP390839Jul 2 1992386MAX (Qualitas) upgrade 6.01d to 6.02. Must have already upgraded to 6.01d to use these patches.
MYTHS.ZIP10559Mar 3 1992Text report on myths about computer viruses.
NAPLPS.ZIP46776Apr 10 1993Text file of the NAPLPS Specs (graphic terminal language) In-Depth and complete.
NASAFREQ.ZIP5155Oct 4 1988ASCII file of freqs used by NASA (incl. Shuttle) - can be read by DB-III.
NAT_UART.ZIP140334May 9 1991National Semiconductors BBS files on UART family. No data sheets, but much interesting reading about their family of UARTs.
NBDETAIL.ZIP23478Sep 8 1988Paper from DDN on NetBIOS across TCP/IP network.
NCAV47.ZIP144108Aug 12 1994Norton Commander archive file viewer.
NDIAGU.ZIP485737Jun 30 1993Upgrade for Norton Utilities 7.0. Works with newest version of Stacker.
NDW3UP.ZIP1238513May 26 1994NDW 3.0 Update - fixes compatablity problems with WFWG and adds some.
NEPATCH.ZIP1173Sep 26 1991Patches The Norton Editor so that the "press any key" screen is bypassed. Now, when you run The Norton Editor you go from command line directly to text.
NEPATCH2.ZIP1266Mar 24 1992Produces script file to modify the Norton Editor. Modification prevents Norton Editor from creating tiddle (~) files.
NETBIOS.ZIP11550Apr 10 1988Text file describing NetBios.
NEWOS2.ZIP49468Apr 2 1987Complete discp. of the new os2 ops system.
NEWPKPAK.ZIP7619Sep 17 1988Several messages concerning Katz's new Pakker.
NEXT.ZIP4384Dec 5 1988Text file describing the NeXT computer and the company.
NEXTAN.ZIP13249Feb 24 1993Official announcment from NeXT of drop of hardware and plans for the future.
NOAA-HOW.ZIP6636Jun 30 1988Text file describing how to use NOAA satellite signals to construct images of their data.
NOISE-3.ZIP4744Feb 25 1989Another text file on how to build a noise filter for your modem.
NONOISE.ZIP3080Feb 29 1988Eliminate Line noise, excellent, and it works!.
NONOISE3.ZIP4739Dec 5 1988Tells how to build a simple and inexpensive line noise filter, helps eliminate garbage on noisy phone lines. Easy to build.
NORTON30.ZIP7879Oct 17 1986A text file on the Norton Utilities.
NU8APAT.ZIP579980May 5 1994Norton 8.0 patch file.
NU8DRV.ZIP1963969Jun 14 1994This is a later patch 06/94 for Norton's Utils 8 for Dos & Windows. Among other claims it claims compatibility with MSDOS6.22 disk compression.
NULBABLE.ZIP4035Jan 19 1991How to construct a null modem cable, used to connect 2 PC's by their serial ports.
NULMODEM.ZIP1066May 14 1987Instructions on how to make a null modem cable.
NVL_NOTE.ZIP3404Jan 1 1980A candid talk about increasing performance of a Novell network.
OBERON.ZIP9226Nov 20 1985Description of Oberon, Professor Wirth's new language. By the man himse.
OOP.ZIP6762Jun 11 1989Paper on object oriented programming.
OOPSTXT1.ZIP29826Jun 8 1989Nice text/tutorial frm OOPS CONF. on INTERLINK Canada.
OVTNT.ZIP50918Oct 19 1992Tips & techniques hint file for Object Vision.
PARMS.ZIP1611Aug 9 1992Paramaters For Logitech Mouse Driver. Direct Form Logitech Forum on Compu$erve.
PATCH104.ZIP154857Jul 1 1992Patch any version of Fontmonger for Windows to version 1.0.4.
PATH.ZIP1350Jun 6 1986Tips on setting long PATHs.
PCCABLE3.ZIP8811Dec 6 1993Specs on lots of different PC cables.
PCCABLES.ZIP4701Apr 19 1991Some help for building PC cables. Pinouts for almost every possible PC cable, including drive cables.
PCDOCS.ZIP61777Jun 26 1989Technical Information for the IBM PC, AT, and PS/2.
PCGLOSRY.ZIP318900May 3 1993PC-GLOSSARY 5.1: Keep abreast of ever-changing terminology in the microcomputer world. Hundreds of new terms & acronyms with useful reference tables. Entries are cross-referenced.
PCP-INFO.ZIP47467Sep 22 1988Pc-Pursuit Information.
PCPC.ZIP317978Nov 5 1992The PCPC Database - The PC industry on a floppy disk. 12,000+ names and addresses in an easily accessible format. User groups, computer stores, publications, hardware and software manufacturers, plus related products and
PD0445.ZIP14723Oct 31 1991DOSSWAP.EXE update dated 10/5/91 for DOS 5.0.
PD0457.ZIP3651Feb 3 1993HIMEM.SYS "ERROR": Unable to control A20 Line - Tech Note from the Microsoft BBS.
PD0459.ZIP4997Mar 10 1993EMM386.EXE: No Expanded Memory Available - Tech Note from the Microsoft BBS.
PD0460.ZIP4449Feb 5 1993Running both Extended and Expanded Memory - Tech Notes from the Microsoft BBS.
PD0489.ZIP51174Oct 25 1991Complete list of DOS 5.0 error messages.
PD0646.ZIP21258Dec 10 1992Microsoft's new versions of CHKDSK.EXE and UNDELETE.EXE for DOS 5.00a. The versions of these programs included with DOS 5.0 did not properly handle FAT's of 256 sectors, and COULD CAUSE DATA LOSS. Replace them with these
PD0744.ZIP4818Mar 5 1993MS DOS 6.0 General Installation questions & answers from Microsoft BBS.
PD0745.ZIP3969May 27 1993MS DOS 6.0 DoubleSpace questions & answers from Microsoft BBS.
PD0747.ZIP3795Mar 5 1993MS DOS 6.0 Configuration questions & answers from Microsoft BBS.
PENTIUM.ZIP13261Apr 20 1993Text on the Intel Pentium.
PHOENIX.ZIP3970Nov 5 1987List of Phoenix AT ROM BIOS messages.
PI64K.ZIP42607Nov 8 1992The number PI listed out to +64,000 digets (text file).
PINS.ZIP2158Jan 1 1980Descriptions of the pins on most of the ports.
PITCH12.ZIP18322Sep 27 1987Program to help you develop perfect pitch.
PK204E2G.ZIP43303Feb 1 1993Patch to upgrade registered version of PKZIP 2.04e to 2.04g.
PK2BUGS.ZIP1434Jan 9 1993A list of bugs, including possible data corruption, in the new PKZIP 2.04c.
PKSEA-D.ZIP11545Oct 11 1988SEA speaks, with critical commentary.
PKTROJAN.ZIP2266Jul 24 1988ARC trojan alert by P. Katz (author of PKARC).
PKZBENC2.ZIP5320Feb 21 1989Peformance of PKARC v3.6, ARC v6.00, PKZIP v0.90, PAK v.16, ZOO v2.01.
PLFIX.ZIP394599Jul 15 1992Patch for HDC Power Launcher V2.0. Downloaded directly from HDC BBS.
PM50A.ZIP80316Dec 17 1993Update to PageMaker 5.0.
PPIMNP.ZIP6975May 30 1989Talk on PPI MNP modem(s).
PROBDESC.ZIP163758Jul 7 1992From PKWare Inc - a partial explanation for their delay in getting a new PKZIP out the doors - blamed on hardware problems with some fast 386/486 computers - a test is provided for you to see if your machine has the proble
PROFPC56.ZIP249937Jul 6 1992Professor P.C. Laptop! Tutorial -- Version 5.6. Hundreds of tips & tricks for Laptop users. Travel with laptops, battery charging, more.
PS2-REF.ZIP17183Jun 21 1989IBM Data for PS2's as of 6/25/89.
PSDPATCH.ZIP850Sep 28 1992Patch from Broderbund's BBS to fix conflict between DR-DOS and Print Shop Deluxe.
QEMM.ZIP1299Oct 23 1989Some tips that may help you recover more DOS usable memory when using Quaterdeck's QEMM 386 memory manager.
QG4PAT.ZIP628826Jan 17 1994Patch for Quest of Glory - Shadows of Darkness from Sierra.
QPRODOC.ZIP193653Jan 16 1992Technical Support bulletins from Borlands Quattro Pro support staff.
QWKSPC11.ZIP8102Aug 17 1991Specs for the .QWK message format. Probably the most complete around.
RAMSPEED.ZIP1457Mar 20 1988Text file describing factors which affect speed of RAM.
REFCARD.ZIP2521Aug 31 1986Norton Utilities reference help.
REFRWARN.ZIP978Nov 13 1988Warning about "Playing" with memory refresh cycle timing.
RELAYS.ZIP39061Feb 19 1988Control relays through the printer port. Can also be used for input.
RJ11R232.ZIP1423May 12 1990Make null modem cable out of telephone cable.
RLLHINTS.ZIP8851Oct 14 1986Hints for RLL contollers.
ROMBEEP.ZIP4090Aug 3 1988Decypher Phoenix ROM Beep Codes.
RS232.ZIP5661Sep 20 1989Text file outlining the full RS-232C protocol.
RS232CBL.ZIP11533Jan 29 1980Notes on connecting serial devices.
RSTUTOR.ZIP74323Jan 13 1988Simple tutor for RS232 communications.
RTF.ZIP22498Jun 29 1992Rich Text Format Specification (RTF) Description.
SB199.ZIP18924May 7 1994Diamond's software fix for the Diamond Sonic sound card. This patch loads in at startup and allows the Sonic card to emulate a SoundBlaster more accurately.
SCROUNGE.ZIP9859Feb 16 1992Build your own satellite system for pennys.
SCSI.ZIP5228May 1 1991Information on the theory of SCSI controllers and drives, text file.
SCSITUT.ZIP6566Oct 24 1987A very nicely done SCSI tutorial. Clearly explains the SCSI interface.
SDISK.ZIP17870Mar 9 1992SDISK - speedisk enhancement utilities for Norton Utilities 6.01.
SEAPKLET.ZIP3253Sep 5 1988"The letters in the case".
SEA_V_PK.ZIP6533Jul 6 1988ARC vs. PKARC lawsuit, the whole ugly tale.
SHAREBK1.ZIP234835May 12 1992Online book about shareware for authors or aspiring authors. Extensive, well-written.
SHAREWAR.ZIP1516Jan 1 1980Recent editiorial from PC Week on corporate use of shareware.
SHFNDLOG.ZIP6188Jul 24 1989A discussion with Phil Katz about Shannon-Fano compression techniques.
SIG1292.ZIP14519Dec 2 1992Central Point software virus signatures.
SMARTD42.ZIP14188Jun 18 1993Microsoft's SmartDrive 4.2. SMARTDRV.EXE version 4.2 optionally replaces version 4.1 included with MS-DOS 6.0. Has safer but slower write caching, writing to disk when programs terminate back to the DOS prompt.
SMRTDTXT.ZIP8215Jul 18 1992Microsoft Q&A text file about SMARTDrive for Windows 3.1, 14 Jul 92.
SOFTCOPY.ZIP5932Feb 7 1991This is a text that brings you step-by-step throught the copyright process for your personal software.
SOFTMARK.ZIP1794Nov 28 1985This file tells you how to get your software copyrighted. Useful for anyone that is a serious programmer.
SOLARHME.ZIP13258Feb 6 1989Notes on converting home to solar energy.
SPACE001.ZIP6741May 4 1989Two articles from an October 88 seminar on the Space Program.
SPHSASCI.ZIP37152Jul 12 1994USR Sportster technical ref manual. ASCII.
SPINOOPS.ZIP1314Mar 20 1990Known BUGS in Spinwrite Disk Utility program.
SPOOLER.ZIP6772Jun 15 1987Text file on spooler technology.
SSN-INFO.ZIP2597Aug 28 1988Outlines Social Security Number Structure.
SSWAP.ZIP14544Mar 23 1992This is an Optimize "smart" version of the SSWAP.COM file for Stacker V2.0. Makes running optimize (QEMM) easier if swapping drives. Direct from Stacker BBS.
STAC0694.ZIP280635Jun 29 1994Press Releases, Tech Notes, etc., from Stac. Updated 6/29/94. Microsoft and Stac make peace on 6/21/94, Microsoft to pay royalties & buy stock in Stac. No news yet of promised update to Stacker 4.0.
STACUP.ZIP129409Jan 12 1993Update for Stacker 3.0 sdfrag and one other file that have caused problems with programs like Access.
STAC_DOS.ZIP12955Jun 28 1991Batch file for Stacker users that will help install DOS 5.0.
STAKSHEL.ZIP1230Dec 14 1987Some good help concerning DOS's stack, shell, and enviroment commands.
STALLMAN.ZIP19591Feb 29 1988"The GNU Manifesto" & an interview with Richard Stallman, hacker extraor.
STARLAN.ZIP109208Jun 6 1986Info about star lans.
STARVIR.ZIP15651Jul 1 1992Description of new Russian "Starship" Virus.
STATIC.ZIP7124Aug 22 1988Text on effects of static on PC and how to avoid damage.
STOPSEA!.ZIP5204Aug 31 1988SEA vs PK ware (PKARC). STOP SEA from Killing Shareware! Send this lette.
STYLE.ZIP15689Apr 9 1989Detailed review of Grammar Checkers (Grammatik II, etc.).
SUBURB1.ZIP3680Jan 2 1980Suburban Survival Guide [TXT].
SUP622.ZIP765624May 31 1994The supplemental files for DOS 6.22. From MSBBS.
SURGE.ZIP2729Mar 14 1986Text file on how to buld surge protectors.
SW22A.ZIP365103Jul 20 1993Updated scanner install, drivers, and scan utility for Windows for Mustek Hand Scanners.
SWAPS.ZIP14541Mar 24 1992This is a Stacker 2.0 Utility which allows ease of use with Qemm.
SWUPG.ZIP304471Feb 26 1992Upgrade Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe to latest version (2.1). You must already have Secret Weapons, since this does not include all files, just the upgrade ones.
SYS2REF7.ZIP33716Nov 19 1989IBM's "Technical" Description of the PS/2 Family of Computers.
TDIC100.ZIP30839Aug 14 1991Telecommunications Dictionary v1.00.
TEC999.ZIP67189Jun 26 1992Technical documentation files number tec000 through tec037 for Stacker Version 2.0.
TECHREF.ZIP6368Jun 5 1990Technical Reference for PCX File Format.
TELENEWS.ZIP13441Jun 28 1989Some interesting news from UseNet/UUCP.
TIFFMT.ZIP50437Jun 2 1989Document by Aldus and Microsoft that documents the TIF file format.
TIPCFG.ZIP29149Oct 18 1991Text file for optimizing DR DOS V.6. Details installation tips, memory configurations, etc.
TM910719.ZIP27608Jul 19 1991Telecomputing Magazine Articles.
TOKEN.ZIP70398Mar 19 1993Text file describing a possible new ZIP format. "Tokenized"
TOSH144.ZIP1119Apr 9 1990Another way to format 720 to 1.44 by changing jumper setting.
TRADEMRK.ZIP4957Sep 4 1988Proof that SEA does not have a trademark of the name ARC.
TREFDEMO.ZIP111373Mar 19 1992Reference Demo for Computer Products Info.
TRK0BAD.ZIP1050Apr 7 1986Use hard disk with bad Track 0.
TRM20.ZIP100405Sep 17 1992Hayes Modem Technical Reference.
TSCDROM.ZIP2490Dec 13 1990Text file from NEC BBS about troubleshooting installation for NEC CD ROMs.
TUTDOS1.ZIP129315Nov 14 1989Excellent interactive DOS tutorial. Part 1 of 4.
TUTDOS2.ZIP107449Nov 9 1989DOS tutorial. Part 2 of 4.
TUTDOS3.ZIP104088Nov 13 1989DOS tutorial. Part 3 of 4.
TUTDOS4.ZIP77873Nov 12 1989DOS tutorial. Part 4 of 4.
TUTOR441.ZIP304647Oct 15 1988DOS Tutorial for Beginners and Advanced Users.
TXTFILES.ZIP15421Jun 3 1988A dozen informative table and charts and info on PC/XT/AT machines.
UART.ZIP3450Mar 6 1989Useful information on the 16550AN UART chip.
UP204E.ZIP103738Jan 25 1993Update REGISTERED version of PKzip 2.04C to 2.04E patches.
UPGRADE2.ZIP2144Feb 8 1987Cheap method of 386-ifying your 8088 pc.
UR_ROOTS.ZIP31470Jan 27 1993Text files from Comuserve helping you discover family tree.
USEANSI.ZIP5649Apr 21 1986How to use ansi.sys.
USRMANUL.ZIP118603Dec 27 1990Complete US Robotics Modem Manual for V.32, HST, and DS modems.
V32-42.ZIP1252Oct 1 1989Good explaination of the V.42 and V.32 standards.
V42BIS.ZIP6857Nov 12 1990Text on Modem Standards (from Byte Magazine).
V42INTRO.ZIP7556Apr 6 1990Introductory text on v.42 modem standard.
VGACABLE.ZIP1615Aug 3 1988How to fabricate 9 -> 15 pin cable for VGA on Multi-Sync monitors.
VIRL_FAQ.ZIP32344Feb 19 1993Virus-L FAQ (frequently asked questions). A *MUST* for anyone who wants to protect themselves from viruses, and has little or no idea where to begin. Useful info for all levels of computer users.
VIRUS-PA.ZIP13687Sep 12 1988An excellent scholarly paper on viruses, history, present and future.
VIRUSD.ZIP24183Mar 16 1989Executive report from IBM on virus.
VIRUSLAW.ZIP1704Nov 3 1988Proposed Federal Law Governing Computer Viruses.
VIRUSTLK.ZIP6308May 30 1988Finally, an intelligent, informed description of viruses and their hazar.
VL940916.ZIP295818Sep 16 1994VendorList - v94.09.16. List of about 3900 hardware and/or software vendors. Includes name, address, sales support, tech support, bbs and fax phone numbers, if known. Also includes list of about 100 goodies you can send fo
VOICE.ZIP1611Oct 2 1988The sequences described allow you to switch voice\data.
VSERIAL.ZIP1984Sep 4 1992Text file describing more than you want to know about diskette serial numbers.
VSUMX408.ZIP843765Aug 15 1994Pat Hoffman's new VSUM comprehensive virus listing Release 8/94 in hypertext database format for quick cross-referencing of viruses and their variants.
W8STATE.ZIP5846Jan 1 1980Description of wait states.
WABRE.ZIP2003Jul 8 1989Text file explaining why animal research must continue.
WD-27X.ZIP3944Aug 4 1987Technical information about Western Digital RLL hard disk controller.
WDCONT.ZIP6562Mar 7 1987Docs for WD HD controller.
WDDOCS.ZIP136893Sep 4 1989Technical DOCs for Western Digital products.
WDZ.ZIP98866Mar 24 1991A data base of Western Digitial information in the same format as the one for Motorola data on a disk. It includes semiconductor and other W.D. products and lists spec sheets.
WFX4.ZIP173493Jan 6 1995WinFax 4.0 technical notes text file.
WFX401.ZIP307717Apr 22 1994WinFax PRO 4.0 Patch April 22, 1994. Only users running the March 20, 1994 release should run this patch.
WHATSMNP.ZIP3052Jul 12 1988Describes whatmnp modems are.
WIN2F.ZIP1831Jun 5 1993Docs on hooking 0x2F interrupt properly in Windows.
WIN31ANN.ZIP8972Aug 24 1991Windows 3.1 information text files.
WINPERF.ZIP13916Sep 5 1989Several text files on how to use MS Windows most effectively.
WINTSR.ZIP7608Jul 16 1993Various notes from Microsoft Knowledgebase on writing TSRs that work with Windows.
WORD60A.ZIP739969Feb 17 1994Patch For Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows. Fixes some bugs that can bring system down.
WSFF.ZIP39710May 21 1986Information on how Lotus and Symphony store data.
WXMATION.ZIP6983Feb 7 1987Info on getting the weather by modem.
X-VS-KER.ZIP13317Feb 24 1990Discussion of Xmodem versus Kermit file transfer protocols.
X25_V42.ZIP15993Feb 9 1990Decsription of X.25 and V.42 from Hayes.
XGABENCH.ZIP2474Dec 11 1990New IBM XGA video graphics card Windows 3.0 benchmarks.
XGAINFO.ZIP8991Jan 30 1991Information file on new IBM's new XGA video format.
XMODEM.ZIP4255Jun 21 1987Xmodem documentation, how it REALLY works.
XT-GUIDE.ZIP53438Aug 18 1987Guide for building an XT clone.
XTCHARTS.ZIP9842Mar 29 1988Variety of good reference sheets (ports/addresses/etc).
XTGUPDT.ZIP106433Mar 19 1993XTree Pro Gold 2.5 updated viewers for 256-color Gif, Icons, etc.
XTGZIP.ZIP41896May 13 1993XTree Pro Gold 2.5 patch that allows it to extract ZIP 2.0 files.
XTWZIP.ZIP54782May 10 1993XT for Windows 1.5 patch that allows it to extract ZIP 2.0 files.
XYMDM.ZIP18019Jul 14 1987Info on XMODEM and YMODEM.
YZMODEM.ZIP59219Oct 14 198810/88 Y/Zmodem specification.
ZDOC0108.ZIP16941Mar 1 1989Description of Chuck Forsberg's DSZ (including command line options).
ZHOW2.ZIP20343Jan 13 1989An excellent write-up (tutor) on Zmodem. The best I have seen.
ZIP-2-1.ZIP44216Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 2 No 1.
ZIP-2-2.ZIP47797Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 2 No 2.
ZIP-2-3.ZIP35746Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 2 No 3.
ZIP-2-4.ZIP44770Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 2 No 4.
ZIP-2-5.ZIP36510Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 2 No 5.
ZIP-2-6.ZIP62747Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol2 No 6.
ZIP-3-1.ZIP38532Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 3 No 1.
ZIP-3-2.ZIP75475Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 3 No 2.
ZIP-3-3.ZIP39912Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 3 No 3.
ZIP-3-4.ZIP53155Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 3 No 4.
ZIP-3-5.ZIP84900Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 3 No 5.
ZIP-3-6.ZIP47505Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 3 No 6.
ZIP-4-1.ZIP113225Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 4 No 1.
ZIP-4-2.ZIP44390Mar 9 1991Magazine for Home MS-DOS users. Has format for .QWK and .REP files.
ZIP-4-3.ZIP164706Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 4 No 3.
ZIP-4-4.ZIP84908Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 4 No 4.
ZIP-4-5.ZIP82839Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 4 No 5.
ZIP-4-6.ZIP54017Aug 30 1992Zip Magazine - Vol 4 NO 6.
ZIP-5-1.ZIP16874Jan 16 1992Zip Magazine # 5-1 (Jan 92) includes article comparing ZIP & ARJ compression formats.
ZIP-5-2.ZIP15780Apr 18 1992Zip Magazine Volume 5 Issue 2 for MS/PC-DOS Users. April 1992 release.
ZIP-5-3.ZIP13898Aug 1 1992Zip Magazine Volume 5 Issue 3 for MS/PC-DOS Users. August 1992 release.
ZIP1NOTE.ZIP1695Jul 13 1989Phil Katz's notes on PKZIP v1.0 release.
ZIP2X.ZIP96829Nov 11 1993PcTools/Windows support for PkZip 2.04g.
ZIPTUT.ZIP27551Apr 8 1989Excellent and indepth discussion of how ZIp files are compressed.