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Trade Wars Helper - Small universe.

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Trade Wars Helper release 8.0 is a terminal
program used ONLINE with the BBS door game
"Trade Wars 2002". It maintains a database
of sectors with the known port and warp to
information. Several commands are available
to utilize this data in addition to commands
that automate repetitive processes and map
the TW universe GRAPHICALLY. Don't leave
FedSpace without it!

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Trade Wars Helper – Small universe.
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Contents of the READMESU.TXT file

Small Universe Version
of Trade Wars Helper
Release 8.0

Copyright 1994
Just FUN Software
All Rights Reserved

This is a specialized version of Trade Wars Helper that can be used for
any TW2002 version 1.03 game and TW2002 version 2 games of up to 3000
sectors. It is functionally equivalent to and runs 20-25 percent faster
than the standard version and requires somewhat less memory. Program
modules from the standard versions archive (TWHELP80.ZIP) are required
for this version to operate. Users with sufficiently fast machines will
probably not need to use this version.


Unzip this ZIP file to the \twhelp directory. It's ok to overlay the
file_id.diz file since they are identical.

Create a batch file (TWHSU.BAT) in the directory of your communications
program like below. It changes to the \twhelp directory, executes the
twhelpsu program, changes back to your communication program's directory
and then exits the DOS shell..

cd \twhelp
cd \(comm-prog-dir)

For registered users, the registration key(s) you received for the
standard version work for this version as well.


Run your communications program, login to a BBS and start the Trade Wars
door. When Trade Wars begins building its title screen, shell to DOS
from your communications program and enter TWHSU to start the batch
program for those games of up to 3000 sectors.

The data files are fully compatible between the standard version
(TWHELP.EXE) and the Small Universe version (TWHELPSU.EXE). The
standard version can handle data files of 5000 sectors but does run
about 20-25 percent slower. Users with sufficiently fast machines may
wish to use the standard version for all games. Users with slow machine
can use this small universe version for games of up to 3000 sectors.

When establishing a new BBS database, Trade Wars Helper asks how many
sectors are in the TW universe. If the Small Universe version show less
than 3000 can be established it means there is insufficient memory
available. Read the INSUFFICIENT MEMORY section in the standard
versions README.TXT file to resolve this situation.


Copyright laws apply to both shareware and commercial software, and the
copyright holder retains all rights, with the following exception. The
unmodified program files, complete with the files discussed below, may
be freely copied and distributed. It is in fact encouraged. If you
like this program, please tell your fellow players, even those evil
traders, about it and upload it to several BBSes. Of course,
registrations key may not be distributed.


Trade Wars Helper is supplied on an "as is" basis. The author disclaims
all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the
warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The
author assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which
may result for the use of Trade Wars Helper.


This product is made up of the following files.

READMESU.TXT - The file you are now reading.

FILE_ID.DIZ - A description of this product for PCBoard systems.

TWHELPSU.EXE - The Small Universe version program file.

This product may be distributed only when all the above files are
included in the distribution in unmodified form.

Program modules from the standard version archive are required for this
version to operate.


All questions, comments or suggestions of any nature are welcomed. You
need not be a registered user to ask questions, or make comments or
suggestions. Include the release number of the program you are using in
any problem description. Address correspondences to:

Attn: Mike Ingham
Just FUN Software
4790 Naniloa Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84117-5547

or telephone: (801) 272-6238
or via Prodigy: NKJM79A
or via CompuServe: 71231,3727
or via ILINK network: Shareware conference
or via RIME network: Shareware conference

If you wish to download the latest version of this program or other
products from Just FUN Software call Monty's Place BBS (2400-14,400 bps)
using the following logon information.

Phone: 801-944-8636
Logon as: Just Fun
Password: Software

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