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A pretty good space arcade game that is similiar to Mario.
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A pretty good space arcade game that is similiar to Mario.
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GALACTIX by Richard.L.Wright, Copyright 1991

The king of Galaxia sends you on a mission to explore the furthest
reaches of the galaxy. You successfully complete the mission but on
your way home to Galaxia you encounter a stray meteor and have to
crash land to make repairs.

You land safely on the planet's surface but your ship's computer
tells you that you have landed on a hostile planet patrolled by
robots and guards. However, you have no choice but to press on with
your mission !

In order to escape you must find 5 things needed to repair the ship,
then return to the ship with them to escape from the planet.

Control keys:

LEFT SHIFT - move left
RIGHT SHIFT - move right

Left and right cursor keys - move arrow left/right
RETURN - select option
ESC - cancel selection

To return to DOS simply lose all energy by going into a guard or robot
and then press the ESC key.


If you enjoy Galactix, Galactix II or Rimtrix, your support would be
greatly appreciated. To become a fully registered user of Galactix,
Galactix II, Rimtrix and X-Ball (coming soon) simply send 10 dollars
in bank notes or a draft for 5 pounds sterling to:

Winsland Mews House
Branstone Rd

(All registrations will be acknowledged)
You will then be a fully registered user of all 4 games and I will also
keep you posted on future updates or new games.

Disclaimer :- Please note that this software is supplied 'as is' and no
responsibility can be accepted by the author for any damage caused as a
result of this software not working as expected.

GALACTIX is Shareware, please feel free to copy and distribute

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