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Fixes week 11 problem with Gamblers Mate football pool program.

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GAMBLER'S MATE: Football Edition 1992 Fix #5
Corrects problem for WEEK 11 update. This
fix MUST be installed to process week 11!
year in a row. SYSTEM 3 is over 60%.
GAMBLER'S MATE s/w -"Only systems that win!"
Endorsed by Mike Caro-Mad Genius of Gambling

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Fixes week 11 problem with Gamblers Mate football pool program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DESC.SDI 309 233 deflated
F2.EXE 5601 2907 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 309 233 deflated
GM92FIX5.DOC 2173 1012 deflated
GMSTATUS.92 119 76 deflated
TRENDS.EXE 37969 12852 deflated
TRRECS.92 310 92 deflated
WHATIF.EXE 19233 6961 deflated

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Contents of the GM92FIX5.DOC file

GAMBLER'S MATE: Football Edition 1992 - Fix #5 11/20/92
Copyright (c) 1992 Mark E. Savey

The following file has been included in this FIX:
WHATIF.EXE 19233 11-20-92
TRENDS.EXE 37969 11-20-92
F2.EXE 5601 11-20-92
TRRECS.92 310 11-10-92
GMSTATUS.92 119 11-21-92

Corrected the problem that occurred while UPDATING WEEK 11. THIS FIX file MUST
be installed FOR WEEK 11 PROCESSING! The above files will place you back into
WEEK 11 PREDICT mode. You will need to run the PREDICT option for week 11
(blinking on main menu option) and then the UPDATE option will work properly.

I also had to disable the playoff upgrade, as there were too many possible
problems to risk working around the WEEK 1 MIA/NE BYE swap games. You will
want to run the WHATIF option from the main menu, using week 18 as the generic
week for ALL PLAYOFF GAMES. I do fully expect the playoff upgrade to be fully
functional in next year's GAMBLER'S MATE package. The playoff upgrade will run
through ALL THREE SYSTEMS, thus giving you the same THREE output files as the
regular season for all playoff games. The WHATIF option will also remain
available to supplement the upgrade.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.

Thanks to those that have honored the Gambler's code of ethics and have
registered their GAMBLER'S MATE: Football Edition 1992. Thank-you to them,
for their support. Only TRUE Gambler's and football fans (honorable) register
their Gambler's Mate software!

Mark E. Savey
GAMBLER'S MATE software - "Only systems that win!!" .
Endorsed by Mike Caro, the "Mad Genius" of Gambling! .
Winning for THIRD straight year! .
@ INTERNET: [email protected] or [email protected]
^-------|------------------^ .
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