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Readability Plus


Thank you for your interest in Readability Plus. This program,
available through mail order and retail channels until January
of 1990, had a list price of $129.95 and was discontinued due to
its replacement by Corporate Voice.

Corporate Voice has all of Readability Plus' capabilities,
including improved versions of the nine style models, plus
additional style models, some containing your favorite authors,
such as Ian Fleming, Tom Clancy and Louis Lamour. The major
improvement of Corporate Voice, however, is its ability to allow
you to create your OWN style models, based on any type of
writing you'd like to emulate. Corporate Voice is the world's
first style replicator, and we know of no other program like it.

We're making Readability Plus available to you as shareware in
order to introduce you to the technology of writing style
analysis. It's our hope that you will use and enjoy Readability
Plus. And, frankly, we think you'll be intrigued enough to
examine its "big brother," Corporate Voice.

Single user registration of Readability Plus costs $25 and
entitles you to use this software on a single computer and to
make as many copies of this software as you wish for backup

Upon receipt of your registration fee you will receive a hard
cover, 100 page professionally printed manual, a coupon for a
$15 rebate if you decide to buy Corporate Voice, and you will be
eligible for free telephone support (301-294-7453, 9-5 EST).


Remit to: From:

Scandinavian PC Systems, Inc. _________________________________
51 Monroe Street, Suite 1101
Rockville, MD 20850 _________________________________

or call: _________________________________

1-800-288-SCAN (7226) (9-5 EST) _________________________________

1-301-251-1053 (Fax) _________________________________

_____ Please fully register my copy of Readability Plus for $25.

_____ Send me _____ copy/copies of the complete Corporate Voice
package (including manual and both sizes of disks)at $89.95 each
(a 25% discount).

Total: ________________________

Checks, Money Orders, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners
Club and UPS COD are accepted. Written Purchase Orders are
accepted for quantity purchases and site licenses from most
companies, schools, and governmental units. Terms NET 30.

Credit Card # ________________________________ Exp Date:____/____

Signature ________________________________ Phone ________________

To Purchasing, Accounts Payable:

Note that the disk for Readability Plus has been delivered and
accepted by the customer. Upon receipt of this paid invoice, a
printed manual will be sent.

Our federal ID number is 52-1583735.