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A logical board game with counters from Russia.
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A logical board game with counters from Russia.
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Contents of the README file

This paskage contains MS DOS implementation of Kalakh logical game.
Unfortunately, there in such many variation of rules of this game.
This program play according the rules, which widely uses in Souviet
Union. You can ask the rules of the Kalakh game, used in program,
from built-in on line help.

The full game package includes the following files:

README - this file
KALAKH.EXE - game executable file
IMG2E.IMP - game field pictures

This program can only operate on PC/AT(XT) with EGA or VGA card.
It is not nesesary but preferable to use mouse.

Game was implemented by Sergey Ryzhkov (programming) and German
Kondrashkov (pictures). Some parts of code implemented by Lev
Belov, Rustem Achijarov and Oleg Perelet. Program is fully designed
in Moscow, Souviet Union. Moscow, USSR. There is also a version of
this game for Microsoft Windows.

I think, that this game is not interesting as a comersial product.

So, you can freely use and destributye this version of program without
any restriction. But if if you have some other propousals, please contact

Please do not remove this file from game package.

If you have some question or propousal, contact me via e-mail
[email protected].

Sergey Ryzhkov,
Moscow, Russia, Souviet Union.
[email protected]

This program is my first experience in game programing. So I hope
to do this program more powerful and beautiful. It is not clearly
for me, are there any interes to such sort of prducts. I will be
very glad to discuss this.

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