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The Memory Game Version 1.0. A Windows Visual Basic games.
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The Memory Game Version 1.0. A Windows Visual Basic games.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

The Memory Game, Version 1.0 by FutureWorks

A Visual Basic Application: Requires vbrun100.dll in


FILES: memgame.exe
games.dat Put all these in the same subdirectory

GOAL: Reproduce the random color sequence generated by the

GAME OPTIONS: Presently there are three game types;
1) Single board - the color sequence is confined to a
single board
2) Two boards
a) Mixed - the color sequence can range randomly
across either board
b) Alternating - Think of this as playing two
independent games in alternation (your score
is the sum of the two games)

You can set the speed of the flashes by adjusting the
speed bar. Once you have found a good speed, you can
store that default speed by choosing save defaults from
the menu. This will also save the particular game type
that you are currently playing.

SCORE: Your score is the number of rounds that you
successfully completed. This is one less than the round
that you were playing when you missed.

HOW TO PLAY: Once you have chosen the game type,
click the on START button. The computer will respond by
flashing one of the colors. Click on that color. The
computer will respond by repeating the first color and
adding another color to the sequence. Try to reproduce
the sequence exactly. When you make a mistake, the
computer will beep at you. Your score is reported as
the last round that you reproduced correctly. To start
a new game of the same type, just click on the CONTINUE button.
To start a new game of a different type select OPTIONS to
change the game type. After you have selected the game type,
select START from the menu.

PROMPT: Using the prompt shows you the next color in
the sequence, but it also subtracts one point from your
score each time you use it.

LIMITATIONS: Currently the game is designed to
allow a maximum sequence of 50 colors within one game.
If you exceed that, you should stop playing the game and
apply for work as a memory chip.

REGISTRATION: You are entitled to play the game 50 times
before you register it. After the 50 games are played the
board goes dead. At that point you should register it if
you wish to continue playing it. By registering the game,
you can avoid the opening screen and play the game as often
as you want. Your board will also show that you have registered
the game. Send $5US check, cash or money order to

P.O. Box 5086
Madison, WI 53705-0086

Include your NAME and RETURN ADDRESS so that I can send you
your registration code and future updates. Any comments or
would also be appreciated. Future versions of the game will
have a MIGRATING COLORS option; the four colors will migrate
to different positions between rounds, but you still have to reproduce
the correct color sequence.

SHARING: If you pass this game on to others or upload it
to a Bulletin Board or archive site, you should do so only
with the original versions of the files shown above.

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