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VGA graphics arcade game. Very good.
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VGA graphics arcade game. Very good.
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6X82.FNT 2397 518 deflated
CYBER.DOC 10266 3696 deflated
CYBER.EXE 61966 26682 deflated
DESERT.DAT 486 39 deflated
DESERT.VGA 12834 2429 deflated
FACTORY.DAT 488 52 deflated
FACTORY.VGA 49476 1670 deflated
GRAFX.VGA 20862 4706 deflated
ICE.DAT 487 44 deflated
ICE.VGA 15746 3456 deflated
LAYOUT.VGA 10738 2996 deflated
ORDER.FRM 922 349 deflated
READ.ME 338 226 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 1153 561 deflated
REVIEW.TXT 276 200 deflated
RUINS.DAT 486 53 deflated
RUINS.VGA 44656 6265 deflated
TITLE.VGA 20920 5176 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

CYBERWARS VERSION 1.2 Extra Information--

For those who just want a quick start on Cyberwars, here's some help:

Move your cyberwarrior with the numeric keypad.

To fire a weapon press the space bar or enter (for lasers of missiles)
followed by a direction key on the numeric keypad.

Your cyberwarrior is blue.

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