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A new game similar to Tetris, uses colored cubes.
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A new game similar to Tetris, uses colored cubes.
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Contents of the RAMPCUBE.DOC file

* * * * * *

Welcome to Rampcube

Program designed by William Soleau

Requires: EGA Graphics

Version 1.0 April 1991

The objective of Rampcube is quite simple. You are
trying to arrange colored cubes in a certain way to score
points. When the game starts, colored tiles will start
coming down then ramp. At the bottom of the first ramp is as
grey catcher. You move this back and forth with your arrow
keys. If you catch the tile at the end of the first ramp,
the catcher will immediately place itself on top of the next
chute. The catcher will turn the color of the tile you
caught. Now that the catcher is located on top of the bottom
ramp which is a 10 x 10 grid. You can move the catcher to
place the tile in the column you want. You only have 2
seconds to do this, or else the tile will drop wherever your
catcher happens to be.

The idea is to create squares called Cubes, out of 4
separate tiles. A cube is defined as 4 tiles of the same
color making a box. There are Blue,Red,Green,Purple and
Yellow tiles.


= 1 CUBE

As the game progresses the tiles will continue to keep
coming down the opening ramp, by catching them and placing
them in the proper columns, you score points by creating as
many Cubes in the bottom grid as possible. When a Cube is
made, it will disappear from the grid board, allowing you to
use that space to create more Cubes. Any tiles above a Cube
that is made, are also eliminated.



= 1 CUBE

Here the Yellow tile on top of the Red Cube (made with 4 red
tiles) would also be eliminated from the grid.

You can actually make 2 Cubes out of only six tiles

Example: Drop in red tile here


Here you would get credit for 2 separate Cubes
even though there are only 6 red tiles. All six tiles
would be eliminated from the board and you would get 100
points. 50 + 50 = 100.

As the game progresses, the tiles will come off the
initial ramp faster and faster. (sort of like the episode in
the classic comedy I LOVE LUCY where she's in the candy
factory) If you do not catch the tile, it will fall by itself
into the column it came down in.
If you catch a tile, and know where you want to place it
before the 2 seconds are up, you can press the and
it will immediately drop it in the column where your catcher
is. (Remember, you move the catcher with the arrow keys).
You get 1 point added to you score if you use the
option before the 2 seconds is up.

Every time you make a Cube (4 tiles), you get 50 points. The
more cubes you make the more points you acquire. Bonus
Points are given for 10,20,30... cubes on one level.

Now that you have the basic objective down, let me
explain the other features you have in acquiring points.

On some levels, there will be grey tiles already in the
bottom grid. They act as wild cards. A cube can be made
using these grey tiles.


= 1 CUBE

It is wise to try to eliminate the grey tiles as fast as
possible by making cubes with them, because if you don't,
they will obstruct the empty space below and you won't be
able to use that valuable space for other Cubes. The level
is over when the bottom grid is all filled up with tiles.

On the upper levels you will see some black tiles
descend down the opening ramp. Obviously you cannot see the
color of these tiles. When you catch a black tile, and the
catcher moves to the top of the bottom ramp, the color will
be revealed (indicated by the color of the catcher). Now you
have to think quickly where you want to place it!

Occasionally before the start of a level, you will see
different colored square boxes appear on the bottom grid.
If you can make a Cube within these bonus squares (of the
same color), you will get an extra 150 points.

Bonus rounds are given at 3000 point intervals. If you
reach 3000,6000,9000,12000... points during the round, you
will be given a special bonus round to collect more points.

As I mentioned earlier, the level is over when the grid
is all filled up with tiles. You must score 500 points +
(level * 50), to continue to the next level. Therefore at
level 1, you would need 550 points to proceed to level 2. At
level 2 you would need 600 points etc...

The point total (per round) you need to acquire for the
present level is shown on the top right hand side of the

Point Values:

1 Cube 50 points

Bonus Points:
10 Cubes 150 points
20 Cubes 300 points
30 Cubes 500 points
40 Cubes 800 points
50 Cubes 1100 points
60 Cubes 1500 points

Bonus Cube Squares 150 points

Drop Tile using SpaceBar 1 point

All bonus points will not be added to your score until
the end of the round. The Bonus points will then be
added to your total score.
If you did not score enough points to earn the
right to go to the next level then the game will be
over. However, if you find you are short on making the
next level's point total, but you have reached a bonus
round (3000,6000,9000...) during that round, you will
luckily be allowed to continue to the next level after
you play out your bonus round turn. It's kind of like
being saved by the bell....

When you finally cannot reach your designated point
total for the round, the game will be over. You will be
given one last chance to continue. The computer will
show the five different colored tiles in the bottom
grid. You will choose one of the tiles... and the
computer will randomly pick one of the colors. If you
happen to guess correctly the color the computer will
pick, then the game will continue to the next level.
If you don't pick the proper color, the scoreboard will
be revealed and if you're one of the 5 top scores, you
will be asked to input your initials for posterity.

Save Game feature:

At the beginning of each new level you have the
option of saving the game at this time. This allows you
to continue from this point at a later time. This
option is only available at the beginning of level 2 and
up. Press ave and the game will be recorded in a
file called, "Rampcube.sav" . When you begin a new game,
the program will ask you if you want to load the saved
game. oad on't Load rase
You can only load a saved game at the beginning of
a new game.

Key Assignments:

Move Catcher

ause Suspends Game
sores Shows Previous Scores
ound Toggles Sound On/Off
uit Quits Program

***** Conclusion *****

This version of Rampcube is the complete version.
All levels are accessible. If you find that this game
is a worthy addition to your game collection, a
registration fee of $12.00 is requested. I have not
crippled this version in anyway... I depend on people
who abide by the concept of Shareware to make my living.
For users who do register this game, I will give
you a special upgrade keyword, which will make the
time loading and exiting from the program much! faster.
For every registered user of one of my games (I have
over 40 of them), I give upgrades for the rest of my
games at a steep discount off the normal registration
The registration form can be accessed from the
final screen.

I hope you enjoy Rampcube... if you have any
comments or questions regarding this game, I can be
reached via E-Mail on Compuserve, or at the address

Enjoy !!!!

William Soleau
163 Amsterdam Ave
Suite #213
New York, NY. 10023


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