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Version 5.0 of Captain Comic. Excellent game.
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Version 5.0 of Captain Comic. Excellent game.
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BALL.SHP 640 195 deflated
BASE.TT2 8196 1840 deflated
BASE0.PT 1284 293 deflated
BASE1.PT 1284 310 deflated
BASE2.PT 1284 392 deflated
BEE.SHP 960 355 deflated
BIRD.SHP 960 347 deflated
BIRD2.SHP 960 395 deflated
BUG.SHP 480 286 deflated
CASTLE.TT2 10244 2573 deflated
CASTLE0.PT 1284 340 deflated
CASTLE1.PT 1284 352 deflated
CASTLE2.PT 1284 372 deflated
CAVE.TT2 4228 1269 deflated
CAVE0.PT 1284 252 deflated
CAVE1.PT 1284 263 deflated
CAVE2.PT 1284 262 deflated
COMIC.DOC 14459 5062 deflated
COMIC.EXE 34297 16059 deflated
COMP.TT2 7172 1807 deflated
COMP0.PT 1284 266 deflated
COMP1.PT 1284 253 deflated
COMP2.PT 1284 261 deflated
CUBE.SHP 640 189 deflated
FB.SHP 480 267 deflated
FOREST.TT2 11140 3129 deflated
FOREST0.PT 1284 378 deflated
FOREST1.PT 1284 335 deflated
FOREST2.PT 1284 400 deflated
FROG.SHP 480 179 deflated
GLOBE.SHP 640 237 deflated
LAKE.TT2 10756 2441 deflated
LAKE0.PT 1284 338 deflated
LAKE1.PT 1284 325 deflated
LAKE2.PT 1284 363 deflated
ROCK.SHP 640 266 deflated
SAUCER.SHP 640 177 deflated
SHED.TT2 4100 617 deflated
SHED0.PT 1284 207 deflated
SHED1.PT 1284 215 deflated
SHED2.PT 1284 171 deflated
SPACE.TT2 10372 2804 deflated
SPACE0.PT 1284 340 deflated
SPACE1.PT 1284 353 deflated
SPACE2.PT 1284 347 deflated
STAR1.SHP 640 137 deflated
STAR2.SHP 640 154 deflated
STAR3.SHP 480 197 deflated
SYS000.EGA 14543 6050 deflated
SYS001.EGA 14595 7573 deflated
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SYS005.EGA 8344 2915 deflated

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Contents of the COMIC.DOC file

The Adventures of Captain Comic
Revision 5


This software is being distributed under the Shareware concept, where
you as the user are allowed to use the program on a "trial" basis.
If you enjoy playing Captain Comic, you are encouraged to register
yourself as a user with a $10 to $20 contribution.

Registered users will be given access to the official Captain Comic
question hotline (my home phone number), and will receive hint sheet
for solving Comic I.

Episode II: Fractured Reality

Captain Comic II comes with printed documentation and is available
for $20. If you have not yet finished Comic I, you can register
Comic I, get the Comic I hint sheet and receive Comic II for $25.
If ordering from outside the U.S., please add $5 for shipping on
Comic II orders.

Here's the scoop on Comic II!

-- The Story --

Returning from a victorious mission on the planet Tambi, Captain
Comic sets forth for the planet Omsoc, to return the three priceless
treasures, plundered by Tambian thugs.

Suddenly, Comic receives a weak distress call from an unchartered
planet. A research station has been attacked by unknown forces and the
science team needs help.

Delaying his triumphant return to Omsoc, the Captain sets forth for
the troubled plantet. On entering orbit Comic learns that the station
has been sealed with the occupants trapped inside. Captain Comic sets
his teleporter to beam him nearby, and armed with only his courage, he
enters the teleport chamber...

-- The Features --

* Advanced Puzzle Solving * Save / Continue Game Feature
* Hundreds of objects to discover * Mutiple hidden rooms & bonus objects
* 4 Way Scrolling Playfield * Multi-terrain worlds
* Fully Definable Keyboard * Big! (3 times the size of Comic I)

* Multiple Tools for Comic to Use (Blastola, Pick, Jet Pack and Wand)
* Walk, swim, jump, fly, ride a mine car and a sled!

Questions and contributions can be sent to me at the following address:
Michael A. Denio
3106 Twin Oaks Drive
Joliet, IL 60435

Revision History

Revision 1 ( 5/01/88):
- Original Software Release.

Revision 2 (11/28/88):
- Added definable keyboard option.
- Keyboard definitions can be saved (KEYS.DEF) for future play.
- High score file (COMIC.HGH) by can be deleted to "clear" high
- Several minor bug fixes.

Revision 3 ( 2/20/89):
- Revised player control. Jumping in cramped areas is now more
consistent with the "feel" of jumping in open areas.
- Major bug fixes. This version contains no known bugs.

Revision 4 (10/20/89):
- Limited revisions. Added joystick feature to get feedback on the
"feel" of the joystick control for use in future games.
* Joystick option not yet available on PC XT class machines.

Revision 5 (7/10/91):
- Limited revisions again. Fixed the joystick to work with all PCs.
I also modified the scoring system to remove 'bonus' points awarded
when the player falls. This made beginner's score unnaturally high.

The Adventures of Captain Comic


I. Game Objective

You are Captain Comic, galactic hero. Your mission is to
recover three treasures from the planet Omsoc, which have
been stolen away and hidden on the remote planet of Tambi.

Your task will not be easy, you will need to gather tools to
increase your fighting and defensive capability, navigate
dangerous terrain, and avoid or destroy a horde of deadly
creatures. It will take all of the Captain's skill and wit
to see the treasures returned to Omsoc.

II. Starting the Game

- This program requires an IBM PC, XT or AT and an EGA display
adapter with 256K of video memory. The program will also
function with the IBM PS2 line (not Model 30) using VGA.

- Insert the Captain Comic Program Disk in your default disk
drive and type 'COMIC'.

- A text page will be displayed before the entire game loads.
If you wish to define your own custom keyboard setup, press
"K" here. To enable the use of a joystick, press "J".
Pressing "Esc" will exit the game, and pressing any other key
will continue game loading.

- When using a joystick, make sure the joystick is centered before
pressing "J".

- If you pressed "K" at the text page, you will now be in keyboard
definition mode. To define control, simply press the desired
control keys as prompted. When finished, you will be asked if you
wish to save the setup to disk. "Saved" setups are automatically
loaded at the start of a new game.

- When the game has finished loading, press any key to view the
introduction screens. After the introduction, the game will

III. Game Control

Left Arrow | When pressed quickly, makes COMIC face from
(Move Left Key) | right to left. When facing left, moves COMIC
Joystick Left | to the left.
Right Arrow | Operates the same as left arrow, but moves
(Move Right Key)| COMIC to the right.
Joystick Right |
Space Bar | Makes COMIC jump. Jumping height is increased
(Jump Key) | by the length of time the control is depressed.
Joystick Button | A certain amount of left/right directional
| control is available to COMIC while in the air
| by using the left/right movement keys.
Insert Key | After COMIC has gathered at least 1 can of
(Fireball Key) | BLASTOLA COLA, this key will allow him to
Joystick Trigger| fire. Note that with the addition of every
| can of cola, COMIC can have one more fireball
| in the air simultaneously. When he has all five
| cans, COMIC's stream of bullets can reach across
| the entire playfield. While the fire key is
| depressed, COMIC's weapon energy is decreased.
| When the level of energy reaches zero, COMIC
| will no longer be able to fire. The weapon
| energy level recharges when the fire button
| is released.
Alt | When COMIC has possession of the DOOR KEY, this
(Open Door Key) | key is used to open doors. To open a door and
Joystick Up | pass through, position COMIC in front of the
| door and press the control. The door will slide
| open and COMIC will disappear, finding himself
| elsewhere...
Caps Lock | When COMIC has possession of the WAND, this
(Teleport Key) | key is used to teleport to another place on the
Joystick Down | screen. The teleportation is not random, and
| when used properly, can allow COMIC to reach
| places on the screen that are normally
| inaccessible.
Esc | Used to Pause or Quit the game.
F1 | Turns sound ON
F2 | Turns sound OFF

IV. Game Rules

COMIC starts the game with 5 lives, and no objects in his
inventory. COMIC uses two different types of energy during
battle, weapon energy and shield energy. Weapon energy is
self-charging, and recharges when not in use. Shield energy
can be recharged by picking up extra shields located on the

When an enemy comes in contact with COMIC, the shield energy
is reduced. After the shield energy reaches zero, any further
contact with an enemy creature will destroy COMIC. COMIC can
also be killed by falling off the bottom of the playfield
area of the screen.

Points are earned by shooting enemy creatures, gathering
objects on the planet's surface, and for excess shield units
remaining after charging.

Extra lives are earned at every 50,000 points, by gathering
a shield while current shield energy is already at max, and
for every treasure collected.

The game will end after COMIC retrieves all three treasures
or when all spare lives are exhausted. The treasures include
rare gems, a sack of rare coins and a jeweled crown.

The following tools can be found during COMIC's adventure on

SHIELD - Restores COMIC's shield energy. Points are
scored for excess shield units.

BLASTOLA COLA - Increased COMIC's firing ability. Up to five
cans of cola can be collected for a shot max
of five fireballs in air simultaneously.

CORKSCREW - Makes COMIC fire in a corkscrew type wave
pattern. This is very useful for destroying
creatures which crawl on the ground below
COMIC's normal line of fire.

DOOR KEY - Allows COMIC to open doors found in various
places on Tambi.

BOOTS - Increases COMIC's maximum jumping distance.
This is useful in reaching ledges which were
previously too high to jump to.

LANTERN - There are a few places on Tambi which will
appear dark to COMIC without the aid of this

WAND - This is certainly the most powerful tool to be
found on Tambi. Undoubtedly placed on Tambi
by a powerful wizard, the wand gives its
possessor to ability to teleport through walls
and across voids.

V. Setting Game Features

When COMIC finishes his adventure on Tambi, he may record his
score for posterity. The file "COMIC.HGH" contains the game's
ten top scores. At some point, you may wish to clear these
scores and start fresh. This is accomplished by deleting the
file "COMIC.HGH".

Although saving your custom key setup is a very useful feature,
you may wish to return to the default key setup as described in
this document. This is done by deleting the file "KEYS.DEF".

VI. Hints

- The Captain will have travel through 8 distinctly different
areas on Tambi. The tools found and enemy difficulty varies
from place to place. If one approach seems impossible, try
another. Once you discover the best way to traverse on Tambi,
the Captain's job will be much easier.

- When the game starts, the Captain will have a very low offensive
capability, and thus firing should be restrained to short range.
As COMIC gains in offensive capability, the most effective way to
fire will be in short bursts by holding down the FIRE key. COMIC
will not fire any faster by repeatedly pressing the FIRE key.

- As firing ability grows, try firing simultaneously while at the
start of the jump. This will destroy most of the enemies that are
waiting in the wings.

- Learn where to jump. Some of the gaps in the ground can be crossed
only by leaping, but there are a large number of places where COMIC
can cross by simply walking over the gap. Unfortunately, this can
only be learned through trial and error. As a general rule however,
for short gaps, COMIC can walk over a one step gap for every step
down his destination.

- Remember it possible to win. More than that, its possible to win
without losing a single life. (It's just not easy.)

Solution to Level I : The Forest

Objects to be found: BLASTOLA COLA, SHIELD, KEY

Tactics: First grab the cola, and start moving to the right. You won't
be able to shoot very well, so use firing for defense only.
When you get to the right edge of the screen, the view will stop
scrolling. Keep walking and you'll move on to the next section.
After getting the shield and the key, you want to exit on the
SECOND door after the castle. Note that this is the door to the
RIGHT of the door that is directly under the ledge where you
found the key. Press the ALT (Open Door) key when COMIC is
positioned in front of the door.

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