Dec 122017
JumpJet flight simulator. Looks pretty simple.
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JumpJet flight simulator. Looks pretty simple.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
JJCOLOR.EXE 49367 27527 deflated
JJEGAHI.EXE 51511 27889 deflated
JJEGALO.EXE 51207 27510 deflated
JUMPJET.DOC 6116 2600 deflated
JUMPJET.EXE 15045 9661 deflated
JUMPJET.SCR 520 58 deflated
README 1052 456 deflated

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Contents of the README file

To run Jumpjet, type JUMPJET and press enter.


JUMPJET.EXE - This file will allow you to select the graphics
display that best fits your system. Note: This
will not automatically select the graphics display
type for your computer.
JJCOLOR.EXE - This file is the main program for Color Graphics
Adapters (CGA).
JJEGAHI.EXE - This file is the main program for Enhanced
Graphics Adapter. The EGA mode is 640 X 350 in
resolution and uses sixteen colors. This mode was
included by popular requests.
JJEGALO.EXE - Same as JJEGAHI but the resolution is 640 X 200.
JJHERC.EXE - This is the main program for Hercules graphics
JUMPJET.SCR - This file is the score database. It contains all
the top ten high-scores. NOTE: If you are using a
floppy, make sure that the floppy is not WRITE

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