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Contains maps to levels 1-10 of 3D WOLFSTEIN.
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Contains maps to levels 1-10 of 3D WOLFSTEIN.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
LEVEL-1.MAP 4324 351 deflated
LEVEL-2.MAP 4297 425 deflated
LEVEL-3.MAP 4297 434 deflated
LEVEL-4.MAP 4295 463 deflated
LEVEL-5.MAP 4295 459 deflated
LEVEL-6.MAP 4298 395 deflated
LEVEL-7.MAP 4299 355 deflated
LEVEL-8.MAP 4310 411 deflated
LEVEL-9.MAP 4296 194 deflated
LEVEL10.MAP 4338 637 deflated
RAWMAP-1.WLF 4097 614 deflated
RAWMAP-2.WLF 4096 842 deflated
RAWMAP-3.WLF 4096 824 deflated
RAWMAP-4.WLF 4099 806 deflated
RAWMAP-5.WLF 4099 783 deflated
RAWMAP-6.WLF 4099 452 deflated
RAWMAP-7.WLF 4099 555 deflated
RAWMAP-8.WLF 4099 488 deflated
RAWMAP-9.WLF 4099 170 deflated
RAWMAP10.WLF 4096 697 deflated
READ.ME 909 486 deflated
READ.ME2 722 365 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Maps for Wolfenstein 1.1

Each of the ten maps (for example LEVEL-1.MAP), for the ten levels of
Wolfenstein, can be printed out on a printer just like any other ascii file.

Each map is 64 lines long and just fits on a single page of regular paper.
Just fits means there is only one line to spare, so start printing at the
very top of the page.

On my computer, if I type PRINT LEVEL-1.MAP ,then hit enter then
a copy ofthe map prints out on my printer.

For the technocrats out there, try looking at a Wolfenstein savefile
(like SAVEGAM1.WL1) using say XTGOLD ( View , Dump , Mask ) and you'll
see where I found the raw material for these maps in it's original form.
The RAWMAP.WLF files are taken directly from the SAVEGAM.WL1 files
Have fun, Achtung.
H.T. August 3 1992

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