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C source/binary to a virtual reality demo useing Powerglove. Need 3d-rendering library R386DEV4.ZIP to recompile.
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C source/binary to a virtual reality demo useing Powerglove. Need 3d-rendering library R386DEV4.ZIP to recompile.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BALL.PLG 1026 279 deflated
COURT.WLD 2358 731 deflated
COURTWAL.PLG 80 47 deflated
COURTWL2.PLG 80 47 deflated
FINGER1.PLG 206 99 deflated
FINGER2.PLG 306 135 deflated
HANDLE.PLG 247 117 deflated
HANDSM.FIG 1542 397 deflated
LINE.PLG 74 45 deflated
PALM.PLG 603 177 deflated
RACQUET.FIG 205 90 deflated
RACQUET.PLG 1561 509 deflated
RB.C 23210 5662 deflated
RB.DOC 3066 1281 deflated
RB.DSK 230 125 deflated
RB.EXE 167856 64801 deflated
RB.OBJ 19663 9705 deflated
RB.PRJ 8906 2087 deflated
README 2805 1173 deflated
REND386.CFG 3244 1266 deflated
SOURCE.EXE 106022 103086 deflated
THUMB.PLG 205 97 deflated
VD256.RVD 9960 3635 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Thank You for your interest in PCVR. The following will give you some idea
about our magazine, its past themes, and subscription information.

PCVR, a new Virtual Reality publication, introduces high-tech Virtual Reality
equipment, theories, and software to the layperson by simplifying procedures,
languages, and materials. The equipment necessary for a Virtual Reality system
usually costs over $25,000 and is primarily available to universities and
businesses. PCVR changes this situation by bringing the technology into the
home through tutorials and do-it-yourself projects. Through step-by-step
articles, a complete Virtual Reality system can be built for under $3000
including the personal computer necessary to execute the system.

For $26 a year, subscribers receive 6 issues which contain; editorials,
thought-provoking columns, hardware/software topics, tutorials, and
do-it-yourself projects. We also include a disk as a convenience to the reader,
which contains all the software discussed in the articles.

The hardware projects have covered connecting the Sega 3D glasses and Mattel
Powerglove to an IBM personal computer, building a head mounted display, and
constructing a head tracker device. These do-it-yourself projects use
off-the-shelf components which enables a non-technical person access to Virtual
Reality equipment in their own home.

The tutorials explain the major technical areas of Virtual Reality without the
jargon usually associated with industry journals.

PCVR intends to bring Virtual Reality out of science laboratories and into the
general computer community.

Subscription Information (6 Issues):
$26.00 US/Canada
$38.00 Overseas
Trial Issues One and Two (each):
$3.00 US/Canada
$5.00 Overseas
Back Issues:
$4.50 US/Canada
$6.50 Overseas

Issue Themes:

Issue 1 - Theme: PowerGlove Interface - 28 Pages
Issue 2 - Theme: PowerGlove Software - 35 Pages
Issue 3 - Theme: Head Mounted Display and Sega 3D Glasses - 36 Pages
Issue 4 - Theme: Rend386 Rendering Software - 45 Pages
Issue 5 - Theme: Head Tracking - 36 Pages
Issue 6 - Theme: 3D Sound - To Be Released December, 1992

PCVR can be contacted at: PCVR
1706 Sherman Hill Rd. #A
Laramie, Wyoming 82060

Phone/FAX:(307) 742 - 7675

EMAIL:[email protected]

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