Dec 212017
Bytes Issue #11 - An electronic gaming magazine from the internet.
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Bytes Issue #11 – An electronic gaming magazine from the internet.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
GAMEBYTE.DAT 469766 173443 deflated
GAMEBYTE.EXE 55584 28365 deflated
GAMEBYTE.GX 68715 29998 deflated
GAMEBYTE.IDX 9780 2232 deflated
READ.ME 799 440 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

This is the 11th version of Game Bytes, Graphics Edition. That is, there
are screen shots included in this issue that require a SVGA adapter to
display properly. We believe most of the bugs related to the various SVGA
adapters are fixed, but we don't have them all to test. Let us know if you
have problems related to the graphics files.

To run Game Bytes magazine, after unarchiving, simply put all of these
files in a directory of your choice and run 'gamebyte.exe'. The 'cover'
will display and after a key press, the main menu will be presented. A
keyboard or mouse can be used to make selections. The left mouse
button acts as the 'enter' key, and the right mouse button acts as the
'ESC' key. Enjoy this issue of Game Bytes, and thanks for reading.

Ross Erickson, Game Bytes Magazine

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