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UNIX Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
3BBSLIST.ZIP23910Jan 31 1993Three BBS and Service's List of Internet available connections.
5MITSUMI.ZIP20076Feb 3 1994Mcd - SVR4 Mitsumi CD-ROM Driver 0.2 (BETA). This driver is a block driver for the Mitsumi CD-ROM for UNIX System V Release 4.2 (SVR4.2) for Intel platforms. Freeware under terms of the GNU General Public License.
ACADLIS1.ZIP14882Feb 14 1993Academic Discussion groups by email.
ACS13MAN.ZIP67579May 4 1994ACS v0.13 User's Manual (in latex format) plus example files (tar archives). ACS is interactive general purpose mixed analog and digital circuit simulator.
ACS13SRC.ZIP216665May 4 1994ACS v0.13 source code of LINUX and other Unix systems w/ docs and examples. ACS is an interactive general purpose mixed analog and digital circuit simulator. It performs nonlinear dc and transient analyses, fourier analys
AFTP0991.ZIP36969Sep 11 1991Anonymous FTP sites on Internet - Sept 01 1991.
AFTP1091.ZIP39844Oct 19 1991Anonymous FTP sites on Internet - dated 10/19/91.
AGREPLNX.ZIP108439Jun 7 1992"Fuzzy" grep for Linux finds approximate grep matchs, and/or test, fixed length records or free form --- very fast and capable from Univ. of Arizona, includes C source and binary.
AIXTIPS9.ZIP17016Sep 30 1992IBM RS6000 AIX tips from the Internet.
ARC-SYS5.ZIP51699Apr 5 1987This is a complete version of PC ARC v5.12, ported to System V. Includes full C source code.
ARCHIE.ZIP3474Oct 21 1992How to use the internet 'archie' clients.
ATP07SRC.ZIP147202Sep 16 1993ATP 1.42 QWK Reader, full C source code, full featured freeware per GNU License.
BASH1-12.ZIP721172Nov 7 1992Unix C source code for Bash, the "Bourne-Again-Shell" command shell for Unix and POSIX compliant operating systems, with many of the better features of the Bourne, Korn, and C shells including command history, command comp
BASHDOCS.ZIP72360Nov 7 1992Documentaion for 'bash' the "Bourne-Again-Shell", GNU's POSIX compliant comand shell for Unix systems. Bash is the standard shell for Linux and has features of the Korn and C shell.
BASICI.ZIP10909Dec 6 1992This is a SHAR file for a Basic interpreter on Unix. Unzip, then sh basic.shr.
BBSMUD.ZIP24758Jan 23 1993Text file listing's of Telnet BBS and services and Multi Users Dungeons (MUD) On Line games accessible via the Internet.
BEGINLNX.ZIP37333Apr 8 1992Beginner's Guide to LINUX, especially for those wishing to migrate to UNIX via the LINUX path.
BGI12.ZIP91435Oct 17 1993Latest Introduction/guide to the Internet.
BIGDUMMY.ZIP123494Sep 9 1993Internet for dummies.
BIGFUN.ZIP9996Dec 12 1992Big Fun on the Internet: Text File.
BIGNUMS.ZIP5434Apr 22 1993List of C/C++ multi-precision arithmetic packages available on Internet.
BITNET.ZIP51753Dec 10 1990List of all nodes using Bitnet.
BONNIE.ZIP10117Jul 30 1992Unix disk analyzer gives general idea of disk subsystem performance, reads and writes a file to the specified device. Gives throughput and time to complete operation.
BOOT96B.ZIP84678Jun 25 1992Linux kernel boot image for June 22, 1992, now supports 16550 UARTS, better vt100 emulation, see docs and d/l STERM96B.ZIP also.
BOOTLIN.ZIP2611Apr 11 1992Boot Linux from your hard drive.
BSPLIT.ZIP15363Jun 14 1992BSplit is a binary-file splitter/combiner for LINUX. It allows you to break large files into smaller ones and recombine them. Includes very portable C source code.
CANCER.ZIP5754Feb 12 1993Cancer DataBases and Info from the Internet.
CFORTH.ZIP45992Oct 11 1989A UNIX version of Forth written in C, includes full C source code.
CHAT17.ZIP13083Dec 16 1987Multi-user Chat for Unix / Xenix systems.
COH40-PR.ZIP3896May 24 1992Press release about Coherent 32-bit upgrade of Mark Williams Company Unix clone -- Coherent 4.0.
COHERENT.ZIP9839May 10 1992Frequently Asked Questions for Coherent - a Unix clone of sorts.
COH_BPL.ZIP12564Dec 14 1990BPLUS B-Tree index routines (version 1.1A) hacked for XENIX and Coherent. The XENIX version works marginally, but the Coherent version works fine.
COH_ZMOD.ZIP38089Dec 1 1990ZMODEM Source for Coherent 3.0 Unix Operating System.
COH_ZOO.ZIP129769Dec 2 1990This is the ZOO archive routine hacked for use under Coherent 3.0.0. This is source code, so you have to "make" the executable. There is a shell routine called "makcoh" which will execute the Compile.
COMPR43D.ZIP28780Apr 21 1991MS-DOS executable version of the Unix file compression utility.
COMPUNIX.ZIP43780Oct 8 1992Frequently-asked-question file for comp.unix.questions group on Usenet as of 10/09/92. Full of handy basic & non-intuitive Unix system info.
CORTNY.ZIP10317Apr 6 1995The satan antidote. Guards your host computer against satan attacks. Shuts down communications if an attack is underway.
CRISPS19.ZIP940599Sep 3 1992UNIX source code for Crisp version 1.9, a clone of Brief, the famous programmer's editor. Crisp was once known as Grief until a lawsuit.
DECEMBER.ZIP8077Feb 14 1993December list of Internet Resources.
DECOMP2.ZIP17551Mar 23 1990Decompress utility for Unix compressed file format (files.Z).
DETAR.ZIP15882Jan 23 1988Extract Tar files on a PC. C source code included.
DETEX.ZIP10357Feb 3 1993Unix C source code for a filter to strip TeX markups from documents thus yielding plain ascii text.
DIF115BS.ZIP113896Jul 5 1992GNU diff and diff3 source code for Unix, Linux, etc., required for RCS.
DIR10.ZIP1203861Apr 20 1993The Desktop Internet Reference for Windows v1.0a.
DISKANAL.ZIP14352Jul 30 1992Disk Fragmentation analyzer for SCO Unix.
DOS-UNIX.ZIP21063Dec 10 1990Convert text files between DOS and UNIX systems.
DPASSWD.ZIP3805Dec 21 1991Create/modify dialup password file (/etc/d_passwd) entries for UNIX.
DSKANAL.ZIP14350Aug 2 1992Disk fragmentation analyzer for SYS V unix, source in C.
DUMMY.ZIP123494Sep 9 1993Internet guide for dummies.
DUNGEONL.ZIP98100May 15 1992Zork type dungeon game for LINUX.
ECU.ZIP612706Nov 18 1993ECU is a telecom program for SCO (w. sources of course). TAZ is .tar.Z.
EDPART.ZIP14199May 1 1988Partition editor from tsx-11.mit.edu for use in preparing disk for Linux.
ELF11G.ZIP75584Oct 19 1994Specification for the ELF Executable and Linkable Format V1.1, object file format used by many Unix systems. Postscript file.
EMGIV1.ZIP78063Feb 21 1993"Electronic Mystics Guide to the Internet" vol.1 Resource guide to the internet for those involved in religious studies. Vol.2 TBA.
EMGIV3.ZIP38454Feb 21 1993"Electronic Mystics Guide to the Internet" Vol.3 Resource guide to the internet for those involved in religous studies. Vol.2 TBA.
EXAINF.ZIP6469Apr 28 1993Digex.net Express Access Balto/Wash.DC Internet access $15-$25 Basic Rates.
EZCOMP20.ZIP99016Jul 13 1992EZComp Version 2.0 Unix compatible compress/uncompress for DOS. Extreamly Fast, true 32bit, runs in 386 protected mode, (386+ required), full 12 - 16 bit support.
FEBHUNT.ZIP3238Feb 12 1993February Internet Hunt.
FLEX246.ZIP284194Jul 29 1994UNIX C source for FLEX, a fast lexical analyzer generator.
FMT-LNX.ZIP69086Jun 5 1992Very versatile text formatter for Linux, can emulate many formatters including TeX, nroff, Berkeley BSD fmt. Use with man pages or for word processing or printing docs, very nice but read the docs.
FREEBSD.ZIP16110Aug 2 1994How to get FreeBSD Unix and how to build it with floppies.
FREECO.ZIP45082Feb 28 1993The "Free Compiler and Tools Catalog" from Internet. Catalog of all compilers, interpreters, tools, available for free from Internet. Feb 93'.
FTP.ZIP37328Apr 5 1991An anonymous-FTP site list for people with access to the net.
FTPLIST.ZIP261542Jun 27 1991A list of anonymous ftp sites on internet. Must have grep!.
FTPLST.ZIP36256Dec 4 1991Listing of FTP sites which accept anonymous password.
FTPMAIL.ZIP1491Jul 1 1992A text file that tells you how to FTP files using regular InterNet Mail.
FTPSITES.ZIP33661Dec 21 1992File Transfer Sites on the Internet.
GAS138.ZIP333534May 19 1992GNU assembeler version 1.38, supports many architectures: 680x0, Intel, HP, Sparc, Ultrix. Easily modified to support new processors.
GASDOC.ZIP14000Dec 22 1994Documentation for the GNU gas assembler for Intel processors (386,486,586). Gas is used with GCC under Linux, OS/2, DGJPP and so on. Gas uses AT&T syntax.
GCC14XNX.ZIP1661861Apr 30 1994Free GNU Software Development System for Xenix 386. The programs contained are: gcc, gdb, gas, patch, ar, ranlib, flex, bison, byacc, and rcs, among others.
GCC21FAQ.ZIP2834May 13 1992LINUX GNU GCC C and C++ compiler frequently asked questions and answers, installation information for GCC 2.1.
GCCDOC.ZIP259544Aug 25 1992GNU GCC C & C++ docs and in-depth information on how to make the most of GCC. These docs are in NORMAL acsii format, no need for fancy formatters to view.
GCHESS31.ZIP278686Jun 12 1992GNU chess 3.1 for LINUX under X Windows (source code). Should work with an X Window server.
GDB45.ZIP630676Apr 29 1992Here is the GNU debugger for Linux.
GETPS202.ZIP79837Jul 22 1992Unix and Linux getty and uugetty replacement source code.
GNUBC102.ZIP95375Sep 4 1992GNU bc is an arbitrary precision numeric calculator and processing language which is part of the POSIX standard. C source code.
GNUHURD0.ZIP12857Jan 30 1993Discussion of GNU Hurd, an advanced operating system under development by the Free Software Foundation, no release date as of yet however.
GNUPLOTL.ZIP256939May 14 1992GNU graphics plotter for LINUX.
GNU_CPIO.ZIP58677Mar 21 1992GNU source code for cpio UNIX file archiving utility, V. 1.1.
GPLUS1.ZIP183692Jan 1 1992GNU C++ version 1.40.3, part1. GNU C++ is GNU CC with a C++ front end. The total package occupies about 3.3 MB. These are shar files, after unzipping, use 'sh filename' on your Unix system.
GPLUS2.ZIP162549Jan 1 1992GNU C++ version 1.40.3, part 2/6.
GPLUS3.ZIP157163Jan 1 1992GNU C++ version 1.40.3, part 3/6.
GPLUS4.ZIP156019Jan 1 1992GNU C++ version 1.40.3, part 4/6.
GPLUS5.ZIP181704Jan 1 1992GNU C++ version 1.40.3, part 5/6.
GPLUS6.ZIP142784Jan 1 1992GNU C++ version 1.40.3 part 6/6.
GSCRIPT.GZ983017Jun 4 1993GhostScript-2.6.1.tar.gz is GNU's PostScript Interpreter. It's compressed using GNU's compress GZIP. Source code only.
GTETRIS.ZIP25065Jan 15 1993SHAR file of source code for Generic Tetris for X Windows.
GZIP.ZIP221103Oct 17 1993SCO GZIP from GNU. In tar format.
GZIP110S.ZIP202806May 30 1993GNU gzip version 1.1.0, a replacement for Unix compress, C source code.
GZIP111.ZIP47884Jun 1 1993GNU gzip MS_DOS executable, gzip version 1.1.0, a replacement for Unix compress.
HAND1.ZIP36604Jun 7 1993Info from Internet about Ping / FTP sites in Microsoft Word format.
HELLDIVE.ZIP8295Jan 12 1993Description of new offline reader format for use with Usenet and Internet mail and news.
HHGI10.ZIP22675Oct 1 1992"Hitch Hikers Guide to the Internet" - Project Guttenburg release.
HHGUIDE.ZIP23054Dec 11 1992Hitch Hikers Guide to the Internet.
HIGWEIRD.ZIP35802Feb 12 1993Unusual things to do on the Internet.
HIKE-INT.ZIP21269May 8 1993The Hitchhikers Guide to Internet. Explains access, mail, and more.
HIWEIRD.ZIP39544Feb 12 1993Unusual places and things to do on the Internet.
HOLONET.ZIP27593Dec 7 1992A info packet on what HOLONET has to offer. Telnet, FTP, and all of internet at your fingertips. Try it out with Holonet.
HYPTEL63.ZIP429095Oct 15 1992Hyper Text Telnet/Internet Address file.
HYTELN63.ZIP429095Oct 15 1992Hyper Text format Guide to Internet's Telnet Services.
HYTELN65.ZIP553055Jun 20 1993HYTELNET Version 6.5 is designed to assist users in reaching all of the INTERNET-accessible libraries, Free-nets, CWISs, BBSs, & other information sites by Telnet.
IFMAIL17.ZIP147476Dec 20 1993New FIDO Mailer for LINUX: BETA version of a full-featured FidoNet (tm) compatible mailer for Linux and U*IX platforms.
IHVAHA.ZIP118930Feb 15 1999Updated Adaptec EISA SCSI drivers for Unixware.
ILLSCC.ZIP6741Feb 27 1992Directions for obtaining public domain software from the Univ. of Ill. National Super Computer Center by FTP. Text file.
IMAKE312.ZIP207471Dec 24 1993UNIX Imake utility C source code and docs, often used for building X11 applications.
INETA.ZIP22379Apr 20 1993BBS Access to Internet listing.
INETB.ZIP11296Apr 20 1993Public dialup Internet Access List.
INETSER2.ZIP3289Jun 18 1993This is Inetserv v. 2.0. This is a review of the internet services. This is for commentary and review.
INET_SRC.ZIP8077Feb 14 1993Internet source list.
INFPOP27.ZIP291423Mar 23 1993Internet TSR Pop-Up resource Guide.
INSTALNX.ZIP4944Feb 20 1992How to install LINUX on your hard disk drive, supercedes instlinx.zip.
INSTLINX.ZIP4503Feb 16 1992Tips on how to install LINUX the free UNIX clone onto your hard disk drive.
INSTLNX3.ZIP11171Mar 26 1992Latest version of LINUX installation guide from Erik Ratcliffe and Gary Kahn, includes advanced disk partitioning information using available tools, special tips for installation with DOS 5.0.
INT-DOC.ZIP16758Apr 5 1993Internet documents that explains using differnt mail services or gateways to send messages and also how to get a person's addresses.
INTBIB.ZIP5290Feb 12 1993Bibliography of books about the Internet.
INTER.ZIP7864Apr 2 1993Text file on how to access other gateways via internet.
INTGRPS.ZIP324849Feb 22 1993Interest Groups for email just ftp'ed from sri.com.
INTLX003.ZIP131381Mar 5 1992News and installation tips, "how to" articles, about LinUX -- the free UNIX clone, taken from the Internet.
INTLX004.ZIP17395Mar 6 1992Tips and traps about LinUX the freeware UNIX clone from Internet.
INTLX005.ZIP32344Mar 11 1992News 'n' views about that freeware LinUX UNIX clone taken from the Internet.
INTLX012.ZIP42022Apr 14 1992Linux news from the net.
INTLX013.ZIP224673Apr 20 1992LINUX news from the Internet.
INTLX015.ZIP64828Apr 26 1992Linux news from the Internet.
INTLX016.ZIP160512May 3 1992LINUX news from the Internet.
INTLX017.ZIP82129May 5 1992LINUX news from the Internet.
INTLX018.ZIP73605May 23 1992Linux news from the net.
INTLX019.ZIP77860May 21 1992Linux news from the net.
INTLX020.ZIP169117May 24 1992Linux news from the net.
INTLX023.ZIP99810Jun 1 1992Linux news from the Internet.
INTLX024.ZIP133703Jun 1 1992Linux news from the Internet.
INTLX025.ZIP77429Jun 3 1992Linux news from the Internet.
INTLX026.ZIP57822Jun 4 1992Linux news from the Internet.
INTLX027.ZIP72530Jun 6 1992Linux news from the Internet.
INTMAIL.ZIP5243Sep 4 1993A file on how to get WinMail for access to the internet mail and ftp sites.
INT_DOC.ZIP100385Apr 29 1993Internet misc documents.
IP-HOOK.ZIP34715Mar 27 1991Some info on PC to Internet connections.
IRC.ZIP7679Feb 12 1993List of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Servers World Wide.
ITR0514G.ZIP1525330Jun 3 1993Internet Talk Radio - Geek of the Week 5/14/93 - Interview with Geln Kowack, Chief Executive of EUnet. Discussion of Internet in Europe evolving networks in Poland and other Eastern European countries. 17mb uncompressed,
ITR0529A.ZIP1534Jun 9 1993Internet Talk Radio in .wav format - Geek of the Week May 29, 1993 - an interview with John Romke on various security issues including gov. role in encryption keys, PGP vs. PCM.. part A of A&B . ~0:40 show.
ITR0529B.ZIP1660364Jun 9 1993Internet Talk Radio - Geek of the Week - May 29, 1993. Part B of A&B.
JAPAN.ZIP15871Feb 12 1993Japanese Internet Sites, mostly commericial.
JOE23.ZIP184622Dec 24 1994C source code for powerful FREEWARE editor for UNIX, DOS, and OS/2 featuring WordStar command set: JOE version 2.3.
KA9Q-LXB.ZIP132187May 19 1992KA9Q TCP/IP networking protocol binary executables for LINUX.
KA9Q-LXS.ZIP443647May 19 1992Unix/LINUX source code for KA9Q TCP/IP networking protocol.
KC910.ZIP269491Oct 6 1991A UNIX password cracker.
LDD-SRC.ZIP18233May 27 1992LDD-SRC is a utility for LINUX which will show you what shared libraries an application needs inorder to run properly. Mysterious segmentation faults can be caused by missing libraries.
LH_XENIX.ZIP31592May 24 1991This is a copy of LH_UNIX v1.00 ported to SCO Xenix 386.
LIN95AUX.ZIP272149Mar 14 1992In depth installation notes and toolkit for LINUX 0.95, including auxillary disk image.
LINBIN1.ZIP568189Feb 1 1992Upport files number 1, for LINUX the freeware UNIX .
LINBIN2.ZIP546540Feb 22 1992Support files #2 for LINUX include grep gawk kermit find locate etc.
LINBIN3.ZIP568096Feb 22 1992Support files #3 for LINUX patch, less, pmake, rcs, sed, etc.
LINBIN4.ZIP611217Feb 23 1992Support files #4 for LINUX contain text manipulating routines etc.
LINBIN5.ZIP604076Feb 24 1992Support files #5 for LINUX contains gnu elvis (like vi) editor, etc.
LINCURSE.ZIP91015Mar 20 1992BSD curses ported to LinUX, includes libcurse.a binary and source code.
LINDF.ZIP18097Mar 20 1992Linux df command shows disk free space and usage.
LINFAQ32.ZIP87345Feb 19 1993Linux FAQ frequently asked questions for Feb. 1993, Linux is a FREE version of the Unix operating system for 386 or better computers.
LINGCC1B.ZIP363794Feb 26 1992GNU GCC C compiler ported to LINUX, binary files.
LINGCC2B.ZIP405295Feb 26 1992GNU GCC C compiler ported to LINUX, binary files.
LINGCC3B.ZIP60406Feb 26 1992GNU GCC C compiler ported to LINUX, header files: stdio.h math.h etc.
LINGCPIO.ZIP46421Mar 21 1992GNU cpio file archiver for Linux, the freeware Unix -- this is a binary file.
LINK.ZIP1632Sep 1 1993Update to Unixware's usr/include/link.h.
LINMAN10.ZIP99930Apr 27 1992GNU man ported to LINUX, an alternate man.
LINOLEO.ZIP189260Apr 27 1992GNU OLEO spread sheet for LINUX, somewhat like Lotus 123, somewhat like EMACS.
LINROFF.ZIP30993Mar 15 1992NROFF for LINUX, binary, used by man to format manual pages, etc.
LINSTALL.ZIP4944Feb 20 1992Installation help for LINUX.
LINSTD.ZIP35252Mar 11 1992LinUX standards documents includes layout of directories and required files.
LINTOOL1.ZIP208580Mar 6 1992Development tools for LinUX. Includes BISON a yacc clone ; FLEX a lex clone ; AS86 Bruce Evans's assembler ported to LinUX the freeware UNIX.
LINUFAQ2.ZIP19220Feb 25 1992Late Feruary's Linux FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) from Network News. A great source of Linux information and tips.
LINUX95C.ZIP60146Apr 11 1992Important new upgrade for LINUX, fixes bugs, has hooks for new file system which will soon be availabe, support for new binaries produced by GCC 2.x, this is a "must have" upgrade for all Linuxers.
LINUX96.ZIP78904May 14 1992LINUX boot image version 0.96 from May 14, 1992. Includes notes from Linus Torvalds. Now has built-in SCSI support. Requires an installed file system or a root image from an earlier release.
LINUXDOC.ZIP3523Jan 29 1992Information on a new free Unix clone.
LINUXFAQ.ZIP14981Feb 3 1992February's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Linux UNIX OS downloaded from InterNet. A great source of documentation and information for Linux.
LINX1123.ZIP1424062Dec 4 1994LINUX Kernel source v1.1.23.
LINX11V1.ZIP1684368May 29 1992X11R5 version 1.0 for Linux O.S. This contains two compressed tar files necessary for a basic X windows setup for Linux. You need a version that is 0.96 or above of Linux. Instructions are included in the archive.
LIN_NEWS.ZIP39041Mar 15 1992Linux News_Digests 108,109 and 110 from alt.os.linux.
LISTFAQ.ZIP3359Feb 14 1993Listserv info for Bitnet.
LNX-FIDO.ZIP9070May 4 1992This is a list of LINUX files available through the FIDONET. See also LNXPOL.ZIP for rules and details of how to do this. Note also that FIDONET now carries comp.os.linux as the LINUX FIDO echo.
LNX-PERL.ZIP319951Feb 25 1992PERL language ported to LINUX, contains binary and library files, PERL is a language similar to AWK but more powerful and able to handle binary files.
LNXFAQ06.ZIP41645Jun 15 1992Linux FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for June 1992, at present this is as close to a Linux "bible" as you are going to get. If you use Linux (want to) then you need this.
LNXPOL.ZIP4397May 3 1992LINUX is now being distributed through FIDONET. In addition, FIDO now carries Usenet's comp.os.linux as a FIDO echo: LINUX. Here are the information files.
LNXTIME.ZIP124450Apr 26 1992Time routines for LINUX --- date, clock, POSIX time zone control etc.
LNX_SCSI.ZIP174133Apr 25 1992SCSI package for LINUX, use with SCSI drives, includes docs, faq, and boot image for LINUX 0.95c which has been modified for SCSI use.
LPD.ZIP19722Apr 17 1992Line printer daemon for LINUX, source code only.
LX-SHAR.ZIP84067May 1 1992Shell archive utilities version 3.32 for LINUX: shar, unshar, man pages, and source code.
LX-UNZIP.ZIP48080May 18 1992UNZIP for Linux based on INFO-ZIP version 4.1. This file fixes some problems with older versions of UNZIP for Linux.
LXADDUSR.ZIP3333May 14 1992Add user system admin routine for LINUX.
LXUUCODE.ZIP57084May 14 1992Uuencode for LINUX.
LXVGALIB.ZIP11535May 14 1992VGA graphics library for LINUX.
LYNX236.ZIP726439Dec 5 1994Lynx 2-3-6 World Wide Web(WWW) Browser. Source code for many flavors of UNIX.
MACH.ZIP3481Mar 6 1991Information about Mach O/S Kernel follows in two files.
MATH_CO.ZIP1284Jul 5 1993Math library for COHERENT v3.1.0 desktop calculator (BC).
MBASE.ZIP88180May 27 1992Unix/xenix data base program.
MDUUCP.ZIP31362Sep 1 1992List of all the UUCP sites in Maryland.
MED-INET.ZIP16984Sep 23 1992Medical sources on the internet.
MEDINET.ZIP58948Oct 9 1993Internet/Bitnet Health Sciences Resources.
MERIT.ZIP549427Mar 3 1993MERIT's "Cruise of the Internet" is a graphical, quick tutorial for navigating through internet.
MERIT20.ZIP549427Mar 3 1993Great introduction to InterNet.
MGR_LNX1.ZIP594244May 29 1992Part 1 of mgr windowing system for Linux, ported directly from SunSparc, provides a mouse/windowing environment for Linux, mgr version 0.02 .
MGR_LNX2.ZIP401186Jun 1 1992Part 2 of mgr windowing system for LINUX, ported from SunSparc, provides mouse windows environment for LINUX. Part 2 contains docs and libraries and some applications. Version 0.02.
MGR_UPGR.ZIP152686Jun 10 1992The files needed to upgrade the basic MGR package from 0.02 to 0.03 and 0.04 . This gives you color with 0.04 and other improvements. Linix.
MINCOM15.ZIP86268Nov 14 1993MINICOM 1.5 C source code for a Telix-like COMM program for Linux and other Unix variants.
MINIX15D.ZIP222327Mar 25 1991Demo version of MINIX 1.5 [UNIX clone] operating system.
MK42BASE.ZIP925180Mar 6 1991Basic Mach O/S (multiprocessor Unix from Carnegie Mellon) routines.
MK42I386.ZIP281062Mar 6 1991Machine-dependent part of Mach O/S - for serious O/S hackers only..
MMUSE.ZIP12177Jul 30 1992A map of all of the MicroMUSE Sections and Arcs. The MUSE Internet Game Guide.
MTOOLS.ZIP37127Sep 22 1992OS file utils for reading DOS format disks under Unix. Source only.
NETGOLD.ZIP23421Mar 19 1993A well written reference describing what is available on INTERNET.
NETGUIDE.ZIP169789Dec 3 1992Internet Resource Guide - list of different organization on the Internet.
NETPROG.ZIP164999Sep 3 1992Source code from the book "UNIX Network Programming" by W. Richard Stevens.
NH3P10BI.ZIP549828May 16 1992Famous NETHACK game now for LINUX.
NIX0801.ZIP25115Aug 1 1991Public access UNIX sites (USENET list) dated 08/01/91.
NIXPUB42.ZIP33139Feb 5 1994Public access Unix sites, long and short list, Feb. 1994.
OP.ZIP23681Dec 30 1992OP is a Unix tool to allow customizable super user access.
ORIGAMIE.ZIP183970Apr 12 1993Unix C source code for folding editor.
OS9FAQ3B.ZIP9712Nov 12 1993Frequently asked questions about OS9, OSK, OS9/6809, OS9/68000, OS9-9000.
OSUCIS.ZIP12564Jun 2 1990This describes how to get the Free Software Foundation's GNU software products from the osu-cis site via semi-anonymous UUCP. These are free programs designed to be upwards compatible with Unix. Some are better than comm
PBMPLUS.ZIP428549Oct 17 1991Unix C programs to convert a bitmap from one type (say a Sun raster file) to another bitmap (say Postscript).
PC-MAIL2.ZIP261323Feb 28 1990A complete PC->UNIX Mail messaging system. Includes full C source and make files for both MS-DOS and UNIX. Includes full docs.
PCCTS130.ZIP580169Nov 22 1994Purdue Compiler Construction Set 1.30, a more powerful clone of lex/yacc. Requires tar to unpack.
PCG3.ZIP175677Mar 25 1993Gopher Client for MS-DOS (a turbovision app). Requires Clarkson or similar TCP/IP packet drivers for NOVELL network. Release 3.0. Freeware from the gopher folks at Univ of Minnesota.
PCIRC1B.ZIP52180Jul 9 1991IRC client for the Internet's Relay Chat.
PCOM202A.ZIP31869Apr 18 1993Unix shar file - Pcomm v2.0.2 - a Procomm clone. Part A of F.
PCOM202B.ZIP25993Apr 18 1993Unix shar file - Pcomm v2.0.2 - a Procomm clone for Unix. Part B of F.
PCOM202C.ZIP26457Apr 18 1993Pcomm v2.0.2 Part C of F. A unix shar file.
PCOM202D.ZIP27685Apr 18 1993Unix shar file - PCOMM v2.0.2 - a Procomm clone for Unix. Part D of F.
PCOM202E.ZIP15243Apr 18 1993Unix shar file. PCOMM v2.0.2 - a Procomm clone in Unix. Part E of F.
PCOM202F.ZIP22689Apr 18 1993Unix shar file - Pcomm v2.0.2 - Procomm clone in Unix - part F of F.
PCOMM.ZIP307884Feb 17 1990The ultimate COMM package for UNIX systems. Similar to ProComm Plus, this highly rated freeware comes with very portable C source code.
PCOMM12.ZIP159630Mar 5 1994C source for PD communications program for *nix systems.
PCUB0393.ZIP55564Mar 12 1993"PC Unix Buyers Guide" - Descriptions, HW requirements, pricing, sources, etc of all PC UNIX OS's (SCO, BSD, Linux, etc...). Excellent reference.
PDIAL.ZIP9716Oct 19 1992List of publicly accessible Internet sites.
PDIAL013.ZIP15498Sep 9 1993Public Dial-up Internet Access List.
PDKSH512.ZIP355631Dec 19 1994C Source code for pdksh 5.1.2, an AT&T ksh (Korn Shell) look-alike. Runs under Unix including LINUX, Sun, HP, DecStations. Also runs under OS/2. FREEWARE.
PERL-RK1.ZIP7804Sep 10 1990Text of Part 1 of PERL language from May 1990 UNIX Review.
PERL-RK2.ZIP5395Sep 23 1990Text of Part 2 of PERL language from June 1990 UNIX Review.
PERL-RK3.ZIP7034Sep 26 1990Text of Part 3 of PERL language from July 1990 UNIX Review.
PFE091.ZIP220347Dec 16 1993Forth for linux, other unixes and dos.
PINE24.ZIP966978Apr 26 1992Pine-Is-Not-Elm enhanced evolutuion of Elm e-mail system from the University of Washington, includes easy to use stand-alone PICO text editor with spelling checker, designed with performance and ease of use in mind, UNIX m
PIPPK.ZIP433845Mar 29 1990PC /IP Users: collection of programs from MIT.
POPML230.ZIP154661Sep 23 1991PopMail is a "user friendly" interface to the Unix Post Office Protocol. Requires Clarkson Packet Drivers.
PRE096.ZIP247760Apr 26 1992Pre-release source code for LINUX kernel version 0.96, since this is pre-release only, do not distribute kernels built from this code. Use gcc 2.1 to build it.
PSI.ZIP6722Jan 6 1991Information on PSI's Usenet subscriptions. PSI provides everything from simple net-mail to newsgroups to TCP/IP SLIP connections to the net.
PTAR.ZIP18115Jan 23 1991Public Domain Tar for Dos.
PUBNIX.ZIP10005Sep 25 1989A USENET complied list of public Unix/Xenix/ETCnix systems in the USA..
RCS-56.ZIP300507Aug 25 1992GNU RCS Revision Control System Version 5.6 source code for Unix, Linux, and generally any POSIXish operating system. .
RECOD324.ZIP165067May 2 1993GNU Recode 3.2.4 translates documents between various character sets: ebcdic, ascii, ibm_pc, latin1, etc. Includes additional support for French and Quebecois usage. C source code, copyrighted freeware.
REGEX.ZIP17529Sep 10 1986C source to Unix regex (regular expression parsing and compiling). Allows Unix-style wildcard comparison.
REGEXP3.ZIP27480Feb 23 1986More C source for Unix-like regular expression parsing and compilation. Allows use of Unix-style wildcard comparisons.
RFC-INDE.ZIP45744Feb 27 1993Internet Request for Comments List INDEX.
RFC1036.ZIP14649May 22 1992Document describing format for Usenet news messages and news groups (conferences).
RFC1402.ZIP23434Feb 12 1993Internet Resource Guide.
RFC822.ZIP32252May 22 1992Document describing format for Internet mail and messages.
RMAIL.ZIP73237Nov 20 1991Rmail is a unix mailbox and news reader for DOS.
ROGUELNX.ZIP219014May 14 1992Dungeon type game for LINUX.
RZSZ.ZIP76975Feb 2 1990Zmodem protocol C source for UNIX.
RZSZ0593.ZIP63126May 5 1993This is the source code, in C, for sending and receiving files via Zmodem. It is portable to almost any OS. From the Internet.
SAMPLEC.ZIP15972Jan 2 1993These files are the source files for the book: "Introduction to COMPILER CONSTRUCTION with Unix" by Alex T. Schreiner & H. George Friedman, Jr. published by Prentice Hall 1985
SATAN.ZIP332619Apr 5 1995Here it is! The famous network security checking program. Requires UNIX. Associated file: courtny.zip - a guard against satan attacks.
SCILISTS.ZIP3424Feb 12 1993Listserv email list for Bitnet mostly.
SCOZMODM.ZIP35306Jul 14 1993Public domain Zmodem source for SCO Unix.
SHOELACE.ZIP128829May 15 1992Shoelace enables users of LINUX or MINIX to chose whether to boot DOS or *NIX at boot-up time (that is you can boot directly form the hard disk).
SHUTIL16.ZIP461641Jun 8 1992GNU shell utilities for Linux, includes expr, nice, tee, groups, nohup, whoami, date, many more. GNU version 1.6.
SIMTEL.ZIP14182Aug 20 1992Text files relating to Large FTP Host site Simtel; gov.sponsored PD library.
SLIP.ZIP8809May 20 1991A UNIX SysV driver for TCP/IP SLIP protocol.
SMAIL312.ZIP646964Nov 27 1993C source code, docs, man pages, and admin guide to Smail 3.1.28 e-mail transport agent, highly configurable and robust.
SOCKETS.ZIP6057May 24 1992A short tutorial on using sockets. In Unix man page format.
SOCKTXT.ZIP11417Jun 17 1992Article explains sockets, which is the BSD and other Unixs implement interprocess communications. Code examples provided.
SOUP12.ZIP13685Aug 17 1993Simple Offline USENET Packet Format v1.2.
STERM96B.ZIP35731Jun 25 1992New setterm program for Linux should be used with kernel 0.96b in order to get enhanced vt100/vt102 emulation.
STEVENS0.ZIP264384May 9 1994C source code and errata for 3 books by W. Richard Stevens: "UNIX Network Programming", "TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1", "Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment".
STR.ZIP5840Mar 3 1992str.c - plays sound/noisetracker files on a SparcStation.
SUDO.ZIP40657Dec 24 1993SUDO is a compressed tar file for Unix. Sys admin sets up sudo so ordinary users can execute selected commands with root privleges.
SUPERFTP.ZIP29982Jul 8 1991This is the latest ftp list.
TAR-COMP.ZIP165280Jun 16 1992Important file for LINUX. Fixes problems with older versions of tar and compress. This is a MUST download to insure the integrity of files which you unarc or arc.
TC-INTER.ZIP40685Nov 2 1993Cheap, easy way to access the Internet.
TCLFM.ZIP54826May 19 1993TCLM - an extended version of tcl (tool command language) pkg. The extensions are designed to allow easy manipulation of standard MIDI files. Works for BSD/386, Esix SV4, SunOS per header block.
TCP-IP.ZIP30576Apr 24 1993Tutorial for TCP/IP protocol. Very good.
TCPTUT.ZIP30845Sep 30 1990Telnet Protocol text tutor.
TEL2307B.ZIP717621Nov 19 1993The PC Telnet binary files for 2.3.07.
TELNET50.ZIP281389Feb 21 1992HYTELNET Ver 5.0 -- Information Utility for using INTERNET resources - Hypertext type format.
TENEX.ZIP10374Sep 7 1988TENEX convert - convert tenex 36-bit files into standard 8-bit byte stream by discarding every 9th nibble.
TERMSBSD.ZIP68285Oct 12 1992Termcap file for BSD and other Unix systems contains a wealth of information on hundreds of different terminals. If you ever wondered just what sequence a terminal sends when you push a certain key, you will find that info
TETRISLX.ZIP25010Jun 7 1992C source code for Tetris game with makefile for Linux and other *NIXs.
TEXI2ROF.ZIP27653Sep 4 1992Beverly Erlebacher's Texinfo to roff translator supports mm, me, and ms macros. Useful for GNU docs which often appear in Texinfo format. Unix C source code.
THEOLIST.ZIP4463Feb 14 1993Religion ListServ's.
TOADUU19.ZIP20733Jul 31 1989UUENCODE/UUDECODE (Uuencode binary files to ASCII text files and vise-versa) with full ASM code.
TORUSLNX.ZIP60372May 14 1992Torus type game for LINUX.
TOURNEY_.Z47373Sep 25 1992A Unix curses program to run a basketball tournament pool.
TRIPWIRE.ZIP286433Dec 19 1993TRIPWIRE 1.1 -- due to more sophisticated and subtle account break-ins on Unix systems, the need for tools to aid in the detection of unauthorized modification of files becomes clear. Tripwire is that tool. -- The COAST Pr
TSFILT18.ZIP104637Oct 18 1991Unix <=> Dos file filter, plus other text filters.
TYPHOON.ZIP109543Sep 22 1994C source code for Typhoon, a freely available relational database management system for the UNIX and OS/2 environments inspired by Raima's db_VISTA (today Raima Data Manager).
U-XMODEM.ZIP4361Jul 11 1989Unix YModem (1k XModem) with text file conversion between DOS and Unix.
UBBS.ZIP962819Jun 1 1992UnixBBS 1.03 Full distribution. Color Unix BBS program with USENET/UUCP capabilities. Includes file section and message bases. BINARIES ONLY for Interactive or SCO Unix. Includes full documentation.
UMODEM.ZIP12880Feb 21 1990Umodem file transfer protocol for UNIX systems. C source code.
UNARJUX.ZIP23293Nov 6 1992UNIX C source code for UNARJ unarchiver used for extracting ARJ archives.
UNDEL10.ZIP25508Aug 13 1990Unix/Xenix undelete with full C source code.
UNIGUIDE.ZIP22478Jun 28 1993Text Guide to Basics of Unix.
UNIX-DOC.ZIP28723Aug 1 1986Brian Kernighan's UNIX For Beginners.
UNIX-FAQ.ZIP27974Apr 11 1992Frequently asked questions and answers about the Unix operating systems.
UNIX-SQ.ZIP21529May 21 1987UNIX Squeeze/Unsqueeze program.
UNIXBBS.ZIP13623May 3 1993Unix BBS FAQ-Frequently asked questions about the types of BBS that run under UNIX.
UNIXBIB.ZIP24669Apr 9 1989(Should be UNIX-BIB.ZIP) Bibliography of books on UNIX.
UNIXFAQ.ZIP69646Jul 16 1993Some Frequently Asked Questions about UNIX in the general.
UNIXINFO.ZIP76020May 13 1992Want to run Unix on an 80x86 but don't know the right questions to ask, nevermind the answers? This file is for you.
UNIXPUB.ZIP24988Feb 7 1993Public Access Unix sites.
UNIXTRNG.ZIP290445Mar 27 1992Unix training manual and course from U.S. Government Bureau of Reclamation.
UNIXWORM.ZIP13289Nov 5 1988Information on the famous UNIX virus.
UNZIP20A.ZIP23884Mar 18 1991Zip/Unzip source code for UNIX.
UNZIP310.ZIP60286Nov 22 1990Un-Zipper that works for most UNIX systems. C source included in .sh files. Should port over to most operating systems.
UPC12BAD.ZIP341887Dec 15 1993Kendra UUPC 1.2b Documentation File. Here are the docs for this *very* complete and powerful UUCP implementation.
UPC12BD1.ZIP182629Dec 15 1993Kendra UUPC 1.2b binaries for MS-DOS, file 1 of 3. This is a *very* complete and powerful UUCP implementation, probably the best MS-DOS version available, includes mail/news reader.
UPC12BD2.ZIP206965Dec 15 1993Kendra UUPC 1.2b binaries for MS-DOS, file 2 of 3. This is a *very* complete and powerful UUCP implementation, probably the best MS-DOS version available, includes mail/news reader.
UPC12BD3.ZIP59420Dec 15 1993Kendra UUPC 1.2b binaries for MS-DOS, file 3 of 3. This is a *very* complete and powerful UUCP implementation, probably the best MS-DOS version available, includes mail/news reader.
USLSVR4.ZIP26758Apr 15 1993Description of known bugs in USL's UNIX code.
USTGNET.ZIP27995Feb 10 1992USTGnet application and nodelist (United States Telegard Net).
UU.ZIP26401Sep 29 1989UUEncode/UUDecode for MS-DOS.
UUCP-LNX.ZIP220385Apr 13 1992UUCP for LINUX -- binaries (Unix to Unix CoPy file transfer protocol).
UUCPFAQ.ZIP11719Feb 26 1992UUCP - Frequently Asked Questions.
UUCPTEXT.ZIP104552Jan 28 1994FAQ on UUCP accounts.
UUCP_BIN.ZIP220138Jun 2 1992The UUCP binaries for Linux.
UUENCODE.ZIP5481Sep 5 1986Source code for UNIX uuencode utility.
UUEXE521.ZIP32330Jan 26 1993Uuencode and uudecode versions 5.21 for DOS. Used in the internet to pass binary files through the mail/newsfeed systems. Many new options.
UUPC11ND.ZIP102057Oct 31 1991UUPC Extended ver. 1.11 Documentation [1 of 3].
UUPC11NO.ZIP102057Oct 31 1991UUPC Extended ver. 1.11 Utilities [3 of 3].
UUPC11NR.ZIP141211Nov 1 1991UUPC Extended ver. 1.11 Executables [2 of 3].
UUPC11QS.ZIP290515Dec 8 1991UUCP for DOS C source code - KENDRA version.
UUPC11VD.ZIP176336Sep 4 1992UUPC/extended [4/9].
UUPC11VO.ZIP197320Sep 2 1992UUPC/extended [6/9].
UUPC11XD.ZIP196326Dec 18 1992UUPC/Extended (c)Kendra Electronics Wonderworks - Win/NT version.
UUPC11YA.ZIP306540Apr 17 1993UUPC/Extended (c)Kendra Electronics Wonderworks - Win/NT version.
UUPC11YB.ZIP372258Apr 17 1993UUPC/Extended (c)Kendra Electronics Wonderworks - Win/NT version.
UUPC11YC.ZIP110563Apr 17 1993UUPC/Extended (c)Kendra Electronics Wonderworks - Win/NT version.
UUPC11YS.ZIP333193May 25 1993UUPC/Extended (c)Kendra Electronics Wonderworks - Win/NT version.
UUPC11YT.ZIP45045May 25 1993UUPC/Extented (c)Kendra Electronics Wonderworks - Win/NT version.
UWFTP.ZIP88415Oct 22 1992WATTTCP FTP v0.5: University of Waterloo's Freeware - File Transfer Protocol To download off a unix site from a computer which is connected (with a wire).
UWPC201.ZIP268062Nov 17 1991Unix windows 2.01 terminal for Ms Win, with Ms Win source in CPP and Unix source code for server.
UWSERVER.ZIP82006Dec 4 1991MultiWindows Interface to Unix connected to Windows - server part. (source code only).
UWWIN102.ZIP41147Nov 25 1991MultiWindow Interface to UNIX connected to Windows (But you have to install the server on UNIX yourself as the direction).
UWWIN103.ZIP46862Jan 27 1992MultiWindows interface to Unix connected to Windows - client part.
UWWIN104.ZIP139308Dec 9 1992Unix windows 1.04 Terminal multiplexor for Windows 3.0. Only works with unix systems and unix side requires server.
VCAL.ZIP26012Apr 22 1990Unix calendar program with C source code.
VGACLOCK.ZIP5434Sep 14 1992Programs to determine VGA clock rates, of particular interest to those wishing to install X Windows.
VIXIECRN.ZIP191615Apr 13 1992Unix cron daemon for LINUX.
VN.ZIP136702Mar 20 1992Source code for UNIX VN news reader, includes makefile for BSD, SYSV and other flavors.
WAIS.ZIP5317Feb 21 1993Wais sites on the Internet.
WHOLEGUI.ZIP156637Sep 24 1993The Whole Internet Reference Guide.
WHOLEINT.ZIP2893Feb 12 1993Review of Whole Internet Book.
WORLDLST.ZIP1376Aug 10 1992Listing of Telnet Worlds.
WP.ZIP13506Jun 11 1987UNIX text and program file formatter.
X11V1LIB.ZIP93844Jun 2 1992These are the two library files from GCC v2.11c that Linux X11 v1.0 requires. The math library _requires_ a 387 or 486 processor.
XANTFARM.ZIP10553Nov 30 1991X Window program displays an ongoing ant farm in your root window. Have fun by poking the ants with your cursor and watch them panic.
XBBS700.ZIP267766Jul 30 1988Full featured BBS that runs under UNIX/XENIX.
XC30BL2B.ZIP169247Apr 23 1992Updates KI4N port of XC comm to LINUX, L patch 1.2 --- now supports extended ascii character set available in LINUX 0.95c, and will properly translate DOS characters to LINUX screen codes when connected to DOS BBSs.
XC30BL2S.ZIP113731Apr 29 1992Source code for XC 3.0b comm program L patch 1.2. This comm program compiles under LINUX and most other UNIXs.
XC30BLB.ZIP173625Apr 3 1992Enhanced port of XC comm program for LINUX, script language, dial directory, X,Y,Z modem, CIS-B+ , capture log, ascii upload etc.
XDEBT.ZIP3271Aug 2 1992Program to Display the national debt in a window on your X11 screen.
XFAQ32.ZIP127648Mar 19 1993Frequently Asked Questions FAQ about X-Windowing system. This is a collection of several FAQs including performance, general, and 386 specific FAQs about X, a *must* read by those wishing to use X Windows under Linux.
XMAIL.ZIP9349Jul 30 1992X Windows interface to UNIX mail.
XMODEFAQ.ZIP6944Jan 2 1994FAQ about X-mode programming.
XNEWS.ZIP38895Oct 23 1990Everything you ever wanted to know about X-Windows. Information from the Usenet X-Windows news group.
XNOTE.SHZ4992Aug 9 1992Shell program wraps around xmessage in X11R5, uncompress & run through /bin/sh.
XNXKBD.ZIP3158Feb 2 1990Speed up utility for console keyboards under SCO Xenix.
XPOSTIT.TAZ27648Aug 9 1992X windows program to allow you to create postit notes for your terminal screen, great if you want to jot something down, notes can be saved and you can have as many as you want (Uncompress and then UnTar).
XTETRIS.ZIP21568Jun 1 1992Tetris for Xwindows, source included.
XTIMEX.SHZ6016Aug 9 1992X window program to help you keep track of time spent on different projects, you start the timer when you start work and stop when finished. (uncompress and feed to /bin/sh).
YAHTZEE.ZIP47306May 19 1992The game of YAHTZEE for Linux, including source code.
YANOFF.ZIP14843Dec 3 1993Scott Yanoff Internet List, Nov 1993 Version.
YOW-LNX.ZIP39152Apr 29 1992Zippy the Pinhead database of Wisdom for LINUX.
ZEN10PRN.ZIP67059Oct 12 1992Introduction to Internet.
ZIP19.ZIP192287Mar 20 1993Create ZIP files on Unix.