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Zmodem protocol C source for UNIX.
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Zmodem protocol C source for UNIX.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CRC.1 918 575 deflated
CRC.C 8297 3521 deflated
CRCTAB.C 8737 3694 deflated
GENIE.C 1959 1029 deflated
GZ 19 19 stored
INIT.COM 167 91 deflated
MAILER.RZ 2514 972 deflated
MAKEFILE 2996 880 deflated
MINIRB.1 1241 676 deflated
MINIRB.C 4057 1718 deflated
PTEST.SH 119 94 deflated
RBSB.C 6924 2617 deflated
README 2604 1264 deflated
RZ.1 9404 4018 deflated
RZ.C 32635 11256 deflated
SZ.1 12886 5214 deflated
SZ.C 44399 14196 deflated
VMODEM.H 882 454 deflated
VRZSZ.C 4505 1871 deflated
VUPL.T 618 333 deflated
VUPLFILE.T 274 182 deflated
VVMODEM.C 6120 2062 deflated
ZM.C 18429 5203 deflated
ZMODEM.H 6137 2270 deflated
ZMR.C 4424 1719 deflated
ZUPL.T 746 393 deflated

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Contents of the README file

May 1989: Corrections for undefined variable and multiply
defined rdchk() on some systems.

New for 1989: ZMODEM compression and other compatible
extensions have been added to the rz and sz programs.
Please read the comments in the rz.c and sz.c source code
for licensing information.

Previous versions of rz and sz (April 1988) remain Public Domain.

New for April 1988: VMS C flavors of rz and sz especially for
tired frog stompers. The following performance log entries
give the story!

2400 Z splat.arc 3968 220 18 0 0 0 512 30 (rz) 0 ccvax off
2400 K splat.arc 3968 110 36 0 0 0 89 -1 get -1 ccvax off

The contents of RZSZ.ARC can be uploaded to a VAX/XMS system
by ZCOMM or Professional-YAM using the supplied vupl.t script.
Connect to your VMS system, select an empty directory, and
then give the YAM/ZCOMM command: "source vupl.t". This will
attempt to start a Kermit server ans upload the files to it.
If the script can't fire up a Kermit server, the script will
use the VMS DCL "create" command to upload the files directly.
In the latter case, use a clean line for best results.
Compile/Link directions for VMS C are in the comments at the
beginning of the rz.c and sz.c files.

The contents of RZSZ.ARC can be uploaded to a Unix or Xenix
system by ZCOMM or Professional-YAM using the supplied zupl.t
script. Connect to your Unix/Xenix system, select an empty
directory, and then give the YAM/ZCOMM command: "source
zupl.t". This will upload minirb.c, compile it, and then use
minirb to upload the rz/sz files.

Once these files are on your Unix system, you can type "make".
The Makefile will list the various systems it knows how to
compile the programs for, and the command to do so (e.g.,
"make bsd").

The Makefile is self explanatory; just say "make".

Naturally, rz and sz work best with comm programs that seamlessly
support ZMODEM command and file AutoDownload (Pro-YAM and ZCOMM).

The "DSZ" shareware program allows ZMODEM file transfers with
traditional DOS comm programs, but it must be called manually.
(The computer should do that for you!) DSZ provides a "mini
term function" that supports ZMODEM AutoDownload. DSZ (part
of DSZ.ARC) and the ZMODEM protocol description (YZMODEM.ARC)
are on TeleGodzilla and other fine bulletin boards.

Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX ...!tektronix!reed!omen!caf
Author of YMODEM, ZMODEM, Professional-YAM, ZCOMM, and DSZ
Omen Technology Inc "The High Reliability Software"
17505-V NW Sauvie IS RD Portland OR 97231 503-621-3406
TeleGodzilla:621-3746 FAX:621-3735 CIS:70007,2304 Genie:CAF

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