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A very interesting Grammar checker. Includes some new and potentially radical features.
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A very interesting Grammar checker. Includes some new and potentially radical features.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Dear User,

Thank you for trying Scandinavian PC Systems' first shareware
product, Readability Plus.

In 1989, this same program -- Readability Plus -- was the best
selling style checker in the United States. Buyers paid $130 to
order it by mail, and the program was acclaimed in reviews
published in every major computer magazine and in many popular
magazines (including Playboy).

Then why, with an estimated 100,000 people using it already,
have we released it as shareware? Because we KNOW that there
are at least 2 million PC users who can benefit from using a
style checker such as Readability Plus, and we're hoping that
you're one of them.

We want to hook you on using Readability Plus so that you'll
first become a registered owner, and later upgrade to our even
more powerful product, Corporate Voice.

Registration is a terrific deal. For $25 you get:

.. A 120-page, hard cover, multicolored manual that several
reviewers have called one of the finest PC manuals that's ever
been produced. It even includes the complete mathematical model
that underlies the program!

.. Unlimited technical support.

.. A coupon that will provide you with a $15 cash rebate if you
decide to upgrade to Corporate Voice.

To upgrade, simply call our 24-hour order line, 1-800-288-SCAN
and use your credit card. Or print out the file called REGISTER
which you can use to print a hard copy registration form.

One final note:

Please don't confuse Readability Plus with grammar & style
checkers such as Grammatik and RightWRITER. It starts where
those programs leave off. They correct many grammar and usage
errors and let you stipulate how strict you want those programs
to be through the selection of what they call business,
technical and personal "styles."

In contrast, Readability Plus assumes that what you've written
is mechanically correct. Rather than look for errors, it looks
for sentences and words that aren't appropriate for your
intended audience and purpose. Compare your text to any of the
nine writing style models provided with the program. "Align" the
style of your draft with the model's so that they're
indistinguishable. Whether you want to want to write love
letters that read like advertising copy (not such a dumb idea!),
or technical papers that read like well crafted magazine
articles, Readability Plus gives an advantage that only other
users of the program enjoy!

For an even more powerful edge, after you've seen what
Readability Plus can do, read the last chapter of this manual
that will explain the additional features that Corporate Voice
provides. We'll bet you'll end up owning it!

Yours truly,

Steve Frankel, President
Scandinavian PC Systems

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