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Files from PC Magazine volume 7, number 9.
File VOL7N9.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Files from PC Magazine volume 7, number 9.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DUMP.ASM 11331 2434 deflated
DUMP.BAS 6923 1717 deflated
DUMP.EXE 790 594 deflated
EXTENDED.PAS 956 439 deflated
MOUSDEMO.BAS 2940 962 deflated
RECORDER.ASM 22481 6191 deflated
RECORDER.BAS 12596 2960 deflated
RECORDER.COM 1309 1111 deflated
RECORDER.DOC 1467 776 deflated
TD.C 5646 1401 deflated
TRYTD.C 1799 611 deflated
WRITE.PAS 2046 794 deflated

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Contents of the RECORDER.DOC file


Tom Kihlken 1988 No. 9 (Utilities)

Purpose:Keeps a log of the number of times each file is
accessed over a period of time to show which files would benefit from
being stored on a RAMdisk.

Format:RECORDER [n] [/R]

Remarks:RECORDER is a memory-resident utility that should
normally be loaded by being included as a line in an AUTOEXEC.BAT
file. By default it will keep track of disk I/O activity (reads,
writes, EXECs) for 200 filenames. The optional n parameter can be
entered at the time the utility is loaded to increase the number of
filenames to 2,000. Each additional filename requires 20 bytes of

The current log can be seen by entering RECORDER at the DOS
prompt. Entering RECORDER with the /R switch resets the table; this
may be done at any time, and certainly if the error message "Table is
saturated" is displayed.

Redirection is supported so the results can be stored to a

Example:At the end of a morning's use, for example, to store
the results and reset the table simultaneously, enter


By default, RECORDER sorts by the numbers in the totals
column. The DOS SORT program can be used to sort by the values in
other columns. The read column begins with character 20, the write
column with 27, and the EXEC column with 34.

Example:To sort the table by the number of entries in the EXEC
category, enter


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