Dec 162017
Updated ANSI driver for Crosstalk for Windows V2.1 (fixes color problems).
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Updated ANSI driver for Crosstalk for Windows V2.1 (fixes color problems).
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DCAANSI.DLL 101664 39680 deflated
DCAANSI.PRE 1056 349 deflated
DCAANSI.WRI 1792 762 deflated
READANSI.ME 1277 600 deflated

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Contents of the DCAANSI.WRI file


ANSI Terminal Settings--Colors dialog box

This dialog box is displayed when you choose the Colors icon from one of the ANSI Terminal Settings dialog boxes.

Normal Text

Displays a list of available foreground and background colors for normal text.

Blinking Text

Displays a list of optional foreground colors for blinking text, if you to not want text to actually blink. This setting is only available when the Host Attribute Sequence setting for Blink is set to "Color FG".

Host Attribute Sequences

Host Color Codes:
NormalTerminal responds to ANSI Color escape sequences.
IgnoreTerminal ignores ANSI Color escape sequences.
High intensity FGTerminal displays only bold (bright) version of ANSI colors. This
setting will cause colors to be displayed as in older (1.2.x)
versions of Crosstalk for Windows.

Host Blink Codes:
NormalTerminal responds to Blink escape sequences (text will blink).
IgnoreTerminal ignores Blink escape sequences.
Use color, don't blinkTerminal changes current foreground (text) color in response to
Blink escape sequences (text will not blink).

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Arialform-feed characters are sent to the printer driver during host
controlled printing. If you check this box, for

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