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A simple computer based metronome for your PC.
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A simple computer based metronome for your PC.
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Contents of the METRONOM.DOC file

METRONOM--a computer metronome

Copyright (c) 1988 by Timothy Weber.

User-supported software. If you use this program, please send $10 to
WebSoft, 7 Meher Circle, Woodstock, NY 12498. Registration entitles you
to notification of upgrades and whatever support seems appropriate.
Sending me a floppy or $4 will get you the program, documentation, and, if
you're registered, the C source too.

Help send a guy through college.

Suggestions welcome and likely to be acted upon.

Command line syntax: metronom

The METRONOM menu looks like this:

BLIP TICK freq = 60
(S)et freq
(E)nter freq
(B)lip toggle
(T)ick toggle


The words "BLIP" and "TICK" appear if the metronome is set to make a
blip or a tick, respectively. The frequency displayed is the current
frequency, in beats per minute.

Pressing S will allow you to set the frequency by pressing a key four
times in time. METRONOM will time your keystrokes, and set the frequency
to the average frequency of your keystrokes.
Pressing (E) will allow you to enter the frequency as a number, in
beats per minute.
Pressing (B) will toggle the BLIP option.
Pressing (T) will toggle the TICK option.
Pressing (G) will start the metronom, creating a TICK and/or BLIP.
Pressing (Q) will quit.


Let me know if you think it would be worthwhile to let the frequency
be adjusted up or down via a joystick, or preprogrammed for "60 beats per
minute for 40 beats, then slowing to 40 beats per minute over 12 beats,

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