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This is an M16 shoot-em-up game with pop-up targets.
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This is an M16 shoot-em-up game with pop-up targets.
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Contents of the M16.DOC file



I designed this program to simulate the fun and excitement
of firing the M16A1 rifle. You will notice that it takes two
hands to operate this computerized rifle. Move the sights with
the joystick and fire with the F1 button. I did this to allow
you the maximum oppurtunity to miss. The only other controls
to be concerned about are the F10 button and CTRL-Break. Both
are used to exit the simulator at any time.


You will need an IBM compatible computer running MSDOS 2.0
or higher, color graphics adapter, and joystick to use the M16
Range Simulator. Sorry, no provisions for arrow keys here.

NOTE: You must have the MSDOS file COMMAND.COM on the disk
with the M16 Range Simulator or you will receive an error
message. I use the Simulator on a bootable disk and have
written a simple AUTOEXEC.BAT file to start the program:



Furthermore, I copied the AUTOEXEC.BAT file into one named
GO.BAT to forego many agonizing keystrokes while at the DOS


I welcome any and all comments about this program and
encourage you, as a user, to forward them to me at this address:

Edward J. Newton
90 Cargill Drive, N.E.
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

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